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Found 4 results

  1. "He said to them: I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will never be hungry; and whoever believes in me will never thirst." Edgar Padilla Edgar Padilla also known as "Acid" was born October 22, 1983 in West Las Vegas, Nevada, ex-gang member that was well known for being involved in a various criminal partnerships and activities, such as kidnapping, armed robbery, human trafficking and furthermore instilled criminal actions. Biography: Edgar "Acid" Padilla was once one of the more notorious members of the HPS13 gang in Las Vegas, known for his violent temper and quick trigger finger. Born and raised in the tough streets of West Las Vegas, Naked Street. Edgar grew up surrounded by poverty, crime, and violence. He dropped out of school at an early age and joined the gang to find a sense of belonging and protection. For years, Edgar was a feared and respected enforcer for the gang formed, responsible for carrying out hits, extorting businesses, and trafficking drugs. He was known for his fierce loyalty to the gang, his brutal tactics, and his willingness to do whatever it took to protect his money. However, as Edgar got older, he began to see the toll that the gang lifestyle was taking on his community and his own life. He started to question the senseless violence and the constant cycle of retaliation that only seemed to perpetuate the gang culture. He realized that he wanted a better life for his children, who he rarely saw due to his frequent incarcerations. After spending several years in prison for drug trafficking and assault, Edgar decided to turn his life around. He started slowly working his way out of the street as civil conflicts were at an all time high. He began working at a local metal fabrication and repairs shop at just around the corner from Naked St. Various years later time was spent in prison for drug trafficking, assault, and further issues arising. Edgar decided it was in his and his families best interest to turn tides and work his way along different means of income, professionally. After years of civil conflicts rising in his own gangs ranks there was only one way to go, and that was out. After finalizing a few last promises out in Nevada he turned haste towards Los Santos to meet with his cousin that eventually got him a job working for a garage out north. Months passed and he started to get a cleaner reputation around his end of the street, dipping his hands into business and more lucrative and organized terms of income. Personal Information: Name: Edgar Padilla Gender: Male Nick Names: Acid, Eddie, Ed Current Age: 39 Zodiac: Libra Current Address: █████████ Place of Birth: ████████ ████ Height: 6'0ft Weight: 210lb Blood Type: A+ Family: Henry "Slick" Cano ( Cousin ) Maria Fuentes ( Cousin ) Vanessa Montenegro ( Cousin )
  2. this thread will follow the life of cody torres, better known as creeper. he's a teenager from magellan ave.
  3. Kweng

    SKINNY Zarrilla

    This thread will follow the life of Isaac "SKINNY" Zarrilla, a teenager from El Burro Heights.
  4. DIAMOND EVENTS Exclusively designed events... Diamond Events & Organizations, founded by Italian designer Ralph Lorenzo in 2018 in Los Santos, aims to produce solutions to events and organizations for both companies/institutions and individuals. The company, the first and only exceptional in LS on its field, always works on customer's desires with passion. Professional team works on details to make events perfect. The company policy, doing something not done before and perfection with exclusive details, applies on every aspect of the organizations. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME The company professionals meet the clitens literally anywhere, anytime. Same appiles for the events. It could be 3AM in the morning on the top of the mountain in a cold windy day or it could be 2PM in the boiling sun in the middle of the Pacific. The service comes to you, exceptionally. The company's own events have been always different and will be so. You can contact Ralph Lorenzo at his phone 7778 or with e-mail (Forum PM) anytime. IT COULD BE ANYTHING We provide solutions for anything... •Birthday Party •Bachelor's Party •Government Meetings •Company Seminars •Grand Openings •Club Themed Nights •Bar Organizations Please contact us for many more... EXCLUSIVE •You might want to propose to your fiance at 30,000ft on a luxurious business jet. •You might want to have a birthday party on a 60 million dollars yacht at Pacific. •You might want to open your club or bar with an exceptional opening. •You might want to get lost in the wild with your friends, •Or you could be in need of an emergency afterparty at your house. It could be anything. We'll deal with it, exclusively. Sponsor(s) Our current sponsor Mirror Fashion, provides clothing for company staff and exceptional needs for the guests at events. CONTACT Ralph Lorenzo - 7778 or e-mail (Forum PM)
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