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  1. Every true Russian RPer knows that Siberian Education is the best movie in terms of realism.
  2. I hope these interiors will never be added to GTA World.
  3. Yeah, it would be cool. It could work the same way as notifications - you log in and you get a message "You have unread messages, type XX to see them."
  4. I can only agree with the post above. I remember we had this discussion a few months ago, I talked to lots of people about it and they all said they'd always forget to type /sb when entering a car. So did I. However, in real life it happens naturally, you don't even think about it.
  5. I cannot speak for current staff team anymore, but I am sure it will never happen. Having to request for a permission to buy a sports car would create tons of work for staff team that is already busy, a lot of frustration for regular players and it simply sounds more like USSR than an auction.
  6. I hear this quite often, however it's not exactly true. A few months ago we had lots of people who were simply grinding money (mining, fishing, etc.). They weren't doing anything else, except for maybe going to a club and using dance animation for 20 minutes. They bought super cars, used them to rob stores and other players for money they didn't actually need, they bought expensive houses. When the new taxes were implemented - a good chunk of them got really angry. I can understand why - they had to earn a whole lot more in order to keep their super cars and luxury houses, which they couldn't do. That's why all those sports cars went on sale for low prices - no miners could afford them anymore. Is that a problem? I really don't think so. Those who obtained big amounts of money in a non-realistic way were forced to either sell everything out or stop grinding and start making money by roleplaying.
  7. A person who had his own opinion and always stood up for it. It was a pleasure working with you.
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