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  1. I can't do any lower than $175.000.
  2. Price on Comet is 175. If someone offers 175 and someone else offers 180, 180 gets it.
  3. Hellfire was sold. Only Comet Retro remaining.
  4. I'm sorry to turn that down also but that vehicle was meaningful to me. I know I can find someone who will pay 175K eventually since I'm not in a huge hurry to sell it.
  5. ** A reply would ve posted to the comment ** Non negotiable sorry.
  6. Not interested in trades as of now, sorry. If I change my mind I will @ you and inform you.
  7. Karin 190Z was sold. The rest remaining.
  8. **A message would be posted by the seller.** Fair point, fixed it. And no.
  9. These three cars are now for sale. NON NEGOTIABLE UNLESS BETTER OFFER THAN STARTING ONE& NO TRADES Comet Retro - $175.000 (175K). Gauntlet Hellfire - SOLD Karin 190Z - SOLD PICTURES BELOW: GAUNTLET HELLFIRE (Midnight red with black stripes) COMET RETRO (Black with bronze wheels) KARIN 190Z (Midnight purple with dark bronze wheels) ((Middle Click the images to get full resolution and quality. Open Image in new tab.))
  10. 60K as buyout if highest bidder fails to deliver ((Can we have a screenshot of /pinfo?))
  11. Offer of 65K as buyout. All I can I offer.
  12. 190Z for sale with a performance package priced at 190K ($190.000) NON negotiable. Wheels are painted CHROME and are not black anymore.
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