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  2. Here I have a beautiful Dinka Marquis yacht. This yacht hasn't been used, and is in pristine condition all round. The Yacht has been moved from the dealership to where it sits now, and has sat there. It has a small interior which consists of a table and chairs, a bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen. Bidding will start at $315,000. Please see pictures attached. Please place your bids below, or call on 3476.
  3. Both vehicles sold, L&A please.
  4. Rancher is already sold, my apologises. ZR250 still available.
  5. I am selling my Yosemite Rancher and ZR250 due to moving away from Los Santos. Asking price for the Yosemite Rancher is $80,000. It comes with low miles and a performance package. Asking price for the ZR250 is $128,000. This also comes with relatively low miles, along with a performance packaged. See attached photos. OOC stats. Please post reasonable offers below, or ring my phone on 36041939.
  6. Selling my apartment, fully liveable with modern furniture. One bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen and living area. Selling for cheap, only $170,000. See attached photos: Call 69807185 or bid below.
  7. Here I have my friends beloved V-STR & Argento for sale. Both vehicle's have the full performance & security package, meaning it doesn't get much better than this. See the photos below: ((OOC STATS)) V-STR sells for $310,000. Argento sells for $440,000. Bid below or please contact either Lily on 71770092 or Amy on 8911169.
  8. Believe I posted this in the wrong section, so take it as a suggestion to whoever reads it.
  9. Ban players who engage their selves in this type of RP. It's fucked up and it's weird, and it shouldn't even be a thing, period. If you argue against this saying it's 'character development' gtfo my post 🙂
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    Perfect, please email me your details.
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