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  1. It's like trying to rob a gun store.
  2. History has shown that CEF menus for functions such as haircuts and the plastic surgeon disable keyboard navigation, based on this trend I'd rather (speed)run though a minefield, given the alternative is slow pacing through eternity.
  3. I can only imagine how depressed I'll get when we get a CEF style menu where I have to click 300 times to reach what I need. Please, please keep the menu we can navigate with out keyboard.
  4. if you assholes are gonna quote me at least upvote me too so i can win the day ?
  5. i thought @Bospywas your internet boyfriend though???
  6. i'm unironically glad the pictures in this guide don't work for me
  7. didnt u once go out withy a rly muscular guy as well
  8. i once drunkenly found out someone i knew from lsrp was in the same foreign train station as me, found him, "eyyy'd" for 3 seconds and parted ways
  9. you're only doing it right if your tit size, figure and 'sexy curves' are in your /ex (honestly though, roleplaying a normal fucking human being the same way you'd roleplay a normal male character gets you far regardless of gender)
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