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  1. Ikechukwu

  2. Ikechukwu

    Archived as per request))
  3. Ikechukwu

  4. Ikechukwu

    grats everyone!
  5. Ikechukwu

  6. Ikechukwu

    the whole staff team special shoutout to the developers though as i believe their efforts often get overlooked. the devs have been working very hard over the last few months to roll out new features and fixes seemingly non stop
  7. Ikechukwu

  8. Ikechukwu

    this is a nice project, keep it going Sush
  9. Ikechukwu

  10. To add to OP, special shoutout to the developers as well. happy to see many familiar faces both new and old, but i recognize a lot of you from when the server was at its low point in december 2017, january 2018 and im glad to see that you decided to stick with us
  11. Ikechukwu

  12. Ikechukwu

  13. Ikechukwu

    hey friends and congratulations
  14. Ikechukwu

    sync is still a bit of an issue but its very playable, especially the weapon damage system is really nice as for the performance itself its amazing compared to the old gtmp client, ragemp runs a smooth 144 fps lock for me and the crashes are rare