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  1. I am currently selling these two vehicles, Karin Futo GTX rusty frame but in running condition $60,000 and its yours, as for the Annis Remus i'm taking $90,000 for it send me an email for more information via [email protected] ((Forum PM)) here are some pictures of the vehicles:
  2. I agree, appreciation thread for ERPERS when.
  3. Well said, as LICE would reply GET BENT. lmao.
  4. Not even for RP anymore, its all about the revenue, p2w.
  5. Realistically, A person who owns a property who'd like to get it renovated would often hire a group of people to renovate their property for them. I don't get the arguements you guys are trying to give, this itself will provide awhole lot of RP for the server which advertises HEAVY ROLEPLAY, give me a few minutes I gotta touch the grass.
  6. I'm sure as hell that you can furnish an interior as a group.
  7. I mean, if y'all are getting paid $1,000,000+ e-moneys without doing any /me's ain't it unfair for some jobs like the mechanic jobs where they make less nowadays due to the nerf but still RP it out? if you can earn that amount of money just by making objects float, i'm sure you can do a few /me's while doing your job.
  8. I sure believe a script job for those will be a great idea for the server, more RP, alot of possibilities, win-win for the server, maybe if they can make a 500 word essay for the job so that they can check if they're fitted for such RP.
  9. Tree's sticking out of your interior? Maybe you should stop erping 24/7 that should solve the problem. I support this, add them back.
  10. Would love to, Email me for a time.
  11. I'll have to pass for now, thanks for the offer!
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