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  1. Heya! That guide I made above is completely outdated and doesnt have any up to date or relivant details so you might find it unhelpful. Loads of people have made more up to date guides on installing mods in this section - https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/33-community-guides/ But from the sounds of it the issue your having comes down to the ArchiveFix but you /dont/ have to install in the mods folder as you can just create a dlc.rpf for the user_resources folder in your main RAGE directory. Good luck bud.
  2. Jokigo


    Deleted ((L&A))
  3. Update: Price fixed
  4. STATUS: SOLD Buffalo STX PICTURES: Information: Matt Gray Petrol - 45L - 11.89 Gallons 12.74MPG Full Performance Packages Full Security Packages GPS: Installed Tint: Installed Turbo: Installed Miles: 170.00 Previous Owners: 1 (Custom Plate NOT included) Price: Market Price - $175,000 (Without Registration) Buyout Price - $215,000 (Or Near Offer) Contact: Call me or send me a message: PH: 1718 Or send me a email on [email protected]
  5. STATUS: SOLD 1243 Vespucci Blvd - Floor 2, Room 2 (Apartment) Bidding Ends: TBD PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/BCpMDkp Information: Nicely Sized apartment on Vespucci 1bed, 1bath Living Room Kitchen Hallway Master Bedrrom Decent Sized Bathroom Decent View Open plan living area. Price: Market Price - $120,000 ((Furniture Worth - $74,494)) ((Market Price + Furniture Worth - $194,494 (Not including length of ownership) )) Starting Price - $190,000 Bid Increase - $10,000 Buyout Price - $434,494 Contact: Call me or send me a message: PH: 1718 Or send me a email on [email protected]
  6. Jokigo

    Archive pls

    Bid Retracted, located another Property. Thank you though.
  7. Any exterior pictures of the Property please?
  8. Jokigo

    Map changes

    If for both if there is no performance impact on performance for players. Both would be ABSOLUTELY amazing to have dont get me wrong. But is the amazing worth the performance hit? Probs not. Yes if no performance hit happens. No if players are going to have performance problems.
  9. Bidding ended and your the winner! Congratulations 👏 I’ll be in contact with you soon.
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