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  1. End of the line, people started being mean and we seem to be done here.
  2. There are better ways to handle this than fucking over every player that roleplays a minor for reasons such as illegal faction progression unless they force someone to play their boring ass dad. Just go after those who abuse the system and stop trying to shaft the people rping using their dad's normal car / apt. Live and let live.
  3. Noticed this is posted as a rule suggestion with the idea being saying "remove the baddies". Wrong forum for an outright discussion on the subject, although you should certainly report anyone who acts with such a mentality as factions should be policing this already. The suggestion will stay in case someone more senior than myself wishes to implement it, but this behavior should already fall under common courtesy.
  4. I would like to chip in for the LSSD and clarify that we see this as a very serious issue we deny people for in our recruitment process. You may always report incidents of p2w from deputies to LSSD leadership, and they will be looked into objectively.
  5. Access to the routing numbers of faction members as a legal faction leader. We pay their scriptwise paychecks IC so we ought to be able to have their routing number for additional pay.
  6. This is the only "rule/protocol" on the matter on the LSSD's side, and has existed since the inception of the SAPR faction. I think it goes without saying that a provision where one agency can fill gaps of another exists in case of emergent circumstances. That being said, nothing exists that just makes us go "lol you're cops of the entire county now", and it certainly is not something new. As for my personal opinion on the matter this topic is about, it would be nice to see the people within SAPR dedicate more time to realistically portraying their real life counterpart to get in line with the generally server-wide aesthetic. I do think there is a place for this faction, but advise people to be wary about blurring the lines between what this faction set out to do and what it may become.
  7. This totally won't turn into a shitfest.
  8. at leaat you don't need to open 96 webpages and summon beelzebub to handle a server application on gta world
  9. Roleplaying 50+ is quite fun but I personally identified an issue where there do not seem any openly social opportunities where my older character could go without standing out like a skier in the desert.
  10. Until a new precedent is set this is safe to assume.
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