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Found 16 results

  1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LOS SANTOS ART COLLECTIVE ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OUR MISSION Introducing the Los Santos Art Collective, a dynamic and recently established organization dedicated to illuminating the diverse artistic talents within our vibrant city. Our primary mission is to celebrate and champion contemporary art in all its forms, encompassing painting, photography, videography, installations, performance art, and more. In our quest to create a thriving artistic community, we're on the lookout for interesting spaces throughout Los Santos and its picturesque countryside. Rather than confining ourselves to a single gallery, our name reflects our commitment to fostering an artistic haven that is not restricted to one location. This approach ensures that our artists have multiple opportunities to exhibit their work, and it guarantees accessibility to art for both dedicated enthusiasts and those simply curious about the creative world. As we chart our course forward, we envision a horizon filled with free art lessons and artist residencies, a testament to our dedication to nurturing emerging talent. It's essential to emphasize that, at this juncture, the Los Santos Art Collective is not driven by profit. Our aim is to cover the costs associated with our initiatives and to reinvest any funds generated back into the collective, enabling us to continue our mission of promoting the artistic spirit within our community. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Resident Artists Hobby Artists Cullen Bohannon Jacqueline Cooper Hannah Harper Jane Morales Amateur Artists Faith Labelle Beckett Mitchell Maxine Parker Gabriel Stone Elijah Vega Professional Artists Khalida Aquila Cassius Griffin Logistics Team Catering Sofia Adriani (Al Dente's) Logistics Assistants Edward Corrente Alfredo Marin ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ JOIN OUR TEAM ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF CONTACT Facebrowser | Intranet | PH: 1525 | Email ((Forum PM @babygoat)) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC INFORMATION This thread has been established as a platform to showcase the roleplay of our collective's members and staff. Our primary objective is to enrich the server's roleplay experience with unique opportunities within the art community while upholding high standards. We are committed to ensuring that all resident artists elevate both their creative work on art pieces and roleplay to a high level. We highly value player-created art, but recognizing that a significant portion of the art on GTAWorld is AI-generated, we've chosen not to outright ban it. We believe that doing so would unfairly constrain those who may not be artists in real life from participating in the art community that we're creating. However, it's imperative to stress that we maintain stringent criteria, not only for roleplay but also for the art itself and the way it looks. We encourage artists to utilize editing and other means beyond AI to ensure that the end result is as realistic and interesting as possible. When it comes to our administrative team, we focus on realistic corporate roleplay. This involves divisions like Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, and Security among others actively contributing to decision-making and event planning. It's also important to highlight that the assigned curator for an exhibition plays a central role in guiding both the artists and the administrative team through event preparations. This underscores the significance of curators in our collective and the exceptionally high roleplay standards to which they are held. We extend a warm welcome to all, whether you're a newbie or an experienced roleplayer, provided that you abide by the server rules, invest effort in your artwork (if you wish to join us as an artist), and delve into research about the art scene to correctly depict your character. Although all recruitment is conducted in character, we are readily accessible out of character via Discord or Forums. Please feel free to reach out to us for ideas, suggestions, concerns, or any questions you may have. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Croq-A-Hoop Official Website Croq-A-Hoop is a place for Art and a catalyst for ideas. Our purpose is to promote surrealism, art and further Los Santos' culture through the avenue with pieces from all over the world. With expanded access to the community through engaging experiences allows us to explore our own extraordinarily diverse human culture, assisting us in learning to better express ourselves. Croq-A-Hoop aims to be a sustainable model for inclusiveness and a platform for creative expression. Croq-A-Hoop serves as an industry hub for visual art, education and culture. Our facilities include an on-site café, stage, workshop room aswell as a library which are equipped with state of the art resources. This aids in breaking all boundaries, allowing unrestricted expression through creativity, as we always strive to engage the community through breathtaking exhibitions, interactive experiences and educational sessions to help cultivate creativity for people of all walks of life. Art Submissions Croq-A-Hoop is accepting artworks submissions to be published in our gallery for exhibit consideration. Croq-A-Hoop is a big house full of artists artworks and open for visitors worldwide. Work of art is welcomed to be published in our gallery and have the opportunity to reach an international community of artist and scholars worldwide. Submissions are subject to a selection and need to meet multiple requirements. Submissions that fulfill Croq-A-Hoop mission and meet our standards of quality will be further reviewed by our Gallery Board-appointed Exhibition Committee. After submitting your materials, our staff member will email you within one week’s time to let you know it was received. Please do not contact staff members to check on the status of your submission. Should your submission be of interest to the Gallery following its review, our curator will contact you directly. Career Opportunities As the region’s largest cultural organization, Croq-A-Hoop offers opportunities to make a difference in Los Santos and beyond. To impact and inspire your community while enriching yourself. We’re always looking for talented people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our team. We offer competitive benefits to our staff, place importance on fostering diversity and a spirit of inclusion, and emphasize creativity and innovation. Need assistance or an accommodation? Croq-A-Hoop is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need assistance or have a request for a reasonable accommodation during any part of the application or hiring process due to a disability, please contact the email bellow; Email : [email protected] Leave a Review! Rating : ★★★★★ Username : Answer here Comment : Answer here
  3. Hello! I wasn't sure where else to show case this, but I do character art, as well as custom graphics, menus/cards for in game, and Emotes for discord servers! All of what I'm showing here, I made for my character, Juniper! ^w^ %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/hQ4w1dX.png%5B/img%5D %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/goad91E.png%5B/img%5D %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/SkyEoQg.png%5B/img%5D
  4. Stay connected with us by clicking the image below: Click onto the image to read Diversify's third volume: Leave a review for our magazine: Username: Rating (1-5 stars): Comment:
  5. just wondering how many visual artists in this community 🙂 I'll start with mine;
  6. Stay connected with us by clicking the image below: Click onto the image to read Diversify's first volume: Leave a review for our magazine: Username: Rating (1-5 stars): Comment:
  7. Foreword from the author: As it stands there is no place on the forum I saw more suitable for this display than the community showcase, and as such I have concluded that it is under this section that I shall post this creative work. Sympathize with me, mock me, scorn me, but know that it was important this sentiment was made known to the world. What backup files are there for those whose games are slain like cattle? I have worked and wept and toiled away at the steps of modding this ruthless game Files upon files in my directory, overwriting her vanilla sanctity Clicking the application icon with great anticipation Only to be met with this horrid humiliation. A deathly blackness overtakes my screen suddenly bleached in a tinge of white the accursed blue ring in its unholy cycloidal motions does a number on my current emotions the crescendo of the loading screen music fading out to a grim silence It upon Boris Vorontsov that I would like to exact violence. In my mind's eye I can still see the scowl of Trevor, Why must installing an ENB be such a vile endeavour But alas, in a sudden shift in the arrangement of pixels in my screen, It is back at my desktop that we reconvene All I wanted was the redux mod, Now I have a broken GTA, and have lost my faith in God, Who is there to hear my hapless cries, Why did I heed the heathen ENB instructions' lies.
  8. Streetsy


  9. Where to begin... You'd imagine it to be quite easy to start a Journal, to share your ideas with the world, your personality, struggles and expressions due to being an Artist and it already being what you do, but, it's not. The life of an artist, especially a Model and Photographer from the outside looks like glitz and glamour, like you're ontop of the world and everyone is watching you. Only one of those things is true, there is a spotlight on you and it's not always bright. Sometimes it's dark, gloomy and full of terror, this little journal is my way of sharing my passions, it's ups and it's downs and to hopefully help others who might be going through the same or looking to in the future. Being a public figure, a model and artist atleast is like standing on the edge of a cliff. Overlooking the sea as a great storm approaches, you're unsure if you'll find your way, if you'll come out the other side... but no mater what, no matter how scary it gets you keep trying, you keep trying to find your path. So, that's where this story begins, a time of my life that looks the scariest. I've just come out of surgery, having my Throat Reconstructed, so I'm bed ridden. Unable to move around much and too confused to operate a camera, so for the next few weeks a pen is my tool. I might aswell start at the beginning, why I got into what I do, what inspired me and the struggles I have now. I'm 24 years old, born in Croulebarbe in the South of Paris in a dainte little town house along the sides of a small alley, dotted with fresh fruit stalls and artists offering to paint portraits for money. Every morning as a child the house would fill with the smell of fresh roses, cheese and oil paint, it was always so exciting because I never knew who I would meet that day. I'd run out of the house and down the alley, smiling at everyone as I stop at each artist and look at their work. I knew, as the bones are to my body that I was going to be a painter. I was going to inspire and give others the same feeling I felt everyday. When I was just 6 I picked up my first paint brush, dabling with my fathers oil paints onto the white washed lounge room wall. I still remember the look on his face as I filled with terror, thinking I was going to be scolded. However, he encouraged me but told me the wall is not a place to capture my feelings, to use the canvas instead. He took me by the hand and led me into his little studio, plopped another brush in my hand and told me to close my eyes. To smell the paints and just feel the canvas, not look but to feel and hear as I attempted to paint a Pink Rose. It was so exciting, I was so giddy. For years after I would steal away at midnight into my fathers studio and just paint whatever I was thinking, flowers, people, animals. Over the years as I grew from child to young adult I developed my skills and learnt a profound amount about composition, lighting, color theory and more. I'm not sure what I loved the most, learning the foundations of art or the feeling of getting lost in a world of my own. By the age of 18 I had enroled at Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University where I took an undergraduate of Photography & Visual Design, encapsulating my favorite areas of art and learning a new one, Photography. It was around this time that I got into a very unhealthy relationship with a older man, I was barely able to leave the house as he kept me inside... barely, just barely graduating due to innatendance. He was an aggressive man and everything that happened during our relationship would later effect my life as an artist, both online and independantly. I suffered severe damage to my wrist, leaving me with a lack of movement and shakeyness. It felt like my world ended, not the troubles of my life but the fact that I could no longer paint, I spent weeks, months, crying and trying to paint.. but I simply couldn't anymore. A straight line would turn into a squigle, a face would turn into a blur of badly painted features. I felt frozen, unable to go on. It was due to my twin sister Elyna that I was able to find myself again, she taught me what it meant to be strong and independant. She was heavily into Fashion & Design and would often ask me to take photos of her, letting me put my time earnt skills to practice. Through her, my beloved sister I found myself again. I used all the money I had saved from my childhood to buy my first, very own camera. I remember it vividly. The feeling of the cold metal, plastic and glass against my finger tips as I picked it up for the very first time, a Canon EOS C300 Mark III EF. It felt magical, although it cost me almost $18,000. Over 15 years worth of savings, leaving me with just a tiny bit left. As a present from my sister she bought me a lens for it, the 35mm DGO sensor. Little did I know, at this point that I would be seeing my sister for the last time in over a year. I took my camera and the little bit of money I had left and bundled up in a small yet long wagon. One of those types you'd see in the 1950s hippie movement, being my base and centre of life for the next year as I traveled across most of Europe, through Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Romania and Austria. During those 12 months I took over 5,000 photographs, photographs I still have saved to this day. Memories, possibilities of the future from actions of the past. In Germany I got the chance to capture a stunning Brewery, in Romania a small Vampire-esque town, Sweden the icey mountain peeks and deep valleys. My journey across Europe had to end somewhere though, and that was with me boarding a permanent flight to America, the "Land of The Free". I touched down in Southern Los Santos, the warm summer air shocking me as I had never felt such intense sun and heat before, yet for the minutes it took me to take it all in I fell in love. The rest, well being for another page, another day.
  10. BASIC INFO If asking for a commission, the buyer should have an idea of what they would like. This Includes character, poses, expressions, etc. The more detailed you can be, the better I can make the art for you! I only accept payment through paypal/venmo. My character is an artist in game, we can rp IC if you like, it makes the commission process more fun! Rules/Regulations My prices are USD, if you don't use USD, you would need to look up the conversion rate. I'm allowed to decline an idea if I don't want to do it. No reuploading/posting without credit I start after payment. If you are in need of a refund at any point in the process, I will issue a refund depending on how far done the commission is. If it is halfway done, you will get half your money back. If you need a refund, that could also take time as well. TLDR; Refunds are a hassle but I will do them if needed. If the art is finished you will not get a refund. Last rule: Please be respectful and courteous. I love making art for people, do your best to let me continue enjoying making art. EXAMPLES: This art is traditional but now i've switched to digital! I can do either for you. I'm also aware of the lack of humans, but i don't have access to some of my more recent work. I have full confidence in my ability to draw people. Pricing: (ALL PRICES ARE VALUED AT USD) Sketches Headshot Sketch: 5 $ Halfbody Sketch: 10$ Fullbody Sketch: 15$ Lineart Headshot: 15$ Halfbody: 20$ Fullbody: 25$ Flat Colorless Shading Headshot: 20$ Halfbody: 25$ Fullbody: 30$ Flat Color Headshot: 20$ Half Body: 25$ Fullbody: 35$ Simple Shading Color Headshot: 25$ Half Body: 30$ Full body: 40$ Complex Shading Color Headshot: 30$ Half Body: 40$ Full Body: 50$ Fully Rendered w/ Complex background Headshot: 40$ Half Body: 55$ Full Body 70$ ADDONS Background: 5/10 $ depending on size of piece Additional Characters: + 1/2 original price Props & very complicated characters, we can discuss. CONTACT Discord: pwrglove#2487 Or message me on here!
  11. Police Artist drawing from mugging incident- Volgograd 23/06/2011 Kirill Sorokin and his family are from Volgograd, one of Russia’s most important industrial powerhouses. Growing up on the outer edges of the city poverty was rife, the men working long hard days in factories and chemical plants while the stayed women at home taking care of the children. Kirill and his younger brother Slava did not have the best upbringing, ever cast in their oldest Sister Natasha’s shadow. Kirill and Slava where forced into labour at a young age doing mediocre jobs in the plant factories, crawling into small spaces, attaching small bolts, their child hands being put to good use. Natasha however received better treatment, being the family’s ticket to a higher class. In school Natasha excelled, outshining the rest of the pupils, receiving great commendations from teachers, and students alike. Her parents put all their spare money into Natasha’s health and education, feeding her more food than her brothers, buying her new books leaving Kirill and Slava with hand me downs, and worn clothes. This reality carried on into Kirill’s mid-teens where he began to forge his own path along with his younger brother, sick of his parents neglection, rather than following his Sister up the ladders of greatness, he stepped down the stairs into the criminal underworld. He began creeping the streets at night mugging and robbing helpless tourists, with his partner in crime Slava. During his time, he made some close friends in the underworld, not just associates friends for life, Yuliy Safaryan and Fyodor Arseneyev. Yuliy was the duo’s close friend and means of escape, Yuliy was a corrupt cab driver, extorting tourists by overcharging, and pickpocketing, he helped the duo by picking them up a few streets away after the incident. This continued for some years, the duo delving deeper and deeper into the void of crime. They progressed from street muggins to grand theft auto. However, their small criminal world was flipped upside down. By the time, the duo was in their twenties, the unlawful brothers were experienced in their craft, what was once a side job, was now a profession. The duo was stalking a well-dressed middle-aged couple, they clearly had some money, the perfect target, Kirill and Slava waited till the couple reached a dark spot, then they attacked. They done the same thing each time, Kirill would do the talking, Slava would stand behind them ready to strike if necessary. Unfortunately, the man had company, before Kirill could even finish his first sentence, there was a thundering boom, too stunned to speak all he could see was Slava’s shocked face, and a thin line of blood dripping down from the small hole in his head. His brother collapsed to the floor; all Kirill could do is watch as the well-dressed man nodded his head to two burly fellows dressed in black behind him. Kirill ran like a coward, chased by the two men he used his knowledge of the streets to his advantage evading death, leaving his poor younger brother behind. Upon returning home he told his parents everything, they blamed him for his brother’s death, they told him it was all his fault, he should never have gotten into crime. Kirill pleaded for their forgiveness and their mercy, but he was shunned, they disowned him. They did not call the police for they did not want to ruin their precious daughters’ reputation, in fact they wanted nothing to do with Kirill or Slava at all anymore. Guilt ridden, Kirill stopped his crimes, he went back to labour work, landing a job in a chemical plant, he tried his best to live a regular life, constantly reminded of his actions, having friends helped distract him, but in the end, he was still alone, he needed to leave this city, start a fresh, leave behind what once was. Now Kirill is 28 years old, it has been 7 years since the incident. Seeing online that there was an influx of people going to America looking for work, he began saving what money he could, starving himself some nights for that little bit of extra money. He applied for a working visa in America putting down that he has experience in plant production and factory work. After a lot of fees and meetings in the US Embassy in Volgograd his working Visa was accepted, this was it, his escape, his fresh start, his chance at living a life far from his guilt, and far from crime. He packed little what possessions he had, resigned from is job, said his farewells to Yuily and Fyodor and left Russia, ready to start his new life. He does not know just how deluded he is... Kirill's Plane Ticket
  12. Nyheim

    My Artworks

    Some of you might or might not know me - I was pass content creator in FiveRP 2017 before the merged Either way is time to show some activity around the forum (which I am mostly active in-game and facebrowser) As part of my artworks that I am mainly creating for my characters and overall community members along the road (To be clear - all my shots been taken through SP (Menyoo) while having everything to look identical as possible in terms of IC) (And no graphic mods whatsoever - all been taken through vanilla with high max settings through the Rockstar Editor) (I am using heavy third software such as Adobe Photoshop mainly / Lightroom / Illustrator / Spark / and so on) This is one of my most if not my main successful Artist / Designer / Photographer character of mine That responsible for basically everything that I do - as he known by the name - Yoel Lewis ( For his entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Yoellewis ) My second and most favorite character of mine known as - Jenny Nyheim ( As most of my time I am playing with her mainly as being a model and so on ) ( For her entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Jenny ) ( As well as having her own website page that dedicated to her whole modeling profession www.Nyheim.me ) Community Artworks As part of my contribution to this beloved server where I work alongside with players nor editing or photograph them ( Check my main Artist page at - www.Yoellewis.me for more artworks of mine that I continuously doing ) In-game 100% IC Capturing ( Before and After ) Overall I will keep pushing my limits and do arts as far as I am part of this community Thanks for all the support and requests that I am getting from you guys! Much more to come! ( I'll keep updating the thread which I have more behind the scenes ) And please bare in mind that as much as I would love to keep contribute and to be able to help everyone out I might not be able to do so due to a health condition of mine that takes most of my time from being 100% and do so for everyone around.
  13. InsolitumIn


    After two years I have decided to show my face around again, so editing this topic to show *cough* an improved side of me. If you are interested in stalking me, feel free to: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/InsolitumIn DeviantArt: https://wwe.deviantart.com/InsolitumIn
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