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Found 8 results

  1. As a record label, it would be obvious that we make music right? Magnolia Records mostly provides a mixture of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop. We provide quality work to our audience and even for those who are new to our company. On top of that we house several DJ's that have been all over Los Santos and broader by now, from your local nightclub to a full fledged festival! We provide a platform for artists and DJ's who are looking to pursue a career in the music industry. We offer tools, perks, promotions, contacts, bookings, studio times, events, concerts, sponsorships, commercials, and more are guaranteed as you pursue said career with us. Click on the 'Apply Now' button to view our application form!
  2. Are you tired of driving all the way to your job or family that lives outside Los Santos? We are your choice, any time, any weather, you can count on CityLink Bus Company! We offer Urban transport too, take our urban transport from dashound bus terminal. CITYLINK BUS PUTS PEOPLE ALL OVER SAN ANDREAS IN MOTION WHAT WE OFFER ABOUT US HOW CAN I TAKE THE BUS? AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COSTS? WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO IN A CITYLINK BUS IF YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR COMPANY YOU CAN CONTACT US IN THE METHODS BELOW (( dm @1999bishop ))
  3. Lucia

    Weber LLC

    Domain reservation Copyright © 2020 Weber LLC. All rights reserved.
  4. About us Bechara & Lena Gardening Company is a full-service landscaping company located in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. Our goal is to provide landscaping and gardening services with a personal touch, making our customers happy and their gardens a pleasant place to spend free time with family and friends. We believe spending time between the nature provides health benefits for all ages, and with that in mind, we thrive to provide good gardening services to our customers, helping them to conserve and work with the good parts of their garden, removing the rest – making it cleaner, better and greener! Modern day life can take most of your time, meaning you can’t spend it keeping your garden as beautiful as it deserves. That is why you can just relax and count on us with the maintenance of your garden, no matter if it is for your home or your business company. We do our best to help you, being grateful for the beauty of nature and for being able to work with it. Our services We offer a professional and comprehensive gardening service for property owners who want their garden to look beautiful year round. Our list of services includes: Landscaping Feel like you need to improve your already existent garden or want to create one on an empty space? We are the right choice! Our staff of experienced landscapers will use its abilities to create the ideal environment for you. Garden & Landscape Maintenance That includes irrigation, tree services (cut, clean clear and tidy), grass cutting & maintenance and weed spray application. We provide it on a weekly basis or as a one time job, depending on your needs. Contact us You finally decided it is time to liven up your garden? Our company is the right choice for that. You can contact us by e-mail ([email protected] - forum PM to @Viebrantz or @Murilo) or by one of the following numbers: 1812 (Daniel) 8447 (Michael) © 2020 Bechara & Lena Gardening Company. All Rights Reserved.
  5. I am looking to sell my taxi company (The Walrus Business Taxi). The company comes with 4 Vapid Stainer taxis and an office. Everything is located in Pillbox. The company currently has 11 drivers and Employee percent share is currently set at 90%. (( Yes you get the cut after every taxi fare paid with /paytaxi )) I am taking offers over private messages! Also if you have any question feel free to contact me. Pictures: Office building: Office interior: Vehicles: Map location: Dashboard: Drivers: Taxi fares: Business bank:
  6. The Capaci name has been associated with the fishing industry for several generations in Naples. Benito Capaci (1959 - 1994), was an avid fisherman in his younger years. When returning from a trip, Benito would often distribute the fish to the beautiful women of Naples. For their gratitude, they would promote the business to their friends and family. This is how Benito met his wife Isabella (mother to his son - Marizio). In 1984, Benito had taken the reigns from his father, who was a retired fisherman himself. The family had an established store, where local businesses would purchase goods. The Capaci's were held in high regards within Naples for sourcing their products from the Tyrrenhian sea. Whilst Benito went out to sea, his wife Isabella would sell fish to their customers. The company was a success in the area for years, until 1994, just two years after the birth of Marizio Capaci, as Benito had passed away. Isabella decided to leave Italy with her son after the death of her husband. In 2018, Marizio Capaci has resurrected his families company, breathing new life into the San Andreas seafood market. We are continuously aiming to bring continuity to the role of the fisherman, providing employees with the opportunity to enjoy what they do best. San Andreas offers a variety of fresh fish, from Red Cod to Snapper. Our logistics team specializes in moving the fish from A-B. The efficiency of our routes ensures fast delivery to satisfy our clientele. Through a framework of commercial relationships and friendships, we purchase fishing products at all the ports of San Andreas. Now that the company has been reborn, we are looking to hire talented workers to increase our outreach within the city. Feel free to inquire regarding positions available or business related queries. Tel - 3142626
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