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  1. Announcement Hi All, Since the gtaw.link shortener appears to be down at the moment, please use https://bit.ly/aurumenergy instead for the website link. The website has also now been redone and updated after having the old one active for over a year. Hope you enjoy the new look! Regards, Winged EDIT: https://gtaw.link/aurum now works again as well.
  2. Hi All, Recruitment to both Corporate and Operational positions is now temporarily closed pending internal restructuring and review. Updates will follow in this thread. Thank you.
  3. For more information, visit www.aurum.sa (( Link to application form ))
  4. There've been several projects related to engineering and renewable energy, I'm fairly certain there have been screenshots posted of some of it.
  5. For more information, visit www.aurum.sa (( Link to application form ))
  6. (( Access through http://www.gtaw.link/aurum. ))
  7. I'm glad to announce that Aurum Energy Inc. now has a working website thanks to our in-game Marketing department. It can be accessed through http://www.gtaw.link/aurum. It will be kept up to date with any relevant information.
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