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  4. As a ULSA faculty only character for close to two years, take this as an opinion piece through and through. I have virtually no experience with any south-central character, nor have I played as one. I wish to share the potential for positivity I see in the south-central roleplay community. Davis High School could be interesting to see. The most important part is establishing the foundation and ensuring that you advertise that foundation to the community. From my perspective, realistic high school educational roleplay is most likely not work. It would be too hard to immerse yourself when the education roleplay occurs during the evening or server peak. Therefore what you want to focus on is recess/social ornated roleplay. Let us get back to establishing the foundation. Whoever decides to greenlight this need to ensure that they are showing the high school as a legal extension of the south-central community; the high school is and should be made primarily for the south-central community. Picking the principal should prioritize older characters from south-central (I prefer OOC leaders and IC leaders to be separated, letting people play any character they like but still being able to lead the faction OOC: ly). Probably the wrong term to use, but gentrifying Davis high school with many legal characters from the other side of the city is inappropriate. Secondly, the leaders need to understand the characters' culture and the community to provide a legal extension of the south-central community. Most character stories will be of troubled kids who don't listen to authority. These kids probably misunderstand and wrongfully imitate their parental figures to earn respect among their peers. Preserving that theme should be a top priority. Faculty shouldn't join to fix Minor characters, but instead, keep them in line like high school usually does. Faculty in ULSA can help faculty in the high school, and development can naturally occur there. I already know that ULSA would instantly be interested in coming down to the school, hosting events for their students, and inviting Davis High School to a wide range of suitable activities. They could help with funding and development or liaison on projects like scholarships and academics. Finally, emphasis should be on showing a calmer, more welcoming side of south-central across the board. LSPD could perhaps extend their community officer program and get calmer, more civil interactions between Minor characters and the police. They could build trust and form meaningful character stories. The last point I want to make is to promote cultural activities and, more importantly, promote SPORTS. I am not very much into sports myself, but I can tell that sports bring people together. The leaders should take advantage of that; high school basketball, football, softball, anything you can imagine could take place, and I am sure ULSA would be more than willing to share our methods of simulating games. None of this can be possible without people respecting the leaders' effort and work put in. The leader must know how to weed out down-right players with ill intentions on an OOC level, encourage or at least hear out those with experimental or alternative intentions/ideas and promote/encourage those with positive intentions. Wrap all of this up with a LFM team who trusts and respects the leaders and you have potentially a great avenue for all roleplayers in south-central.
  5. ULSA Newsroom University News ULSA welcomes Senator Adrian Rossi and Candidates Andrew Brandenburg and Bob Williams for the Republican Party Meet & Greet Anthony Hendrix | April 27, 2022 The University of Los Santos, San Andreas, saw another booming last night following the visit from the Democratic party on the 25th. Party Executive and Incumbent Senator Adrian Rossi and Candidates Andrew Brandenburg and Bob Williams from The Republican Party took centre stage. Dean Charlotte Dunois welcomed the audience and introduced ULSA's Student Union President, who arranged the event. "I am very proud of Ms McCarthy here for arranging this, using her voice to invite GOP here to speak to you all. I'll let her do the proper introductions!" Student Union President Alyssa McCarthy took centre stage. "I'm Alyssa McCarthy, and I'd like to welcome y'all to this evening's meet and greet, held here at the University of Los Santos and hosted by the Republican Party. As we're joined here to discuss and ask questions to the candidates of the upcoming elections, I'd like to read a short text written by Franklin Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States. "Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rules of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Party Executive and Incumbent Senator Adrian Rossi and Candidates Andrew Brandenburg and Bob Williams. They will each be giving a small talk and taking questions. Please join me in giving them all a warm welcome!" The first speaker of the evening was Party Executive and Incumbent Senator Adrian Rossi. "Hello everyone! Thank you so much for comin' down n' showin' yer' support. It really means a lot t'oall of us, both to us runnin' for uoffice, but I believe it makes yer' faculty proud. Speakinna' which. Y'know, when I was tryna' schedule such an event, it was difficult t'manage the right time. It got a bit hard n' frustratin', but, it was the students that encouraged me t'keep tryin', and so here we are. That's why I'm very proud t'be addressin' you oall." Incumbent Senator Adrian Rossi's first address was concerning education and safety around education. He introduced the zoning bill sent in November of 2021 to increase campus security and the faculty's ability to enforce campus-specific policies. "So the subject that myself and I believe Mister Brandenburg wanted t'open up with was the topic of education. In the recent past, I've received coalls from students regardin' individuals who would come down to film students directly in their face, or acruoss the street which in turn would coause em' t'fear for their own safety. This should be a center for learnin'. Such activities which intend t'put people in fear for their wellbein' should not happen. That's why, for the third session of this Senate, I will be proposin' a zonin' change for ULSA. This is a ULSA-specific problem. I believe that, by grantin' ULSA the /responsibility/ over extra zonin' would work in the best interest of oall. This would allow yer' faculty or security guards t'shoo away anyone who intends t'disrupt the day-t'day of our next generation. " Senator Adrian Rossi followed on to education in south-central; he spoke of Davis High School and the Department of Education and its lack of a Superintendent of Education. "I recently received a droawin' from a student, Jasmine, Depictin' Davis High school on fire. When she handed it to me, that meant somethin', but not just to me, but for oall of us, and especially the Republicans within the Senate. We launched an investigation into the Department of Education, specifically the Superintendent of Education, as to why we still do not have an Education code for our youth. We put the pressure on, and it resulted in the resignation of the Superintendent of Education. In my opinion, this is the start of good change. We weed out issues that hold us back and begin to implement newer, better ones." Senator Adrian Rossi followed on with the idea of funding high school, middle, elementary and after-school programs. "This is why I'll be in favor of pushin the state to provide our high-schools and lower fundin' for after-school programs. It is important for our children to grow mentally and physically, uofferin' them a chance to learn and grow while stayin' uoff the streets. But, it can't just end there. We need to tackle this problem from many angles. — With such a program, we should be assistin' our loaw enforcement with targetin' those that wish to manipulate and groom our young population for a life of crime. So, we increase the efforts t'keep our children education while takin' manipulators of criminal life uoff the streets. I think that, with this multiple-pronged attack, we will definitely see an improvement in our education system." Senator Adrian Rossi ended his introduction and speech and introduced his fellow candidate Andrew Brandenburg. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, honored faculty and - most importantly - dear students, and I do say "dear" because, in all honesty, I look at all of you gathered here and I see in you the beautiful future of our country. As Senator Rossi said, we, the Republican party, intend to push for a higher and widespread education in our beloved state and it is one of our main goals to assure that every young gentleman or lady. Can have access to education. " Candidate Andrew Brandenburg mentioned the right to education for all and spoke about the importance of access to education. "Now, as we all know, the right to education is a fundamental right and, by no means, should be hindered, not by the people, nor by the state, but, in fact, it should be promoted and presented in such way. That all young men and women could have access to the most powerful resource in the world, which is knowledge." Candidate Andrew Brandenburg continued by reciting Senator Adrian Rossi's points and ended his introduction and speech with the following. " And, as such, turn them into respectable citizens. An educated country and a strong education system creates specialists and specialists create good times. Which is why, in front of all of you, I pledge to dedicate my time. Into creating a safer educational environment, a more accessible educational system for the young men and women and to take more care about the future generations of our country. So help me God!" Senator Adrian Rossi introduced the final speaker, candidate Bob Williams. The newest candidate to the Republican Party. "My name is Bob Williams. I've served in the military, did two tours in Afghanistan. I've served as mayor in a town outta-state for four years, and I did years upon years of accounting for the Mecklenberg County Sheriff's office in North Carolina. I'm a lifetime registered Republican voter. I was most excited to vote while there were still fairly progressive Republicans around. That might say somethin' about me." Candidate Bob Williams continued to speak about his voting history before touching on his plan for policies. "The policies and thoughts I have for the future are widely available for anyone on Facebrowser and other places, so I'll focus on one for today. One that has left the city in a troubled state many times before. Who doesn't remember the riots of the years behind us? I'm talking ofcourse about the security sector of businesses. Too much incompetence has shown itself a suspect to many wrongs. But not to dwell on the past, let's look forward. How do we fix it? See, I wanna mandate and regulate a standardized training program for people wishing to work as security guards in the city. The incompetence we've seen in the field so far proves that just a simple test isn't quite enough." Senator Adrian Rossi thanked candidate Bob Williams. Before opening the floor for questions. The following questions were asked and answered by Senator Adrian Rossi: Q: I have to ask - You spoke 'bout giving young folks proper education. When I talk about education in line with relevant businesses, we have vehicle body shops, but do we train these mechanics in schools? Do we have caterin' schools? A: Well, in terms of trades or what have you, first we'd have to look into each trade, school, or university to see if such programs already exist or not, like with the university here. If there's a lack of funds. I believe that we can directly make an effort to the ULSA faculty if something is not provided. The faculty can address the problem with us, and the Senate thus far has been quite accommodating, offering the financial budget necessary for such. The following questions were asked and answered by candidate Andrew Brandenburg: Q: I just want to know your plans to spread education specifically to these gang-infested areas like South-central. A: Thank you for your question. First of all, once we have said "everyone", it is already implied that we will include those areas, but, as a matter of fact, we will focus even more on them, seeing the situation there. Now, as Senator Rossi said earlier, crime will always be. We can't eradicate it overnight nor force them to stop it. But, regarding your question, awareness is the first step to turning people away from crime and towards education. Q: How exactly do you plan on educating the youth in south Santos? Many people in South Santos are in a neverending cycle of crime and drug abuse, et cetera. How would you raise awareness? A: As I have said earlier, the first step is implementing an awareness programme. Seeing as the people there are. To quote you, "in a circle of crime", the best thing to do is interrupt that circle. We will create a workgroup that will study the area, create a social profile, and then will. Design various plans of public interaction with the people there. The target is not to take the area as a whole but to address individuals separately. The following questions were asked and answered by candidate Bob Williams: Q: What do you plan to do about the increasing use of military-grade weaponry on the streets? A: Military-grade- Woah, there. As an ex-military man, I can say that the weapons the average criminal gets their hands on aren't/military/. Either way, these regulations aren't about criminals- and more about preventing civilian injuries and casualties that only happen due to a lack of training and experience. Q: Following your plans for the security guard training. Will you seek to outfit them with further rights to do their work? A: I believe that- with more regulation and training- further rights can be afforded to what a security guard can do. Furthermore, Miss Summers, another candidate of the Republican party who unfortunately isn't here for this question- is seeking to make changes to the SHAFT act. Now, onto one point in your question. When I speak of a policy I want to work on, it is not a done deal. We have a democratic process if I am even picked for a party seat. Thus I wouldn't take that as an immediate change to happen tomorrow. Thank you. Q: Follow up on the training question. What do you think are areas that these companies could improve on? A: Well- the specifics can be dug into, but generally, threat response could be worked on. Also, methods of de-escalation and actually learning methods of crime /prevention/. I believe even the guard's manual- correct me if I'm wrong- emphasizes crime /prevention/ and being a /deterrent/ rather than a direct force. Which I see is disregarded a lot in the security industry. So, those are areas to work on, for example, with training. Chancellor Nikos Karagiorgis took the stage to conclude the meet and greet with a final address to the attendees and guests. "I would like first and foremost to extend my thanks to our members of the Republican Party for being here tonight. And to our audience for enabling this to be a seamless exchange of ideas and questions." Chancellor Nikos Karagiorgis followed up with the same question asked the Democratic Party yesterday. "My question directed to all of our esteemed guests is the same as I made yesterday. Plenty of our audience is young citizens. Some will vote for the first time. Many of what they heard may sound confusing. What would your message be to these /new/ voters?" Senator Adrian Rossi took it upon themselves to answer the final question. " What I would tell our Constituents is this. Voting is a /right/ upon you. In many other countries, such a right is not granted. Therefore, I believe it is incumbent—obligatory, dare I say—upon every able person to go out and vote. But who do you vote for is the question? Well. In my humble opinion, I would urge everyone to vote for the poarty that they've seen change happen in. Vote for the poarty that you believe in. Take the time to /listen/ and learn what there is to uoffer. Don't vote poarty lines. We'll never make change that way. You need to vote for what's right, for those who you believe will actually be there to listen n' dialogue with you, those who will fight for you. And, because I believe it is important, the Republican Poarty published a release about two weeks ago on some of our accomplishments durin' the last session. If you go there, I'm convinced you will believe this is a poarty you can believev in. — Thank you." **Comments would be enabled and heavily moderated. Threats, profanity or racial slurs would be automatically filtered out or removed by moderators. The same would apply to offensive usernames.**
  6. ULSA Newsroom University News ULSA welcomes new Democratic Party Leader for a Meet and Greet in their Lecture Hall Jordan Mitchell | April 26, 2022 The University of Los Santos, San Andreas, Lecture Hall was booming last night with a visit by the primary candidates of the democratic party, including Senators Diane Jones and Joseph Hall, Party Member Jackie Lu and the new Party Leader Kaoru King-Yagami. Party Leader King-Yagami took the stand and introduced Senator Joseph Hall for the first round. "Hello everyone, I'm Joseph Hall. Currently serving in office as a state senator. I'm campaigning to make a difference in providing more opportunities for those in poverty, especially when it comes to education. I am very pleased to be here in front of our future generation and hopefully next time, I'll be here with even more students based on my intended efforts to open more pathways to gain post-secondary education" - Senator Joseph Hall The following questions were asked by students and answered by Senator Joseph Hall: Q: Which district seat do you hold right now, and where will you be running this election? A: Currently, I am serving in district 34 and will continue to do so. Senator Hall handed the floor over to Senator Diana Jones. "Good evening, everyone. I'm Diana. I've been a senator for several consecutive sessions now, using my position as democratic leader of the senate to foster an environment wherein sides become less relevant figments, and cooperation stands paramount. In the twenty-nineteen session of the senate, the secretary of state at the time made a decision that forever changed the political climate in our state. From a blue state, we turned into a swing state, and many doubted our future. But I have always maintained that not despite, but because of our equally split senate, we have achieved greater things than ever before. In this last session, we've worked together on key legislation that has improved our state by far. From important new criminal legislation like the Organized Crime Act to key fundamental legislation like the Aviation Act, the democratic party worked alongside our good friends on the other side of the aisle. I campaign not with malice against our opponents but joy for our friends and trust in our citizens. I am here to answer any questions or concerns you might have, so do ask away. Thank you." - Senator Jones The following questions were asked by students and answered by Senator Diana Jones: Q: We are stuck in a spiralling high conjuncture economy, causing our state's inflation to spike out of control. According to experts, modern political platforms of senatorial candidates usually advertise higher wages and more money for small businesses and — Undertakings, even though these things are causing the economy to suffer. Is the economy salvageable, and what can the government or the treasury reasonably do to help continue the economic cycle? A: To answer your question, we should understand what a high conjuncture economy is and how it has gotten to this point. In 2017, this problem started. We had many unemployed people and many working in jobs that did not require higher education. Because of this, management positions were heavily understaffed. Our government at the time decided to try and solve the problem of unemployment with a blanket solution instead of promoting education. They started programs such as the four thousand dollar government bonus you get for a bartending job. The lower class makes more money, reduces the wage gap and makes everyone more wealthy, but down the line, it solved nothing about our lack of highly educated employees, like vice-chancellors. Q: Followin' on from that question. What about the homeless community? What's being done to help them gain employment? A: As you may know, we have generous unemployment benefits in this state. Still, to provide them with the opportunity to take care of -themselves-, we must look beyond materialistic means and money and to the social constructs that keep them where they are. Q: I'm a long time community member of Davis. Gang bangers are easily in their early teens and up. I understand what you're saying, but what steps precisely have you made to try to make to increase interest in education. A: My friend and former colleague Frank Ernst and I worked hard to establish the Department of Education, charged with establishing an education code. With the Department of Education, we invested in a venue to build a school in Rancho, at the end of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, if you're familiar with it. Unfortunately, there's a distinct lack of staff, and the other government departments can't sign off on a project without the assurance that it will be staffed Q: Coming back on the topic of schools, what about universities? If you cut off the government aid for lower-paid jobs, then what about the students who are struggling already? Do they have to get another part-time job? A: Thank you. We have programs funding student loans active in the state. Each one of the students here can enjoy weekly student loans of sixteen thousand dollars, funded by the Department of Education from the top of my head. Party Leader Kaoru King-Yagami was the final speaker for the night. "My name is Kaoru King-Yagami. I'm the new democratic party chairman for the San Andreas party. Off to my right, your left, in the pink jacket, is my husband, Darcy, who I'm grateful could be here with me today. I'm new to the party and the legislative administration of the law. However, I'm not unfamiliar with it on the whole. I've worked with the State Attorney's Office and as a judge for our fair state until stepping down to maintain a regular practice. So I can't promise coming out of the gate, I'm going to know everything and how to do everything right away. But I'm going to do my damnedest to see done what can be to improve the state. From farmers to students, to homeless, to working professionals." - Party Leader Kaoru King-Yagami The following questions were asked by students and answered by Party Leader Kaoru King-Yagami: Q: Does the democratic party have any intentions for the unincorporated areas of the state of San Andreas, and if it does, is a reduction in the taxation of farmland in the cards for the next term? A: Our state has such heavily differing biomes it can be difficult to work through it all on a higher level. But the agriculture industry is one of the most important industries that we have not only in San Andreas but in the United States. It's a necessity of life. Without it, we'd starve. We must keep the farmers in business; by whatever means possible. It's not entry-level work. And that means we need to put more people in the ability to do it, alongside helping those there. So while I can't say what's specifically in the cards, consideration for the agriculture industry will weigh heavily in the upcoming session. Be it on tax reductions, subsidies for equipment and irrigation, or finding some middle ground. Q: Are there plans to try and move prostitution out of the gutter to properly regulate it and care for workers who employ themselves from it? A:That is actually what Senate Bill 69 is. It is the decriminalization of prostitution on the whole. Regulation will take time, but at the very least, decriminalizing the act itself, on the part of the participant, will allow people to do what they may feel they have to, or what they want to, to work. I believe it also increases criminal penalties for pimping, which I was referring to as trafficking and people being sold into sexual slavery. Q: In November of last year, the university zoning bill was proposed and received by the senate office of district 34. I'd like to know if you back this bill and also whether either of the two sitting Democratic senators intend to progress this bill if they're re-elected. A: Myself and Diana, Senator Jones, favour this bill's passage. I admittedly am not familiar with the legislation through and through; my focus has been on the issues I've spoken about. But a bill that works to increase cooperation with security here on campus and local law enforcement are a good one, given everything we've already heard here today. Q: The bill was initially received by the Democrats, who did nothing with it until it was raised to the GOP, who said they'd push this forward. Can I ask why the Democrats have sat on this for so long and not done anything? A:That, unfortunately, I cannot answer for you. I'm aware that the democratic party has had some problems in the past. Taking the party chair is one step to hopefully righting things. If you want to inquire about the previous sessions, it'd be better to speak to someone who's incumbent and knows what was happening at the time. The final question was awarded to Chancellor Nikos Karagiorgis. "I would like - first of all - to thank you all for being here, tonight. It is truly an honor to have you as guests, and it will be an honor to see you here tomorrow, perhaps, when your friends from across the aisle take the stage. As for my question - Plenty of our students, as you have seen - are vocal and active in politics, which is a blessing. Plenty more, however, are eighteen years old. What would be your parting message to these /new/ citizens? And I address this to all those present, not just the chairman, of course." - Chancellor Nikos Karagiorgis Q: What would be your parting message for our next generation of voters? A: I'd say, whether you decide to vote for us, the republicans, or someone who comes up as an independent or third-party presence, what's important is that you /do/ vote. If the issues that affect you aren't coming up, get involved. Join a party, or reach out directly to the people who work in the senate that can make an effort toward pushing those issues and changing laws. There's no way to be the change without making an effort to put the change itself forward. We can't fix things if people don't make their voices heard, or work themselves to get on the ballot. And then it comes to the vote, which means every. Single. Person. Matters. Even though we're using the D'Hondt method this year, every vote will count to every person seated in the senate, those who have the power to push change. **Comments would be enabled and heavily moderated. Threats, profanity or racial slurs would be automatically filtered out or removed by moderators. The same would apply to offensive usernames.**
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  8. Family Ornated Obey Tailgater S Security Package: Premium After-market Parts: Breaks GPS: Yes Insurance: 18 Days Miles: 624.93 Price: 90,000$ Phone Number: 3554 OOC INFOMRATION;
  9. ULSA Newsroom University News ULSA introduces Pen-Pals Behind Bars program in collaboration with the Los Santos Sherriff's Department and Twin Towers Correctional facility Ricky Zavala | March 04, 2022 The University of Los Santos, San Andreas, was happy to host Captain Simon Moore in the lecture hall on Sunday evening for a presentation introducing a new pen-pal program designed to assist in the rehabilitation of inmates at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. The presentation was received possibly by an overwhelming attendance of ULSA students. The following questions were asked by students, and answered by Captain Moore: Q: Are we able to send stuff such as cassette tapes, books or candy?" A: We'll expand upon the program with a "care-package" system. We wish to begin with letters in the trial period. Q: How will the criminal records information be handled? Are we able to request them? A: The Office of Student Affairs will include summaries of each inmate's charges and the situation in the information graphics. We also saw the revival of ULSA's liaison with the Crime Prevention Unit, now led by Sergeant Selene Pierce. Dean Charlotte Dunois concluded the presentation with a special thank you with a standing ovation, followed by a speech. "Firstly, I wish to thank Captain Moore and his team for a beautiful presentation. Rehabilitation is a duty we all as a society have. It brings me immense joy to see so many interested in being a part of such a program. Although the consensus is that prisoners have done acts one might not wish to forgive. They are still human, and those who wish to hold onto their humanity would jump at the opportunity to build relations like this with anyone who wants to listen. Programs like these are crucial for prisoners to keep in touch with the society they may be returning to. Those who have shown interest know that you are embarking on a noble and essential role as a member of our society. Imagine not having an outlet for someone to speak to and exchange opinions and ideas with those still considering if you should. To know someone cared about your day, your health and essentially you. It does wonders to a person's ability to feel whole again and welcome back, despite their previous mishaps. I'll be working closely with Captain Moore to ensure this program is as stress-free as possible for you all!" **Comments would be enabled and heavily moderated. Threats, profanity or racial slurs would be automatically filtered out or removed by moderators. The same would apply to offensive usernames.**
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