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  1. No way my homeboy Sasa still alive?! Glad to see EOC is still running it back.
  2. Кто не рискует, тот не пьет шампанского "Those who do not take risks do not drink Champaign."
  3. Повратак кући Homecoming In order to survive, a shark must keep swimming. When it stops, it dies.
  4. Now, my boy FatCatTuxedo just confirmed that such a project wouldn't be possible, but, even if it was possible to implement, I would still be against adding Cayo Perico to GTAW. Cayo Perico is clearly modeled much more on a Caribbean or central American nation than SoCal, so the transition would be jarring, and I just can't see many character concepts working out well in that region besides "Pablo Escobar, King of all Drug Kingpins," which would would be extremely out of place given the modern American setting of GTAW. Additionally, besides the novelty of a new map, I fail to see what Cayo Perico would actually be adding to the experience. You could turn Cayo Perico into a spring break tourist destination, but you already have that on the main map. Vespucci is modeled after Venice Beach, which is a huge spring break/beach vacation destination in real life. If your aim is to create a grungy slum type area, you already have all of south/central LS. If I had to venture a guess, Cayo Perico would end up abandoned within two weeks even if it was possible to add and was subsequently added.
  5. I'm a grown adult playing a variant of a game about carjacking and organized crime who writes novel-length reports every time someone levels even the most infantile insults against me in /b chat.
  6. It's yours if there are no additional bids in the next 8 hours.
  7. Your bid has been noted at opening price, $160,000. Buyout price was set to $190,000
  8. SELLING 2016 Benefactor Schafter V12 Starting Bid: $160,000 Current Bid: $160,000 Buyout Bid: $180,000 Aftermarket security and performance upgrades installed worth more than $10,000 No accident history Burmester complete stereo system ((OOC))
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