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Found 6 results

  1. Joaquin Orozco Age: 21 Occupation: Gas attendant Joaquin was born to parents Felix and Esmeralda. He spent the youngers year of his life living with both parents in the Sandy Shores region, he had a humble up bringing and was taught the values of hard work from an early age. His mother worked as a store assistant and his father worked in a local bar. At around the age of 15 Felix and Esmeralda split, Joaquin opted to go and live in Davis with his father whilst his mother remained in Sandy Shores. Despite the distance between them Joaquin and his father still kept regular contact with his mother visiting her as often as possible and helping her financially with bills, essentials. Joaquins father Felix is a motorcycle enthusiast, he has always pushed Joaquin to show a similar interest but until recently Joaquin has had none at all. Joaquins father has currently been sentenced to a minimum of fifteen years for a variety of offenses, his mother still resides in Sandy shores. Joaquin is currently commuting to and from Davis to Sandy Shores for his job at the Gas Station, filling his time with any odd jobs in between. He is living pay check to pay check, struggling to make ends meet but doing the best he can with what’s currently on offer.
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread will document the development of Kevin Maxson's personal life and his affiliation with the Mongols Motorcycle Club.
  3. Seeking two Criminal Defense Attorneys to assist in Past/Present/Future defense cases for the Mongols Motorcycle Club. MUST BE: Able to work with Group cases. Able to work with Solo cases. Openminded. Capable of contracting for permanent positions. (Optional but recommended.) * Do not have to previously know or bring in another lawyer with you in order to be accepted into the job. * For any further information or negotiations, please contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Or otherwise contact by phone: 488-4988. We look forward to all entries and inquiries as well as hope we conclude with a Retainers Agreement.
  4. This will follow the life & development of Robert Merrill A.K.A Buddha.
  5. Simon "Tank" Trucco is a Liberty City resident. Growing up in Bohan, specifically Little Bay, he found himself in trouble often from an early age. Being of Italian American descent did him no favors, as he found himself in an area predominantly of Latin American origin. Through his hardships, he learned to navigate around the hand he had been dealt with since birth. Trucco became an adept at avoiding conflict but at times his emotions get the best of him. During his teen years, he found a passion for motorcycles and bonded with his father over them. Events in his life led him to Northwood as he got involved in petty drug dealing with a local Dominican gang who also had roots in Little Bay. A trail of petty crimes followed Simon until he reached adulthood. His father had made some friends with the local Mongols MC charter and soon Simon got involved in that lifestyle. While his father never tried to join, Simon found a new home for himself with the club. At the age of 23 he was sponsored by the Sergeant At Arms of the charter nicknamed Memo. Memo had been with the club for 24 years. He had built a good reputation in Northwood, known as mostly a good man. Some say he was too good of a man to be wearing a Mongol vest. However, his fierce loyalty to the club meant he went above and beyond protecting those associated with the Mongols which earned him his Sergeant patch. He became a role model of Simon and shaped his behavior into becoming the man he is today. In 2016, Memo found himself in a brewing internal conflict in the charter. At this point Simon was already a full patched member. The President went off rails and begun recruiting Hispanic gangbangers into the charter. Some didn't even own a motorcycle. The Dominican group in Northwood was pushing their muscle in the neighborhood which forced the local President of the charter's hand. Established members of the club resented the President's choices. The gangbangers who had joined the club were nicknamed part-time Mongols. The conflict kicked off between the Dominican group and the Mongols. During the war, Memo was murdered. Rumors circulated at the time that the President was involved but nothing could be proven. Apparently, the late Sergeant at Arms was a source of dissent within the club, beginning to question the President's choices during the conflict. Soon enough the conflict would come to an end. Trucco grieved for his sponsor and watched his charter change for the worst. Four years later he had enough and received a call from his uncle in Los Santos. His aunt had died. Fed up with a club he barely recognized, he rode to Los Santos. He spent two weeks with his family before deciding to visit his brothers of the San Andreas charter. The story continues below. Simon Trucco's vest circa 2012, becoming a full patched member
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