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Found 7 results

  1. Ram


    NYBERGJEWELRY.COM About Nyberg Nyberg is a jewelry brand and retailer in Los Santos, that mainly operates an online store but also a local boutique on Strawberry Ave, Mission Row. Nyberg mainly focuses on high-end jewelry products and watches, from fabricating original custom pieces to delivering authentic pieces from third-party brands. Services Jewelry Retail Finishing Services Gifting Services Watch Customization Jewelry Resizing, Adjustments, Gem Resetting Contact and Location #96300 // #3787 - Customer Service and Business Inquiries. E-mail: [email protected] (( @Ram // @jvi )) Nyberg, Los Santos Boutique - Located on Strawberry Ave, Mission Row.
  2. ** This poster is placed as an advertisement on different websites, like business insider, luxury blogs et cetera. A click on it would lead you to the website. **
  3. Andreas Cavalli, 2021 Mugshot (Dated) Andreas Giuseppe Cavalli 25/02/1992 | Brooklyn, NYC. Born on the 25th of February 1992 in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, NYC, Andreas "Pepe" Cavalli was raised right on the Bonanno crime family's strip; Bath Avenue. His father Giuseppe Cavalli was a second-generation Italian-American immigrant high-school janitor who worked partly as a mule for the Genovese crime family's 116th Street Crew in East Harlem, NYC. Andreas' mother died in child birth and so he was raised primarily by his father, and partially by his grandparents from 2004-2008. Andreas grew up slowly losing respect for his father year by year, he would see his father being spoken to and treated like a dog; something Andreas vowed to never let happen to himself. Andreas was extremely bright, at the age of 18 achieving a score of 118 on an IQ test, he exceeded throughout his academic career and graduated with a BS in Business from NYU Stern in the 93rd percentile. When Andreas was 12 years old, his father's home was invaded and Andreas watched his father being brutally beaten by thugs in his own home. Shortly after this Andreas moved into his grandparents house with his older sister Amelia, where he spent the majority of his time out of school with the Bath Avenue Crew selling cigarettes and fireworks for the mobbed up associates. Due to his whit and street intelligence, along with his charismatic and suave persona; Andreas was a catch not only with the ladies, however respected heavily by his male peers. In the 11th grade Andreas had four kids who attended his school and lived locally selling cigarettes for him, both in and outside of school. In 2004 Andreas' big sister Amelia was raped by a local street-kid, believed to be out of spite for Andreas. Two days later Andreas murdered the boy in provoked self-defence after he slashed Andreas from eyebrow to cheek when confronted. Andreas beat the boy down, shattering both his cheekbones and jaw before using the boys knife to stab him in the eye, the boy died instantly. Andreas was arrested on scene however acquitted of the charges two months later as it was proven to be in self-defence. Word of Andeas' murder caught attention from significant members of the Bonanno crime family and sub-sequentially Andreas was bought under the wing of a made-man, Harold Vernetti who harnessed Andreas' talent and capabilities. In 2008 Andreas began to attend NYU Stern, one of the world's most prestigious business schools and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. After graduation Andreas went into business with Adam Picci, a Bonanno associate, the duo ran a jewellery store on Bath Avenue under made-man Harold Vernetti. The duo went on to organise over 200 jewellery heists from the years of 2008-2015, generating just below $1.5m in personal revenue. Andreas married Fenaya Deville in 2015 and the duo had a baby girl a year later, pregnancy and childbirth proved to be extremely mentally tolling on a 19 year old Fenaya, who began to develop severe depression. Two years later in 2018 their baby died in a house fire after Andreas had left a cigarette lit in an ashtray under a curtain, Andreas had stepped out to the store whilst his big sister, unaware of the babies presence, managed to escape the burning house. Following the death of his baby Andreas' was charged with involuntary manslaughter however was found not guilty after a 9 month trial, he spent the majority of this trial in a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide. Straight after his discharge from the hospital on the 9th of November 2019 he moved to San Antonio, Texas and began working as a bench jeweller in a strip mall, spending the majority of his remaining funds on a small house on the outskirts of the city. He continued to suffer from mental health issues and eventually quit his job, his life began to deteriorate and he saw himself becoming trapped in a vicious depression. After an old friend of his found Andreas after searching for six months, Andreas' mental health started to improve and at the end of 2021 moved to Los Santos, San Andreas where he got a job on Clinton Ave at Rothstein's Jewellery where he remains to this day. Andreas started boxing when he was 6 years old, his father Giuseppe was an amateur boxer and in his heyday quite renowned in New York. At the age of 16 Andreas was competing in junior amateur tournaments and was predominantly undefeated throughout his entire amateur career until the age of 18, when he gave up boxing in light of his newfound association with the Bonanno crime family and his admittance into NYU Stern. Despite giving up his aspirations as a professional boxer, he never stopped boxing as a sport; and continued to train up until 2019 following his admittance to a psychiatric hospital. Following his arrival to Los Santos, Andreas visited numerous gyms where he found his boxing style and skill was almost undefeatable by the fighters inhabiting Los Santos. The prospect of success as a professional fighter in the state sparked a new aspiration for Andreas, however it was unfounded and instead he began managing fighters under the MMA team CHI 1 (which he founded in late 2021) such-as; Beau Moxley and Eliseo Salvatore, two renowned professional and undefeated fighters in Los Santos. If you've read this far, thank you 🙂 There'll be more additions and screenshots below.
  4. Nyheim

    Wup Et Dux

    ((Thread will be updated))
  5. FOR SALE Jewelry store located on Atlee Street in the jewelry district of Mission Row. Pictures ((pinfo)) Auction Starting Bid: $225,000 Bid Increment: Minimum of $5,000 Buyout: $700,000 Offers considered.
  6. Short description: 1. People purchase a jewelry with /createitem, then they get access to browsing the certain jewelry which an employee needs to accept like in garages. 2.Making the jewelry industry more realistic by letting those who purchase a watch/bracelet/chain at a unique item scripted shop the option to purchase the actual watch from the server scripted store. The main intention here is to stop players from skipping the RP of getting a jewelry at the actual store where people RP it. If there's another way to make this happen I'd be open for other suggestion and if I find it better I'll change this post. Detailed description: 1. We can either do it this way like garages, people who bought a watch with /createitem will then press y to get access to the browsing system of the watch and wait for access from one of the employees, just like garages! Seems like the best idea so far. 2. These days we have many jewelry and clothing stores which are owned by players and act as an open business and not scripted by the server, when I say that I refer to the open business as the one with the "unique item script" and server scripted are the stores that are always open for the crowd. My suggestion is to keep both, (or else if there's a better solution for the issue I will present here) but only those who purchased a watch/bracelet/chain in a unique item store would be able to purchase the actual item in the scripted store, they would browse the most similar watch to the one they purchased at the actual store (with the unique item script). With this idea going live we could make the jewelry industry more realistic. There are already people who do what I said here - purcahse at unique item shop first, then the server scripted one - but they're rare, the goal here is to make every player to do that and not skip the unique item store part. Commands to add: For suggetsion 1: None, just add the server script jewelry browsing system to /createitem store and we're good to go. For suggestion 2: when using /createitem adding the type watch/bracelet/chain - then, when heading to a server scripted store, the code would catch there items and see the watch/bracelet/chain type and let them purchase the item. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: 1. It would give players the actual RP of purchasing a watch with an actual sales assistant at the store. 2. It would also make more sense to have that while the server has multiple unique item jewelry stores. Because some people say "Why would I purchase a watch at the jewelry store and pay a few grands when I can just head to the server scripted one and purchase an actual watch for that appears on my character for $300?" This is not realistic at all and something has to be done with that. 3. It would make the quality RP in the server higher as it's more realistic to do because we would not have the option to skip the RP. Additional comments: Skipping the RP of buying a jewelry it's like skipping the RP at the garage after you upgrade your car - Both take time, I do agree that buying a jewelry usually takes less time but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be RPed. This is purely my idea, I am looking to see if I can get support from other players. Let me know your thoughts. I feel like there's a missed opportunity gor great roleplay when not doing this. Seems like I'm not the first one and it's a real thing that needs to go live.
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