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  1. Best duo bouncers on the server
  2. But Big from the inside out 😳
  3. Dave and Jose, the reunion 🥰
  4. Don't wake the legend up
  5. Makes me wonder where Eyal Romano went ever since 🫠
  6. Despite being an "optional" feature, it became the "default" if not the main thing for everyone on FB to go about whenever, hence why the amount of sheer "drama" and "beef" almost daily if not constantly that you get to see each time. Comparing TikTok or Instagram to a legitimate social media such as "Facebook" is not even close (no is it not). Hence why again none of them have a feature called "discovery post" (not to be confused with suggestion lists/hashtags and so that is just a different method to let you see categories of stuff) that lets you see all actual people's personal/public posts (unless and again directly searching their profile up via the search engine). So once again, I disagree with the "Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok all let you see public posts from people you don't follow." At the end of the day, having a social media that lets you see everything without the hassle of searching creates alot of chaos within. That's my opinion of course. Removing such a feature would stop the majority of the beef and drama from having people doing so toward each other publicly on everyone. That would create you a far safer and quieter environment for the website, so the exposure of seeing NSFW or minors/guns would be even less than.
  7. Was there any change ever since? Regarding the NSFW and so, because the current state still seems to be kinda bad Imo where I am still running into posts where some getting marked by showing hardly anything while others getting none while showing far more worse despite reporting them and still being ignored/unresponsive even.. lastly but this "> Sexualized pictures posted under 'friends' should not be marked NSFW, is it your own choice to add this person as your friend and see their content" needs to be addressed and acceptable in my own opinion if it wasn't addressed already because it feels unright if a user post something and set it to "friends only" where their privacy will be “violated” by some of the fb mods later only to access their profile/posts in the end and mark their old stuff as well if needed just as I had to “taste” it myself in a not so pleasing way a few times.. edit* on second thought, why not get rid of the so called “Discovery Posts” feature? That way we ultimately saving the time to go around or have people engaging with toxic vibe with one another and almost would be hard to come across “NSFW” stuff (unless you directly searching the profile up via search). Seriously, on what social platform in real life do we have something that can see globally everyone’s posts? None.. so why in here does it exist even? Only creating chaos and conflicts 10000% that’s my opinion.
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