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  1. Italy is great, even their flag is beautiful.
  2. La Eme
  3. As long as I can buy a cocaine energy drink like they had on the real Silk Road. This is a 10/10 for me.
  4. Browsing this thread doesn't feel right without Konishi posts.
  5. idk abt crafting electrics and the signal jammers. Good shit otherwise.
  6. The Odessa Gruppa is a known cooperative of primarily Russians and Ukrainians, but assumed to have members from many other post-soviet states. The group is believed to have originated from the desperate immigrants of the 70's, with it's main source of members being people of low economic standing. They attempt to keep generally more neutral and money-oriented than other's similar to them. Join us here - https://discord.gg/mNU37P75dp For any questions contact @Anatoliy or @FFrenzy03
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