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  1. Name: NoooOo900OoooO Comment: PLEASE someone, make it happen again. I won't be able to live now without AdmireMe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  2. But wait, what with AdmireMe 😢🥲😢🥲😢🥲😢🥲😢🥲😢🥲😢
  3. Name: Someone Comment: Glad I was able to withdraw all the money before the end. Bye now
  4. Was a good run, bye now 🥴
  5. IKR, lets close the entire server, cause is also “cringe” seeing the amount of pixelated characters walking around playing their way into all sorts of roleplay. RolePlay should be diverse and as much as expanded with all the colors and variations to it as it is by definition. Eventually, what’s the logic of “RP” as a whole if you legitimately restrict if not stop completely every possible way to make as much as rp in the end for players to enjoy this very genre of game?
  6. Love the thread, keep it up!
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