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  1. The actual ratio is more like 2 males per 1 female. Regardless, we deploy because of IC circumstances and IC reasons brought on by the population of San Andreas. We don't deploy for nothing or for shits and giggles. If you're going to have constant gun fights happening across the majority of South LS with automatics, you know damn well you're going to get SWAT patrolling your territory to suppress crime, and guess what? It actually works.
  2. Reach out to me via Email to arrange a time to do the transaction.
  3. FULL INTERIOR ALBUM (CLICK HERE) (( )) Taking offers above $300K. No buy-out set and bids shall proceed with a minimum increment of $5K . I am not looking to trade the property, I simply need it gone rather soon. Bidding Format: Name: Bid: Number:
  4. What roleplay, the majority don't roleplay anything. I fail to see where this roleplay is. Not saying there aren't people who do roleplay but they get overshadowed by the majority that come in just to DM and run rampant, shouting random gibberish trying to incite violence.
  5. And that's the point OP is making here, no peaceful protest ever remains peaceful on this server. People will join in, just to DM and do non-rp things because they feel it's an excuse. They always turn into cluster fucks which are just no fun, not too mention the lack of roleplay that generally is involved from most parties. You have people running around shouting whatever nonsense because they simply have no idea what the 'protest' is actually meant to be 'protesting', which again comes back to my point of people joining just to join and do a bunch of stupid shit.
  6. Do you know how much crying that would cause? Not to mention the strain on admins to also keep up with reports. It also wasn't over IC events, the person that gathered people over it on FaceBrowser got banned over it cause they broke the rules for it, hence why it initially was voided.
  7. I really don't understand why this thread was created. It showcases a false narrative that he was removed or was getting pushback for the changes he was implementing and that is simply not true. I have been fortunate enough to learn of the inner workings behind the scenes, specifically with LFM, leadership and regular officers and it wasn't pretty. So to feed this narrative and put the blame on us is quite disappointing. To allow people outside the faction to bash us when they had no idea what the atmosphere inside was like is also unacceptable.
  8. Is this still available? If so, I'll offer buyout and take it later today.
  9. RIP Juice ? Looking forward to his album.
  10. Holy shit! What the hell.. we just peaked, nothing can top this.
  11. It'd be hella boring imo. They wouldn't have daily RP outside of the base because there is a limited amount of scenarios where the army would realistically be called in.
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