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Staff Update - January 2020

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Keane    252





First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!


The past two months have seen a huge increase in activity across all time zones. With many more players roleplaying in-game, it has created a lot more work for the admin team. To make sure the admin team can keep up with demand, we have decided to bring five Support members into the admin team as Trial Admins. We have also promoted four admins to Level 2 to make sure we have additional admins to assist in training.

We have a lot of projects planned for the next few months. There is quite a lot to cover so I have included everything in a separate announcement that can be found by clicking here.

We have also made a thread to explain how to approach staff members about particular issues. The aim is to make sure you go to the right person first rather than approaching the incorrect staff member. This thread can be found here.

And finally, I want you to join me in congratulating the staff members that have been promoted this month, as well as our new Support members that are joining the staff team. 




Admin Promotions

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2
@Knoxville (promoted to Assistant Head of Illegal FM)
@Optimus Dime


Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1

Support to Game Administrator Level 1

Support to Trial Administrator





     New Support Team Members

The following members of the community will be offered a chance to join the staff team as Community Support. Any Reserved members not on this list are considered to be denied.




The new Support members will be sent a PM on the forums with further instructions.

There were no applicants considered for reserved status this month.

If you applied for the staff team and your name is not on this list, you have unfortunately been denied. You may contact @FullyCanadian or @KV for feedback and the denial reason. Any denied applicants may not reapply until the staff application wave in March 2020. Denied applicants may not reapply before then.


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Posted (edited)


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Dashing    664

Congratz to all who got promoted and welcome new support! 

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