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  1. Scorpio


    Maaan. I used to love the shit out of this game. Proper classic. Played it on my PS2 then played it again on my PC.
  2. Played on a WoW roleplay server called Prologue.
  3. Loving what I've seen of Elizabeth so far. Looking forward to seeing more of her! Great development. Gotta love a good old mid-life crisis being played out right! Special shoutout to: @Winged. It's been an absolute delight to roleplay with them and I've wholeheartedly enjoyed our interactions and the impact their character has had on mine. Excited to see where things lead in the future.
  4. Scorpio


    Alright. I'll match that. Could I get a screenshot of the car?
  5. Scorpio


    Willing to meet on 143?
  6. Scorpio


    @Screw140 for the Sultan?
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