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  1. (( 7PM SERVER TIME (GMT) ON 27 MAY 2021 )) (( Located by /gps Split Happens Bowling Alley or using List Open Businesses ))
  2. I tried loading the game yesterday after it was working fine the night before. Windows 10 popped up saying “not compatible with this PC”. I verified files on Steam and it still didn’t work. I did “troubleshoot compatibility” on RageMP and ran it from Windows 8 but that opened single-player, and fixes for this didn’t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled Rage MP. Now, the server starts to load but once it reaches “finishing handshake” it freezes and closes - no error message whatsoever. These are the things I’ve tried to do: • Ensured I have redistributables (I do)
  3. the fact that we haven’t even made it to 1000 yet stresses me out 956
  4. * Clara Alessi sees the missing posters on the way into work and is visibly upset. She questions why they would use such a picture where you can barely see Ginger's face under her shades, and wonders who out of those she spoke to decided to take the matter to the LSPD. She photographs the missing poster with her cellphone before carrying on her way. *
  5. Following the life of Clara Alessi
  6. life is worthwhile
  7. life means something
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