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  1. Locked & archived upon request.
  2. Hello. I'm looking for a rental property, available for long-term rent in one of the following areas: Del Perro (Playa Vista, Bay City Avenue) Vespucci (Northern Vespucci, north from Cortes St. or Vespucci Canals) Chumash Mirror Park (although, a second-pick location) Please, contact me with offers. (( Paying on weekly / bi-weekly / monthly basis ))
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing this at all. However, we should be able to toggle the 'attention grabbing' parts of it (i.e. (!) and the different chat color) the same way we can toggle highlights. Rainbow chat no bueno. Other than that, yeah, why not?
  4. i'd like to see you try first man. i know for a fact your stripper rp is impeccable
  5. Rest in peace, Chief. Condolences to the family and those close to him.

  6. It appears that we agree to disagree on this one. Developing a realistic character, with a realistic personality, realistic flaws, strong points, and the whole nine yards, as well as realistic ‘progression’ are, and have been the core of servers of this type. Most of the above are quite literally requirements someone has to meet when providing a character story that’s used to determine if they’re fit to play on the server. Of course, socializing and day-to-day life play into that. “ Whether we like it or not we are roleplaying in a fantasy world, where death means nothing, people don't age… “ — Unfortunately, this is something that I have to disagree with, as well. Deaths can, and, especially within the circles that value realistic portrayal & development do mean something. As for character’s 'aging', it’s one of the ‘core’ things when it comes to realistic character portrayal. No one would like to see a thirteen-year-old shotcaller, a sixteen-year-old self-made kid from a lower class family, running a major business consulting company, a twenty-five year old captain in a law enforcement faction, and so on, and so forth. And, it translates to ‘civilian’ characters, as well. There are some things that simply can’t be achieved in a matter of days/weeks, the way they are here (i.e. opening a club, getting a degree, going from merely liking each other to getting married, et cetera — all the things that are pretty ‘popular’ among those portraying so-called SecondLife-esque characters). e: Before anyone assumes that I'm making fun of everyone who decides to run a business or roleplay a relationship - I'm not. I'm merely pointing out that we do have a number of players who do so in a less-than-realistic way, but, that doesn't reflect all. There are some very interesting business(wo)men/businesses on the server, well thought-out, immersive, and enjoyable to roleplay with/around. “ Really visit downtown, pre-covid ofc, which is impossible lately and you'd see all sorts of flashy cars and people going out, that's part of life. “ — I do, and I see that on a daily basis. I see people going out, socializing, driving around (some in flashy cars), and all that. What I, however, don’t see, are people doing 120 thru mid-day rush hour traffic in those flashy cars, local law enforcement officers with millions in their bank accounts, groups of grown 30-year-old+ adults behaving like elementary school children, and people giving away thousands of dollars/euros/whatever to complete strangers, like it’s candy (I am well aware that there are one-in-a-million social media influencers or a lone news article about someone being very generous with strangers every now and again, but it's far less common than what's being done here). And that, exactly, is why we shouldn’t be doing that here. I know full well that the term roleplay translates to “ …roleplaying is the changing of one's behavior to assume a role… “ & that ‘roleplay’ itself has many genres, some of them not rooted in reality at all, but, we both know full well that the server that we play on, and, most, if not all GTA roleplay servers in existence revolve around portraying realistic, well-thought-out characters, instead of just buzzing around and doing random things that we see fit at any given point of time, regardless of if they’d be realistic for the character we’re playing. So, in short: The genre of roleplay that this server revolves around is not just assuming a random role and carrying on with it, regardless of how (un)realistic it is. Instead, it goes much more in-depth. And, for the sake of going in-depth & maintaining the required standards of ‘realism’, we have to learn to sometimes ignore what the script says (i.e. the script money counter in the top right corner), and instead proceed with what would be the most realistic thing to do.
  7. Hello. You can delete a character every 14 days, or 2 weeks. You can also delete the character immediately after deleting an old one, as long as you're willing to pay 30WP. Last but not least, you can name-change one of your current characters, or buy an additional character slot (4th, 5th, etc), for 30WP and 200WP, respectively. Hope this answers your question.
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