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Found 8 results

  1. Bobb

    Pharaoh Cosmetics

    Los Santos' gateway into the beauty world Pharaoh Cosmetics is a brand-new cosmetics store in the heart of Del Perro on Prosperity Street Promenade. We sell a wide variety of perfumes, makeup products, skincare products, nail polish and much more. We also provide makeup sessions for those who want a professional to take care of their face. Make sure to check our store out when we open! In the mean time, visit our socials and our interactive online catalog. Book an appointment with me if you'd like to get your makeup done or even a tanning session through my email or Facebrowser, or even order some products that aren't on display, we'll order them for you for a reasonable [email protected] Follow us on Facebrowser! Visit Pharaoh Boutique, Burton's Website Visit Pharaoh, Del Perro's Website © 2023 by PHARAOH COSMETICS.
  2. (THIS IS A PRODUCT OF REBOOT CONSULTING. MORE INFO HERE: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/87142-reboot-consulting-a-fresh-start-or-restart-for-your-business/) LS PASS - The Key to Los Santos LS Pass is your all-access pass to exclusive discounts and savings at a variety of businesses. With LS Pass, you can save money on everything from dining and entertainment to shopping and travel. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or save on everyday expenses, LS Pass has you covered. Plus, with new deals and discounts added all the time, LS Pass is always finding new ways to help you save. So why wait? Get your LS Pass today and start spending less while experiencing more. For a monthly fee of $10,000, you'll get access to exclusive discounts and bonuses at these businesses (list is constantly updated): FAQ 1. How does the membership work? 2. Are there any cancellation fees? 3. What are the bonuses? 4. How do I sign up? 5. How to renew the card? SIGN UP! (THIS IS A PRODUCT OF REBOOT CONSULTING. MORE INFO HERE: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/87142-reboot-consulting-a-fresh-start-or-restart-for-your-business/)
  3. Benefit from a versatile business base in dynamic Vespucci with this contemporary office space. Work effectively with business-grade telecoms and WiFi, premium furniture and fully-stocked kitchens for well-earned breaks. Scale your workspace up or down to match the changing demands of your business. Customise your work environment from day one to reflect your brand and culture. Interior Features Business-grade WIFI & Ergonomic Furniture Utilities and Services included Private Storage (up to 100kg) Private Parking lot (up to 4 Vehicles) Nearby LSPD Station and Convenience Store Terms 7 Days minimum length of stay $5,000 security deposit Pricing $10,000 for 7 Days Rent $15,000 for 14 Days Rent $30,000 for 30 Days Rent Submit this form to the Email bellow if you're interested to rent this Office Space! Email : [email protected]
  4. Election Eve Exclusive: Democratic Party Campaign Disunity Nayeli Greyfeather Tanya Sun, Democratic Candidate for the West [image reproduced from social media] "Honestly that teenager (Riley King) is more in touch with the needs of Los Santos than either Charles Galloway or Oswald Halford could ever hope to be. It's a bit of an indictment on them." Tanya Sun is unhappy. When asked about the allegation that Chloe Collins called veterans murderers in early September (later apologizing), Tanya grows visibly angry, "I share veterans outrage, honestly. Most followed orders, because that is how they were trained and they serve our country the best they can. They deserved better than that disrespect." "If she (Collins) was in the West," Tanya says of her own campaign, "She would have been stood down. I can say that with certainty. But the Party has acted rationally in giving her an opportunity to demonstrate the sincerity of her apology. It isn't the route I would have taken, but I respect it." Tanya is one of two high level Democrat figures to come forward exclusively to LSNN and discuss their concerns about the way in which the Democratic campaign has been prosecuted by the Party Chairman, Charles Galloway. The other, who asked to speak on condition of anonymity, claims: "The Democratic Party has taken an aggressive approach in its campaigning. But many of us feel that rather than attacking, cooperation is a better way. Many of us want to work together, but all the candidates run their own individual campaigns. And while there's also the Party campaign, the individual campaigns have different approaches." "I can verify that the sentiment expressed (above) is widely the consensus of the party both inside largely, and outside of the Executive." Tanya confirms. Although there are numerous campaign missteps (see more below), the most recent surrounds a Democratic Party campaign advertisement that broadcast up until the Republicans, on advice from their legal consultant Malikeh Saleh, issued a cease and desist letter demanding the advertisement be discontinued and threatening legal action. The "slanderous" Democratic Party advertisement "I think that the Republican Party's position on LGBTI rights here in Los Santos is, seemingly, progressive and very much out of step with the pattern of conservative opposition to LGBTI issues, like marriage equality. I note (that Republican Party Chairman) Oswald Halford's views on marriage equality aren't the official views of his party. That doesn't change the fact that nationwide, anti-LGBTI advocates are almost exclusively Republicans." Tanya, a bi-sexual woman living in a heterosexual relationship, says. As for her thoughts on the advertisement, Tanya is unflinching, "I think it was badly drafted, to be honest. I think whoever was meant to audit (advertising) fell asleep at the wheel." Seemingly further compounding the advertising misstep, yesterday Mr. Galloway released an official party statement attempting to defend the advertisement, while also criticizing Ms. Saleh for offering her legal consultancy services to the Democrats prior to contracting with the GOP. Notably, Mr. Galloway's release claimed that, "our legal team suspects that her act was underhanded." Numerous commenters reacted to defend or reach out to Ms. Saleh, including George Valencia, the Democratic Candidate for the Eastern District: We must remember that at the end of the day, our duty is to the people of Los Santos, and this drama will solve nothing, and will instead create further conflict between our parties, which will ultimately hurt not only our city’s progress, but also the people within it. Miss Saleh, you seem quite the intelligent, and capable lawyer. Los Santos remains to be one of the grandest of cities in our nation because they are filled with incredible people like you. I truly hope that you and our party can remain on good terms. "(Mr. Galloway's) press release made a bigger issue out of this than it needed to be," Tanya asserts. "It took the focus away from the District Representatives, their campaigns and local initiatives. It was grand-standing, plain and simple." But it's when the discussion turns to how allegations that Mr. Richard Orosco, the Democratic Central District Candidate, assaulted his ex partner were handled that Tanya becomes most animated. Her first criticism is levelled squarely at the media. "Honestly, this story should probably not have broken the way it did and - I hope you don't mind my being critical if your network for that. I feel the fact that this has broken outside the context of a legal hearing or police charges has put both (Mr. Orosco and Ms. Pierce's) reputations at risk...if it ever goes before a jury, who could empanel an impartial jury now, you know? Orosco is innocent until proven guilty and if the courts can't establish guilt, where is the justice for Ms. Pierce? I get that wasn't the intention of (LSNN) but it's a consequence." In regards to the Official Party Statement released by Mr. Galloway - which included Mr. Orosco's personal declaration on the matter - Tanya is equally critical: "We should have let Orosco make his own statement. We should have been more empathetic to Ms. Pierce...(and) say what you will about Democrats making some really bad choices, the Republicans tried to capitalize, and I will openly call them out for it. But I believe that (Mr. Orosco's personal statement) shouldn't have been released alongside the official Party line. That's just wrong on so many levels." "Without a doubt, the Democratic leadership bears responsibility for releasing a statement that enabled a historically regressive party on women's issues to look progressive. To parrot liberal positions against us? Yeah. It's a joke. A really bad one." "It was a spectacularly bad call (for Mr, Galloway to release the Party Statement). I'm (also) fine with that on the record, because frankly; it's bulls*t. Pardon my language." Tanya looks tired, exasperated, as she shakes her head. We wrap up our discussion shortly after. As she is leaving she discusses what the immediate future means for her: "I wanted to campaign on District issues, not be the token woman. My focus will be on District issues from here on out. I just hope Galloway and Halford put all the recent controversies aside and let the District races run on their own issues for...at least a day more?" "I understand that the Mayoral race is coming up, but if these press releases are a taste of what's to come? I can't say I'm looking forward to that style of politics." ***UPDATED*** Statement by Mr. Galloway is below: "As Chairman of the most important political party, I am not expecting that every single collaborator of the Democratic Party aligns with leadership's vision. I would like to clarify that decisions do not follow my personal preference but they are continuously discussed in the leadership board formed by Chairman, Vice Chairman, Department's Heads, Legal Team, specific counselors (based on the matter) and so on. I am not afraid to be hated or to protect my district representative candidates like I always did during this campaign election. I fully understand my position and I am ready to take my own responsibilities. In a such wide party you may find people sitting in different positions on various matters, but we do what's the best for the party, protecting our collaborators. I sincerely respect Ms. Sun's opinion and along others, these concerns have been taken into account and will be discussed in upcoming party meeting. However, I am perfectly fine with Sun's statement and I respect her as a strong woman and one of the most active district representative candidate in the entire city. Tanya Sun has been offered her current role by me and the leadership, exactly like all the remaining candidates, collaborators, employees, service providers. I am sure she is grateful for the opportunity given by the Democratic Party and the possibility to represent her community. I have often shielded my candidates, making my steps in the background. I have hid my name to let DEM's district representative candidates to shine on Los Santos without my shadow, supporting them from behind the curtain. Again, I am aware of my position and I am aware that my name receives slandering time to time in order to protect the party, but I would do anything for my political family and for the people of Los Santos." VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE '''
  5. Beautiful double bedroom apartment for rent in West Vinewood! Looking for an exclusive tenant for this gorgeous two bedroom apartment in west vinewood. The area is relatively low in crime compared to the southern part of Los Santos and boasts a number of great hot spots nearby including bars, clubs, tobacco and liquor stores as well as a local firing range! What more could a red blooded American need? Property also has an underground parking lot attached to the building. Property comes with brand new flooring, recently purchased widescreen TV in the master bedroom and a safe in the second bedroom to store your belongings. Rent is set to $300 per month ((per paycheck)) which gives you an exclusive tenancy agreement with little to no interruption from the landlord. Please contact PH: 8279 or email [email protected] ((forum pm)).
  6. HOW DID WE BEGIN? Founded recently in April 2020, driven by transparency, trust, organization, and luxury. Commited to provide quality concierge services with a philisophy built on honesty, and integrity. For certain services we have developed a base fee structure to provide personalized and exclusive lifestyle services that are solely created for our clients. MISSION Our MISSION is to personalize and deliver premium quality services in a way that is closely attuned to our clients' needs, values, preferences, priorities, experiences, aspirations, and goals, and that best supports, improves, and enhances their life, vitality, and overall well-being. CHECK THE WEBSITE https://pegasuslm.weebly.com/ THESE RIGHTS AND REGULATIONS APPLY TO BOTH PEGASUS MEMBERS AND LSMYC MEMBERS No weapons allowed inside the clubhouse or surroundings (security is allowed) Attire must be at all times formal, polos, suits, pants, shorts, and closed shoes are allowed. If an event is announced and you are to dress Be respectful to all stakeholders. The clubs image should not be damaged by our members You are eligible to a kick with no refund from the club if you do not keep up with our set standards. Respect leased equipment from the club Punctually pay your installment and any other accounts pending against the Company Treasurer. Observe and respect all that is provided in these Statutes and the Internal Regulations, as well as abide by and comply with the agreements made by the Board of Directors, General Assembly and other organs of the Company. Present your membership card, when requested by any authority of the Company. Ensure the good use and protection of the Club's facilities. Report to the Club authorities any improper act of which you are a witness. Contribute to their good behavior. Ensure the good name of the Club. Maintain respect for the other members and guests of the Club, as well as its administrative and management bodies. Contribute by making available to the Club their talents in the activities carried out. Inform the Club administration of the civil status changes, both of the member and of their dependents, in a period not exceeding seven (7) days from the change. Inform the Club administration of the birth of the children and the fulfillment of their legal age, within a period not exceeding seven (7) days. Inform the Club administration of changes to your personal data. LEGAL NOTICE TERMS ABOUT CONTACT PEGASUS GROUP © Copyright 2020 Pegasus Group. All Rights Reserved.
  7. To whom it may concern: I recently moved here and I am looking to rent a property exclusively within the city of Los Santos. I would rather not, if possible, have any room mates or secondary tenants. I can provide a detailed work history from where I lived before if necessary, for income verification purposes. I am a 26 year old non-smoker with no animals. I like to live clean, so you don't have to worry about a mess at your property. I will keep it clean, inside and out, as if it were my own house. If you have neighbors, I will of course remain respectful and not cause any issues in that regard. Anything else you'd like to ask, feel free. You can reach out to my email listed below. Thank you all in advance for any offers and consideration. Regards, Brett G. Donahue Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  8. 2604 Bridge Street A luxury ambiance has now been made available in the heart of Mirror Park. Blending the modest english chateau with modern art, the limited space that the house felt it once had to offer has been widened a bit. This home comes equipped with a driveway that can hold up to 10 vehicles, one bedroom, oversized living room, oversized bathroom, and a luxury kitchen. This home also features views of Mirror Park lake, Downtown Los Santos, and the Tataviam Mountains. Starting Price: $245.000 Buyout: $340,000 More interior pictures As auction holder, I reserve the right to end the auction at any given time without a reason being given. Any bids being submitted below the starting bid will not be considered, with no exceptions.
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