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  1. +1, What do you think about a spot in the business where clients can do /pay [amount] and then it gets straight to the business bank and when the employee does /createitem it takes money from the business bank and not from his own pocket 🧠
  2. I can totally understand this point, some businesses are too obvious to have CCTV outside them such as clubs, fashion boutiques and especially businesses in rich areas such as Rockford Hills or even Burton and Vinewood. This is a totally PAY TO WIN here because if you don't pay, you don't get realism.
  3. * Name: Yehuda Cohen * Phone number: 45524300 * Email: [email protected] ((Adir#9802)) Comment: Hey, wishing to see the house
  4. Offering 230,000 negotiableCan also offer a trade for Pfister Neon + cash from your side
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