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  1. Username: FireRetarded Comment: It's funny how all of a sudden marijuana is a #liberty issue for Republicans after it was initially brought up by us DemoRATS . Crazy how it wasn't a #liberty issue when your party was busy raping the people of Los Santos with a massive corruption scandal. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't toss stones. #stayingmad
  2. Username: FireRetarded Comment: It'd be nice of the Republicans if they focused on their internal issues and the way that their local party betrayed the people of Los Santos instead of carrying on about how Governor Brandt vetoed their pot legislation. What kind of shit is this? Republicans pushing dope and the Democrats having to keep them in check? Not to mention that the Republicans legit ripped off Senator Morales on the marijuana legislation. Senator Morales was working hard getting expert witnesses, testimony, holding public meetings, and gathering support. Meanwhile, the GOP rushes this shit through the State Senate in an attempt to score cheap political points. Shame.
  3. Username: JimmyHoffa Comment: Imagine that, a bunch of Italians acting like the mob doesn't exist and that they're all just a bunch of hard working people who don't know anything about organized crime. Get with the times. Can't wait to see this prosecution. It's time these OCG get the fucking they've been giving the hard working people of San Andreas.
  4. Username: FireRetarded Comment: Seems like the left want safer streets and the right want to argue semantics. Paint was mentioned in an area referring to modifications and while it was listed under "attachments", it's pretty clear what was being said. Republicans bringing up silencers like they're not a common term is hilarious and shows just how out of touch they are. They have the nerve to make an argument that "suppressors" are needed to protect hearing. Get real. They're smoking crack if they think it'll ever be legal within San Andreas to put a suppressor on a weapon. Republicans are so out of touch with the modern times that it's just sad. While people are getting killed in Davis due to gang crime and gun violence, they're talking about the potential hearing loss of their sporting constituents. Get fucked. Senator Burris is a hero and Senator Morales finally stepped forward to make these streets safe. Shame that the author of this poorly drafted article shows his true colors by attacking a very valid point made by Senator Burris about gun crime.
  5. We do the best we can with what we have. We've made the legal system more popular than anybody thought possible and last year alone we dealt with over 500 cases in our courts. Law and paperwork go hand in hand and just so that everyone can be made aware, we are actively working to bring a lot of the court functions in game. It just takes time.
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