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  1. Cara

    Totally unimpressed with attitudes displayed here, on top of the continuation of an argument despite requests not to. I’m going to lock this thread purely until an admin is able to look it over and remove the irrelevant posts. At that time it will be unlocked again.
  2. Cara

    This thread was not started to bash other factions. Please therefore be respectful toward the original poster and allow them to search for people interested in this project without the back and forth. If there is interest in combining projects I'd suggest a discord / forum PM. Back on topic.
  3. Attitudes need to change. People need to appreciate the story more, not the ooc chatter about who is going to be the biggest / baddest / most powerful on the block / in the pod / on the streets. Roleplay is cooperative, and I think people forget that a lot on both the illegal and legal side.
  4. Cara

    Quick reminder that this thread will be locked if it isn't kept civil. Arguing back and forth about who did their RP the best isn't constructive at all.
  5. Cara

    I’m locking this here as it is becoming a back and forth argument rather than an actual discussion. If concerned about menyoo use to represent roleplay that is unrealistic, featuring an abundance of NPCs or simply hasn’t happened, report on the forums with the normal process.
  6. Cara

    I can appreciate this is a topic that people feel strongly for and against but please remember to be civil, whether you agree or not.
  7. Cara

  8. Any area / type. Looking for a property that’s cheap enough to afford and keep. New to the area. Please email [email protected] ((forum PM))
  9. For barber shops, liquor stores, tobacco stores, 24/7s they should not have a fee on the door as they are already getting passive income from the use of the stores when they aren’t actively roleplaying there. I would argue that a lot of the time the stores with the unique item script aren’t used as frequently as others and there’s no way to gain a passive income so there’s no reason for them not to charge a small fee on entrance, especially since they are usually cafes, restaurants etc.
  10. Cara

    Looking to trade cash or goods (handcrafted trinkets, food, good will man!) for one of the psychedelic trailers behind Rex’s Diner. Although they are all like real rad, vibrant colours speak to my soul on an astral level. Send me a message ((forum PM)) if you wanna make a trade!
  11. Cara

    ((Please allow the actual bidding parties to register their interest in the buyout before sale as ideally the buyout should have been stipulated originally. Thanks!))
  12. Cara

    ((Locked pending investigation based on interior / exterior size differences))
  13. Cara

    Genuinely excited to see where this goes.
  14. Saloon style bar | Home-cooked food, locally sourced ingredients | Great Music | | Wide selection of alcohol | Billiards | Darts