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Found 7 results

  1. The secret story behind dating a biker. “He made bikers look like fuckboys” She claims. It’s a warm afternoon at Sandy Shores, around a dozen bikes travelling in formation through route 68. On some of them we spot some girls, on the back seat, riding with their men. Who are these biker chicks, hopping from bike to bike trying to find that special someone? Today we’ll interview Mandy. She is dating Creeper, the leader of one of the most relevant MCs in San Andreas; and will share with us all the juicy gossip behind the biker lifestyle. Mandy, welcome! Can you tell us how you and Creeper met? I had been going through some really bad stuff and was just browsing around on FaceBrowser. I came across Creeper and we started talking. He seemed really sweet and really chill. So when he asked if I wanted to meet up, I said hell yeah. I knew he was part of a club before we met up. I had dated a biker before he was so different from Creeper. Oh, tell us more about this other biker, what was his MC? Highlanders. I think a few are still hanging around, but most are gone. He seemed like a pretty normal guy to start with. He was sweet, honest, and open minded. He was not yet part of the club at that point. As soon as he got prospect... he turned into this massive asshole. He made bikers look like fuckboys. Was he good in bed at least? He was alright. Not the Casanova he thought he was. He was manipulative... would phrase things in certain ways that made me feel like I had to say yes. Like when he wanted to open up the relationship for us to sleep with a friend. It only got worse from that point. Opening up the relationship more and more, making me feel like I had to be ok with it. Oh, that sucks. Did you get jealous? Of course... but he would word things so I felt like if I didn't he would dump me. And what happened, how did you two break up? He was like "Maybe we rushed into things" after he was literally able to just fuck whoever and my Facebrowser relationship status was hidden. I told him I would give him space to consider what he wanted. I was pretty upset but played it cool. Then he tells me to come over, I find him naked in bed. He had planned for us to fuck after telling me he wanted to keep our relationship quiet, even to the club, so he had better chances of hooking up with people. When I said no... he threw a big tantrum. I sat on the lounge crying after and he just stormed out. I grabbed my shit and left. That’s intense. But what does it mean to be a property? Does it allow the man to do whatever he wants? Not really… It says, this woman belongs to the club and is not to be touched. It protects you, It labels you as off limits. It differs from club to club though. It is kind of like an unofficial marriage in a way. When you are offered that vest or jacket, it is because you have earnt your place by their side. You have to be mindful of the club and what they stand for in the eyes of the public, but you are still you. It's not a collar. It is a symbol. Fair enough, tell me more about Creeper? How does he handle being in a relationship and leading a biker club? When we got together, I knew he had responsibilities and a commitment to the club and it's members. I think that most members juggle relationships and club responsibilities as best as they can. Bikers do not get into a relationship with a woman unless they are serious about her. People think it is about sex, but there are plenty of women willing to give it up for a night with a biker. Some women get off on the stereotype of a dirty dangerous biker. Well, considering you dated two bikers, do you think you are attracted to them in particular? I wouldn't say I am attracted to the biker stereotype or the biker aesthetic exactly... I think it was just that I met these guys and instantly liked them as a person. And what do you like most in Creeper? I don't think it is one thing in particular I like the most. There are so many things I love about him, it is hard to say /that/ is what drew me in. At the end of the day, despite what people think and people believe... most of them have good hearts underneath it all. Not to make it sound like a biker version of twilight or anything. Hah, I imagine not everything is perfect! What was the worst thing he's ever done to you? The worst thing he has ever done to me has just been the usual disagreements a couple has. Kinda like when a CEO has to work late and the wife gets pissy because he missed dinner. Stuff like that. What was your biggest fight with him? Um... he forgot about a date once. I got really upset. That is club life though, you gotta try and be ok when shit gets crazy, and they need to attend to stuff. Any final words? Don't judge a biker, get to know them and you might like them... but if you want to date one, you gotta be prepared to share their time with the club. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. 'Vibe Check' for the New Year: Street Interviews BY RANA KHATI Los Santos lit up at night. A common sight for a city full of night owls. It's been 21 days since the New Year dawned on Los Santos and the city simmers in a state of quiet uncertainty. Recent events have seen the Mayor imprisoned and State officials huddling to figure out the next steps, but have these events changed life for the average citizen of Los Santos? The Rana Report took to the streets and interviewed every-day Los Santans to find out just that. We asked them about what life is like for them these days, what struggles they and their neighbors are dealing with, and what their favorite parts of the city are for relaxing and re-centering their mind. Noelle, 23 Legion Square Noelle told the Rana Report she had been in Los Santos for about one week and already managed to find two part-time jobs in Bartending and Reception, but noted how difficult it was to find even basic temporary housing. She's currently forced to sleep in a hotel room and already has had her car stolen by Los Santos' notorious car-thieves. Her favorite part of Los Santos is the Vinewood Hills. Legion Square, Mission Row, LS. Jordan, 27 Alta Jordan has been living in Los Santos for a little over one month and has been supporting himself as an independent taxi driver. His biggest struggles are turning a profit in a city whose criminal elements seem to target taxi drivers on a regular basis. He told Rana: "I got robbed twice of nearly all my money, I work, I earn, then I get robbed of all what I earned, can you believe it?" He enthusiastically shared that his favorite part of living in Los Santos was and will always be the beautiful women he has the honor of driving on a regular basis. Jordan and his taxi in Alta Val, "in her 20s" Conroy's Gym, Textile City The Rana Report saw Val going toe to toe with a man in when fighting in the cage over at Conroy's. Val moved here two months ago from Liberty City and so far, one of her favorite hobbies is sparring, she shared that she loves the rush it brings and that it can make anyone stand tall and keep going. Val sparring at Conroy's in Textile City Madeleine, 24 Mission Row Madeleine has been living in Los Santos for eleven years and told Rana that the biggest issue she's seen remain unresolved is the crime epidemic that has swept the city for years. A self-described "Goth", Madeleine enjoys relaxing in solitude, taking luxurious trips to the local cemetary, and cutting loose at the local goth club, The Crypt when she's not working at her day job. Madeleine attending to customers in Mission Row "Trigger", 18 Davis We found Trigger hanging out with some friends on the sidewalk. He's been living in Los Santos every year of his eighteen year old life and he told Rana that the biggest problem they were facing in Davis was over policing and what he described as "Snoovers." We suspect this might be a set of neighborhood rivals. Davis, Los Santos Stu & Chu, 24 & 23 Little Seoul Stu & Chu, two residents of Little Seoul, told Rana that one of the biggest obstacles their facing is a lack of community engagement especially in their Little Seoul Running Club and the speedy car racers that rush down the streets at dangerous speeds. Chu told Rana that speed bumps would help Little Seoul out with that last problem. Both men said they enjoyed going to neighborhood staples like Wook's Tea House or Mr. Liu's Pool House after a long day. Stu in front of an apartment building in Little Seoul Shane, 27 Blaine County Rana found Shane waiting for a speedy and efficient car modification over at Route 68 Garage in Blaine County. Shane's only been in Los Santos for two weeks but he's already got a plan to join either the Police or Sheriff's Department. While he hasn't been able to find housing in Blaine, he's currently staying in the city but comes out to Blaine frequently. He's leaning towards joining up with the Sheriff's Department because he grew up around deputies and to cut loose there's nothing he likes more than hanging out with friends around town. Shane at Route 68 Garage in Blaine County The future of Los Santos lies in the hands of everyday folks like these and addressing their needs is crucial to making 2021 a year of not just peace but a year of prosperity for all. If the city and state government can make meaningful changes to address the housing and crime issues while also factoring the way policing is done in different neighborhoods, citizens from every corner of Los Santos might be able to enjoy themselves even more in our unique and diverse metropolis. A peaceful sunset over Paleto Bay Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent journalism > Comments are enabled
  3. DENZEL "DENZ" BENNETT & VICTORIA "VICKY" DAVIS PERSONAL INFORMATION: Alias(es): Denz, lowly Benny or DB. Likes: Partying, drugs, narcotics, overall enjoying with his people and thinking to thrive further. Dislikes: Unloyal people, fake friends or hoes. Flaws: Deals with anger issues, depression & anxiety, often doing a fatal error in a very important situation. CRIMINAL RECORD: Previous Charges (if any): None. [will be updated]. Current Charges (if any): None. Thoughts abouts TTCF: A violent and miserable place filled with people like him and his father. FAMILY: Father (STATUS: DECEASED) MOTHER (STATUS: DECEASED) BROTHER (STATUS: DECEASED) UNCLE (STATUS: ALIVE - ILL) AUNT (STATUS: DECEASED). IMPORTANT BACK-HAND INFORMATION: QUOTE: "People aren't born to act as demons, the circumstances prove to make them demons".
  4. 2604 Bridge Street A luxury ambiance has now been made available in the heart of Mirror Park. Blending the modest english chateau with modern art, the limited space that the house felt it once had to offer has been widened a bit. This home comes equipped with a driveway that can hold up to 10 vehicles, one bedroom, oversized living room, oversized bathroom, and a luxury kitchen. This home also features views of Mirror Park lake, Downtown Los Santos, and the Tataviam Mountains. Starting Price: $245.000 Buyout: $340,000 More interior pictures As auction holder, I reserve the right to end the auction at any given time without a reason being given. Any bids being submitted below the starting bid will not be considered, with no exceptions.
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