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  1. Username: bigmeg Comment: only rudy benson looks republican, who let the democrats run a false flag
  2. goodbye pat 😞

  3. nige but with 15 tiktok filters
  4. i dont need catgirls man i've got myself
  5. you're late gramps, page 3!!!
  6. The LSSD prioritizes quality of roleplay and longevity on scenes above policing every single 911 call that comes in, for it provides a more enjoyable RP experience for all involved in the scene if it is roleplayed out thoroughly instead of having cops ping pong around giving every call that comes in barely any attention. Our recruitment is open though, in case you want to offer an extra body to help deal with the call volume 😉
  7. I'm going to lock this if the general attitude in this thread does not take a turn for the better. It is an announcement, not an opportunity to fling word-shit at each other.
  8. I do not know what to say if a move towards a more balanced playing field and the inability to stalk a specific area without reason is cause for you to quit over a lack of "fun".
  9. Let's not drag any other faction's air units into your argumentation, LSSD's Aero Bureau does not mind these changes at all.
  10. This wasn't really an issue for the longest time until a few months ago, I have in the past been able to play just fine without any issues, even when we already had high player counts, car mods and clothing mods. Just really feels like the client shit the bed at some point, and I dearly hope they clean it up. Lowering your texture settings to "medium" helps a lot as a stopgap measure by the way, not too pretty but it works.
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