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  1. Congratulations everyone!
  2. The names Scalone, Deputy Scalone.
  3. Yep. I play with a 3090 and can’t even use very high due to texture loss. It’s not your rig it’s RAGE’s client unfortunately! Nervous and the modders have been working to improve the situation but for now the above recommendations are the only ones likely to work. Try normal or high.
  4. Fuel prices on the rise!
  5. My bro is running shit 💯💯 🔥
  6. Current is $300k.
  7. Open to offers but max bid is $365,000.
  8. For Sale: 1020 Grove Street Exterior Interior House Contains: Front Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, 2 Bedrooms. OOC Info: Call 95331352 or email offers. ((Forum PM))
  9. Baboon is doing some amazing work in his channel at the moment on some fixes for rage limitations and preventing texture loss. I strongly suggest checking it out. A link to his discord can be found in the mods showcase.
  10. Offering asking price at 200. Contact me.
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