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  1. OUR HISTORY CONTACTS Location Blacklisted Automotive Parts Store - La Mesa, Los Santos, San Andreas (( /gps Blacklisted Automotive )) Official Websites Homepage: https://gtaw.link/Blacklisted Parts Store: https://gtaw.link/BlacklistedAutomotive Job Applications: https://gtaw.link/Application Social Page: https://gtaw.link/BlacklistedM ((Facebrowser Page))
  2. Blacklisted Motorsports is a racing team founded in 2021 by Nate King in collaboration with Martin Maxwell, Denzel Brooks, Cameron Bennett in the San Andreas State. The team aims to compete in the SAMRA Racing Events. The team was acquired by Liam Werner after a few discussions with the same vision to promote racing in safe environments and bring some new talents into the spotlight to excel in their racing career. CAREER OPTIONS
  3. Dear fans, a season of Pfister Super Cup came to an end and with that we're thankfully to our sponsors that helped us through out our fights. Our Kanjo Cup champion is Bruno Jones coming home with a big trophy and applause. We are looking forward to help him and his partner, Wyatt Hayes, develop their skills in the upcoming Sportscar Championship with Will Hayward taking the role of our new Head of Driver Development program and Liam Werner switching to San Andreas Touring Car Championship. We are again happy to announce more changes in the future as the cars will be revealed the days before the first races. Check our Facebrowser page for more updates. Aim for the cup!
  4. (( Hey there, please use Imgur when attaching photos to Forum if you want them to actually be shown. Friendly reminder :) ))
  5. Are you in town right now? Buying the Comet Retro.
  6. Interested in this Coquette, can I get more details?
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