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  1. +1 It should be already a thing in my opinion. That already should include the ban on mentioning someone that blocked you.
  2. It's not an IC problem since the server forces all people willing to use soccer field to go to the certain place on the map, because all other fields are not scripted in. For me, there is only one solution to solve the issue, script in more sport fields, making 'safe' zones is not a good idea. The rest of the issue is an IC issue.
  3. Username: Siri Scaletta Comment: If I were her, I would at least show some honour and protect good name of the party by resigning from being the Committee Assistant Director.
  4. **The comment comes from a German based IP* User: EqualityFighter Comment: Republicans always the same. White nationalists and supremacists. One big fascist gang. Punch the Nazi.
  5. Name: MovieEater123 Rating (Up to 5 ⭐) : 1 Comment: Terrible acting, the story-line wasn't that bad, but I felt like watching a movie with the funds of two coffee cups and a pack of donuts.
  6. Time to call cabs instead of using my own vehicles whole days.
  7. All cars ingame are now original GTA V cars, we do not need some non-original modded cars ❤️
  8. I love how you manipulated the poll and called the original lore-friendly cars as FANTASY. For someone who doesn't read the whole thread, it looks like Original cars mean GTA cars and fantasy cars as some imagined modders ideas. PS: IT should be called: -Lore cars. -Real-life cars.
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