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  1. This is very dope. I hope you know that.
  2. Where's the content? Don't let this one slip.
  3. I understand everyone point of view about this situation, but If I may put my two cents in. Understandable that in the early stages of World, IFM wasn't as strict as they are now. With that being said, that's why this server had 2 crime families, which wasn't realistic to begin with. If IFM was strict as they are now, maybe we could have actually made real lore, having 1 family or crew. But as it wasn't like that, I don't see why IFM would try to push for that now. And yes, of course, some of the people who roleplayed LCN on the server, maybe didn't portray it down to a tee, and maybe that's why some of you community members are agreeing that LCN shouldn't be on the server anymore, but that's wrong. Most of the mafia now, is into legal, white-collar crimes. Portraying a mafia in this age, shouldn't be to complicated, with the server vision. As LCN follower, I think LCN shouldn't be removed from server, nor should IFM be against it.
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