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  1. Fantastic group of people. Such a shame the faction has archived as I know how much love and effort went in to making it ❤️
  2. Cara

    Vagos Motorcycle Club

  3. Yes please! We need more customisation options.
  4. Are you saying that the way you have done '100% landlord RP' was to put a property up for /rent and just letting anyone and everyone rent there, or am I misunderstanding you?
  5. Anyone who actively roleplays being a landlord will be excited by this update. Anyone who leaves /rent on a property for quick cash without roleplay will be upset by the change.
  6. Username: Hmm Comment: Pretty sure giving out medical information on someone breaks all kinds of codes. ’The current status of the internal investigation which has began shows that the individual had shown no request for our available mental health resources, this however is not fully determined as of yet.’
  7. IFM need to be more proactive. Unless someone has a good reason for setting up in an area known as the turf of another gang, they should offer suggestions of alternatives and work with the potential new faction to refine their concept. The hands off approach isn’t working, and this is a consequence.
  8. I’m not sure why you keep trying to make it seem like I’m the one thinking this is about ERP, because it so clearly is. The issue is that it’s a criminal offence to speak indecently to underage people, therefore the onus is on the individual to act responsibly. In no way, shape or form is putting a real life age on a character profile a compromise, and in fact it’s a ridiculous suggestion. Just don’t ERP, it really is that simple. There’s plenty of erotic fiction on the web if you need it so badly.
  9. Exactly. Or, you know, just don't ERP. Back to the original suggestion!
  10. It’s not an issue on any RP server usually. This is purely panic over the new rules for ERP, by players who want to make it the server and staff’s responsibility to confirm who they can ERP with.
  11. This isn’t about cussing or violence though, this is hoping staff will make it easier for players to work out who is over 18 therefore can ERP. If someone owns a copy of GTA chances are they’ve seen a lot of violence and heard a lot of cuss words. Just don't ERP 🤷‍♀️
  12. You don’t have to ERP you know?
  13. And when a rumour was spread around that I was a pedo in real life by another community member it was deemed laughable when I reported. Consistent rules or why bother. That being said, if you are now taking this more seriously I would appreciate you providing the details of the person so that I can proceed legally if they do not cease.
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