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  1. Finance recruitment has been [OPENED] Executive Assistant recruitment has been [OPENED] Sales Representative recruitment has been [OPENED]
  2. Finance recruitment has been [OPENED] Executive Assistant recruitment has been [OPENED] Sales Representative recruitment has been [OPENED]
  3. Head of Operations recruitment has been [OPENED] MUST be able to create RP through creativity. Click here to apply.
  4. Head of Operations recruitment has been [OPENED] Business Development Analyst recruitment has been [OPENED] Finance Officer recruitment has been [CLOSED] Click here to apply.
  5. Rest easy. Condolences to the family and all who knew him.

  6. A Year With Aurum It's been a year since our faction thread was approved and published on the official faction sub-forum. I just wanted to make a quick post thanking everyone that's contributed to the faction throughout the year - you know who you are. While we are a smaller faction compared to our conterparts, we still persist in our efforts to offer a place for those seeking a particular niche of Roleplay that is otherwise limited in the community. A faction that aims to simulate a large-scale corporation, it's functions and all the facets that come with it. There have been many bumps along the road as well as many highs. But that is the nature of a faction looking to scratch a particular niche. We have grown completely comfortable with that and accept there will be ups and downs - but ultimately, we will contiue to persist with the faction and to enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy it is; continuing to serve as a foundation for corporate RP to build and thrive off from. We will continue to provide a place for people looking to enjoy a corporate environment and all of its business practices. In the coming new year we are hoping to continue establishing stronger ties with the rest of the legal roleplay scene. Aurum was designed with the idea to interact with the wider economy and provide roleplay opportunities to other factions, whether they be the state government in a Solar Power deal or perhaps the city government requesting the expertise of our engineers for their wind-turbines; members of an illegal faction looking to involve themselves in a legal day-job at one of our Refinery sites. These are some of the ways our faction could enhance and support the rest of the server. We look forward to seeing what the year begins! See you in Q1.
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