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  1. Realistically, seeing 50 cars parked outside a club is an indication that it's a lame club. Get wasted for once, folks.
  2. @Anselmi when we playing
  3. you made me learn cooking
  4. You kind of said it yourself. A system such as this is in no way, shape or form needed as long as people roleplay their own character's flaws. Why should I suddenly get Hepatitis Alphabet Soup for walking around because a random function on the back-end of things rolled a dice on me? There is a reason we do not need a hunger or thirst system either.
  5. If you can't see it yourself you may need some time off the internet, I heard the sun's out.
  6. As educative as what you just posted may have been, it was also the literary equivalent of snorting glue. Would you mind having this discussion without being insensitive?
  7. While this situation would be most realistic, the current agreement allows both factions to independently handle the the map.
  8. I was there when the faction was created and we handled juridistiction matters with the LSPD. Choose who to believe ;^)
  9. That page is the pretty looking equivalent of a shitpost.
  10. Hi, faction leader here. There. Are. No. Juridistiction. Lines.
  11. Didn't know the LSPD and LSSD adhered to drawn up juridistiction lines.
  12. Find something that suits the environment. Don't use the fact other factions don't portray within a realistic setting as a springboard to do the same, instead show them what can be done realistically.
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