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  1. i make sure the pampered deity's that punch the buttons do not have to leave their sheepskin thrones between arrival and departure by helping arrange the services required in their turn around and playing with papers
  2. In the wonderful real life realm outside of GTA:World, my cat is not glued to me and only shows up when I summon it. It is inside my house doing cat things regardless of me being home or not. I think it would be a minor yet pretty cool quality of life improvement if we could assign our pets to a certain interior and have them spawned in there 24/7, regardless of the owner being in game. thanks for coming to my cat talk
  3. I, too, would like to see more civilians act like John McClane in Nakatomi Plaza.
  4. I think I have to disagree with you there. Any sort of OOC event should never get in the way of IC character development. We have always been the legal faction that is most open to three dimensional characters, seeing the spectrum of police characters is not as black and white most have to be. One can roleplay a good cop without portraying a nice cop, and there is a large difference between the characters most seem to call corrupt and actual criminal corruption. I implore you to open your eyes to the possibilities offered by our viewpoint instead of getting stuck on the negative. That being said, all avenues of report for any corruption or misconduct, be it IC or OOC, are open and all complaints will be investigated objectively. The processes behind this are guaranteed to be objective seeing they are checked by LFM, and we do take all complaints seriously.
  5. We'll look at this internally, we've recently moved towards having two station PIO's instead of SIB due to SIB's low demand, but we will see what is possible regarding civilian PIO's.
  6. To expand upon this, we briefly trialed Transit Services with the buses before, but it did not live a long life due to low interest. We are very much open to exploring niches if we have the personnel motivated to do so though, and have been quite flexible with these things in the past. That's how units like Paleto Bay's Crime Prevention Unit or Davis Station's Community Policing Oriented Services Team (COPS) came to be too. @KinnyWynny
  7. Hey, I can answer this seeing I think I made the leadership decision at the time! While both SAPR and SFM are law enforcement factions in their own right, we do not answer transfers between those factions and ours because the scope of these factions' law enforcement duties are more focused on certrain niches like arson investigation and parks enforcement than the broader regular law enforcement duties both the LSPD and LSSD take part in across the whole map. Given these considerations, we decided it is most wise for those joining us from these two factions to go through our recruitment and field training process, so we can ensure their quality is up to what we expect. On the cooperation field, I would say we are very much open to working together. Paleto Bay's Crime Prevention Unit has worked with SAPR a lot recently from what I have heart, and I know that my character is always able to talk to Frank Dooley on a friendly basis when we meet.
  8. I have no clue, you would have to ask the big Panda.
  9. I understand your concern here but you can rest assured that both avenues for serious OOC complaints and Internal Affairs remain intact with integrity, as mandated by Legal FM to all legal factions. As for this particular incident, I understand it was deemed harmless enough not to warrant a crack on the whip, but we will certainly keep looking at situations such as these in the future with a serious eye.
  10. If LFM deemed it fair we are not inclined to take action.
  11. I was under the impression this happened on an IC level, if it didn't: No, that's not okay. I am fairly sure those involved are no longer in the faction however.
  12. Firstly, thank you for the reply, I will try to answer each point step by step. As for the corruption issues, it is no news that we are open to a rougher type of of character roleplay than some other factions on the server. This being said, we still try to keep everything to a reasonable level and usually do not condone blatant hostility. The complaint sent to someone's supervisor being leaked to them was deemed acceptable within this scope, even if it might not be entirely within policy. We are also not opposed to the idea of deputies being demeaning, seeing not every law enforcement officer will be a nice felllow. On the LSFD-LSSD relations front, I understand that some circumstances (including the ones outlined above) helped create friction between both departments. I would personally believe such friction is acceptable, as long as it does not devolve into any proper corruption (neglect of public duty, outside physicial hostility et cetera) or OOC hostility. Any incidents were either of those two conditions are breached can be reported to me directly. We're also always looking for new public relations personnel, although motivation for said positions does not seem high within the faction. Regarding the part where the Sheriff put other departments on blast on social media, you can chalk this down under IC politics or power plays, The real life Sheriff of LA County frequently blasts the District Attorney's office over social media as well, even going as far as using the department's official account. As for the mass resignations, a lot of those people left in solidarity to some we remove for (rightful) reasons. As regrettable as this might be, we do have standards to uphold and can not stop people from choosing where they roleplay. We have also seen an incredible spike in reinstatements since the weekend, with plenty of people being willing to still reinstate into the faction after we were returned to faction leadership. We are very happy to see these people back, and not worried about numbers at all. Once again, thank you for the criticism. I hope my explanation helped clarify your points.
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