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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Recently I've been having some discussions with a few people on Discord about the current weather system that has been implemented onto the server. A lot of our conversations have begun to revolve around the current temperature system and how accurate that is to the climate in Los Angeles county, an area that is basically the direct inspiration for the GTA: V map and, consequently, the GTA: World map. I personally have felt that the weather system doesn't directly portray current L.A. county weather, which sometimes leads to odd occurrences like rain every few hours, sub-40 degree weather,
  2. Okay, I'm sure many people noticed that and do not agree with this, so since I don't see any other suggestion about this matter, I'm just gonna go ahead and suggest that the weather gets reversed to how it was before. Either that or make the shifts realistic and not so frequent. Why? Because you have either 24/7 rain 6 times a week or the shifts are as follow: 10 minutes sun, suddenly gets cloudy and starts raining, rains for a whole day or you have sun for a few minutes, suddenly starts raining, then gets foggy, kind of, then back to sun, right now IG it says it's cloudy via /weather but it's
  3. Simple suggestion to improve RP and just quality of life change. So to see currently how cold it is you need to do /weather and people rarely even do that command. When It's 3 c you see people running around with a shirt and some people running around with jackets. Which doesn't make sense. So my suggestion is that we would remove the /weather command and move like near the minimap, so people would always be able to see how cold or warm it is. Here is a rough example. Please feel free to put in your ideas and what do you think of this idea.
  4. Short description: Make weather last longer, at least 30 minutes for each one. Detailed description: Tired of having a thunderous rainstorm to happen, roleplaying putting your jacket on only for it to clear up before you've managed to zip up your coat? I think everyone is. Let's have rain last a fair bit longer, around half a hour at the very least to maybe an hour or even two. Reason being is people like roleplaying the weather and it may be be done more if it didn't last less time than a microsecond and driving in these conditions would be more than a tiny short risk. Commands to a
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