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Found 3 results

  1. Full Name: Duane Rogers Current Age: 21 Ethnicity: White American Duane is the son of the notorious inbred white supremacist Harry Rogers and mother Jenny Smith. Her father was known in the countryside of San Andreas as a dangerous druggie. Duane was only six years old when his father died from a meth overdose. He spent his younger years playing in the desert with his sister Georgia Rogers and studying the hunters techniques for when they grow up. At around the age of eight Duane was introduced to a new father figure which was his mother’s new boyfriend, John “Johnny” Brown. Growing up with Johnny was different to when he was with his dad, Johnny was less biased and racist against other races. Even though Johnny was like that Duane still followed his deceased father’s beliefs that the whites were the one true race and all the rest were horrible people. At the age of ten Duane’s new father figure Johnny had organized a trip to Los Santos to see the big city, unfortunately this is where Duane’s feelings towards black people would pay. Upon arriving they bought a motel room on the eastside of Los Santos, from there Duane would sneak out the motel room with his sister Georgia while their parents were sleeping. They snuck out into the night of Los Santos filled with junkies, gang bangers, and other dangerous people of that sort. While walking around they stumbled into a black gang’s territory known as the East Side Slausons. After moving into there they spotted one of the gang members and Georgia yelled “Look at that n*gger!”. The Slauson then turned around to see the two kids and reached to his waistband for his gun, Georgia ran but Duane fled too late and got shot in the back while running. Medics and police soon arrived after an anonymous caller told the police about the situation they witnessed while walking by. Duane was now in the hospital on life support as the bullet had hit and went into his upper back area near his cervical spine. In order to pay for Duane’s hospital bills and support Jenny had to take up a job as a cashier. After a week Johnny left Jenny and she was left depressed and her will to keep going on started slowly fading. Unfortunately even the job couldn’t pay for all the bills she had to pay and was eventually sued for their trailer in the countryside. They were now homeless and Duane had just gotten out of the hospital and physical therapy. By then a year had passed and they were surviving off donations and trash cans. When Duane was thirteen he was exposed to the white crime world of Los Santos when he and the rest of his family relocated near Dog Town. He soon cliqued with the local tagging groups and skatepunk scenes in the area and was known as “Country Boy”. He made friends with the kids around there and one day was invited to go with them to smash open some gumball machines and steal its cash. naturally as a young boy wanting to fit in he accepted and went with them on the mission. They hit up the first spot near the beach’s tattoo shop then hit up two more at the Cluckin’ Bell. The mission went successfully and Duane decided to start saying that he was from Dog Town. Shenanigans like that had kept going on until Duane turned sixteen and had finally got enough money to rent an apartment for his family and buy a small pistol. With the pistol he guarded his mother and sister from the dangers of the night. Soon enough his sister, Georgia who was seventeen at the time had decided to hang out with him and join up in the crime life. They soon planned more activities to engage in such as muggings or pickpocketing. Soon they decided to do something bigger and had planned to rob a gas station in China Town with two other Dog Town boys. They prepped for it and had bought masks and glasses and everything to hide their identity. When the day came they rode in a four seater sedan to the gas station and walked in brandishing their guns and demanding money. The Chinese man at the register refused to give them the money and thats when Duane shot one of his liquor bottles, the gun shot could be heard around the area and soon police came after them the Chinese man finally gave up the money. Georgia went and grabbed the car and drove it around back as the other two and Duane went through the back door and to the car. They sped off but unfortunately for them someone had taken a picture of their license plate and had reported it. They had made around four thousand dollars from the heist and were living quite lavishly to the area’s standards. Sadly their high life ended quickly as the police had arrived at Duane’s apartment and demanded him and his sister for questioning about the robbery. Their mother wept and cried as they took them away. The two didn’t say a word about what happened in the gas station and were put in jail for the night since they were both minors and it was both their first offence. The next day they got a taxi home and unlocked the door to see the horrific scene of their mother dead on the floor with an open pill bottle. They arranged a funeral for her up in the countryside where they came from where the Dog Town locals and distant relatives showed up. After the funeral they had talked to each other and decided to move back up to the countryside and settle down for a little bit. They moved there and into a trailer where they spent around three years working normal jobs, making talk with the locals, and just “chilling” out. After a while the pair had decided they have had enough of the boring lifestyle and decided to move back to Vespucci and get back into crime.
  2. Ellie was born and raised by her widow mother in France, she spent her entire childhood in Marseille, a port city in Southern France, she never knew her father, yet her mother often told her stories of him, how he was the cities best fisherman, always bringing home a big catch without fail. Ellie's mother furthermore told stories of his bravery, and how his life was lost at sea after courageously venturing after a fishing vessel still out at sea during the cities biggest ever storm. She lived a normal, happy life for a child with tourettes and often played with her friends, went to school, came home to a homemade hot meal, lovingly created by her mother. At the age of 12, Ellie was incognizant of her mothers struggles, she worked a full time job that didn't pay well yet she did everything she could to ensure that Ellie had a proper upbringing and bright childhood. Her mothers efforts eventually got bleak, she lost her job and was unable to find another, the city fell into a recession and no one would hire her, she got wind from a friend about America and a place called Los Santos, falling in love with the idea of the American dream. She debated for a couple of weeks before realizing she had no choice, she bought tickets with what little savings she had left to fly to Los Santos and begin a new life with her daughter, Ellie of course, was distraught to leave her friends behind, she wasn't even good at English at such a young age and it took her quite a while to understand the basics. Her mother quickly found a job in the city without too much effort, renting out a motel for a short while before gathering enough funds to rent out an apartment, she was beginning to get a taste of the so called "American dream", and her obsession to stack up money grew stronger, she would never allow herself to be at risk of empty pockets again, for Ellie's sake. Whilst working her job in a convenience store in Vespucci, she overhears a conversation from her supervisor in the back... he's talking with a bunch of shady people about handling batches of cocaine, her mother, now starting to get obsessed with the idea of wealth, approaches her supervisor and subtly informs him that she heard the conversation, and that she's interested and wants in. Her supervisor at first, isn't very happy about this, yet after a shady chat between the two, he comes to realize that he could use her. She becomes a hand in the distribution, tucking away blocks of cocaine at hot spots given by her new partner in crime, just dropping off a package somewhere and gaining this much cash? she's now hooked into a dangerous game, in a very dangerous city. Two weeks pass and something takes a terrible turn for the worse, a local gang in Davis gets wind about the drops and roll up on her one night on multiple dirt bikes wearing black helmets, they surround her car before she even gets a chance to step out, they pull out bats, crowbars, hammers, pipes, and smash her windows in quick succession, pulling her out of the car before... one of them strikes a fatal blow to her head, the gangers take the entire stack of cocaine and leaves her in the dark, damp alleyway to her fate... "Je suis désolé Ellie, je suis tellement désolé!" ... Ellie's mother breathes her last breath minutes after. Church Bells Ring, Ellie is Present, Her Eyes Clearly Bled Dry of Tears The funeral takes place, there's not much said about Ellie's mother, no one knew her besides Ellie. She's become silent ever since the Police turned up at the apartment informing her of the terrible news. Her very soul tears from her body, her heart being ripped away from her. She spends hours after the funeral by her mothers grave, unable to let her go. She weeps tears of agony, loneliness and despair. She's all alone, no one to turn to for help. Until...
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