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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone. Recently, I had the displeasure of reading this report submitted by a dear friend of mine: To summarise, the reported party’s character accused the reporting party’s character of raping her when no such thing happened. As a consequence of this false accusation, the reporting party’s character was executed. Quite frankly, I believe the whole situation was fabricated to simply deathmatch my friend's character. I'll admit, I really shouldn't jump to conclusions. Although, I've witnessed characters overtly lying about sexual abuse to ruin another character for the sake of getting revenge. Sickening, right? We are all aware that rape roleplay was rightfully banned off the server, as clearly stated in the server rules: 19) Sexual Roleplay Rules - Rape roleplay (which includes all the sexual acts defined as rape by US or EU laws) is fully forbidden on the server. Based on this rule, we are to assume that rape does not happen in the world of Los Santos. Correct me if I am wrong, but would that mean merely alluding to the subject of rape is against rule 19? We need the rules to be more clear about this. If I am incorrect about this, and false rape accusations are not in violation of rule 19, I propose we remove false rape allegation roleplay entirely off the server for the following reasons: It is not beneficial for the server in any way, shape or form. From the report above, it clearly encourages players to break other rules in order to seek vengeance, using the rape allegation as a loophole to justify their actions. We do not want that on this server. False in-character (IC) rape accusations tarnish the character's IC reputation for life. An allegation this serious renders this character unplayable as they cannot develop their character in a positive light anymore. How is this fair? False IC rape accusations also tarnish the player's reputation out-of-character (OOC). This is because it implies that the accused party genuinely roleplayed rape - effectively creating the illusion to others that they broke rule 19. I ask again: How is this fair? Quite honestly, it is also a breach of common courtesy. My stance on the matter is players who engage in this kind of roleplay should be permanently banned. No ifs, no buts. Banned. Might be harsh but I think it's for the greater good. Let me know your thoughts on this. PLEASE keep this discussion civil and respectful. This topic is a touchy subject and has affected many people in real life.
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