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  1. ((Click the image and fill out the order form for delivery))
  2. A while back a few friends and I had characters running a stunt group called Icarus. At the time we were working on a magazine that never got finished. Hope you guys like it!
  3. back in action babbyyy
  4. Can you explain this a bit more please?
  5. Ohh my bad. That'd all be situational. We're talking about lack of fear being the main factor in these forced CK's, so yes. If somone shows lack of fear in a situation that results in their death, of course a CK should be enforced across the table. That would 100% include the civilian trying to play hero, pulling their PF gun on armed robbers, or situations they have no involvement in. But for vigilantes to be running around, getting the drop on people and killing them? No.. that'd be a PK just like any other. But yes, 100% lack of fear in your portrayal should be a forced CK. @DasFroggy
  6. In the first post, I stated that yes I do agree with criminals being force CKd, was actually the first thing I said. @DasFroggy
  7. No, it isn't but that's not the issue here. That was me pointing out that PD has the same opportunity to proceed with their RP as these gangs do. They can make new characters, carry on with their PD RP. But that development they put in to that character who pushed a situation will be trashed, of course. @DasFroggy And yes of course it's the same risk, why wouldn't it be? it's the risk of life and death, and a officer pushing a scene too quickly is showing a lack of fear. Why do you think police have 3 day stand offs with lone gunmen barricaded in their homes? No one wants to die. It dosn't matter if you have 100 guys and all the backing in the world, bullets kill all the same and EVERY officer should be fearful from every threat that maybe he wont make it home to see his/her family.
  8. I'd also like to point out a recent story from here where I live where someone was assassinated at the airport. I'm from Vancouver Canada, and our airport is on a little island with one way in basically. There's plenty of police presence and so forth. But due to the fear of being killed from these people who were shooting at the police, they managed to get away. This would be absolutely unheard of here on server. If a criminal is shooting back at the police, the response is not to storm forward, it's to back off to a safe distance, especially if you don't currently have back up on scene, or a helicopter in the air. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/vancouver-airport-shooting-victim-of-deadly-incident-identified-by-homicide-investigators-1.5421627
  9. Let me just start by saying I totally 100% agree with the fact that people are force CK'd for playing around with PD, and doing silly shit. But then on the flip side of that I have to wonder why is there this double standard where.. when PD dies in these situations, they arn't CK'd? Now hear me out and let me just say, I haven't had a character CK'd by a cop, this isn't something I'm furious about, just curious. Being a cop is a terrifying job, you're dealing with people on their worst days, and you're showing up for situations with little information, and are often very vulnerable. I don't see this from our PD RP and why I say this is because police almost NEVER back off from a chase, and shots fired to them is just blood in the water for a shark. In contrast to this, I'm sure we've all seen videos of police witnessing shootings first hand, in marked cars, and choosing to either back off, or flee all together. I even remember a old video of a guy using a marked police car, with a officer in it, as cover while he shot at another crew across the street. (not advocating such behavior here on server) So my question is why should their fear be any different than our own? Should a cop not be force CK'd for pushing a situation with too much confidence, or in other words showing a lack of fear? I'm sure the argument will be made that if this were the case, we'de have no PD left but.. we all know PD lets people make alts and slip in with little fuss, so long as they've been through the hoops and have good relations with people. So with all that said, I totally feel like their character development should be just as at risk as our own, and through doing this I'd hope to encourage the same level of respect and fear the criminals give the PD in their interactions.
  10. Yeah weeks too long. Scrapped the build, sold to market. L&A please
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