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  1. Cara

    Couldn't have said it better. Polite reminder that if the back and forth continues, straying from the point of the thread, it’ll be locked.
  2. Cara

    (( Apologies for inconvenience but this sale is on hold while we look into the provided details ))
  3. Cara

    L&A on that note, then. Please let a member of the staff team know if you want the thread returned at any point.
  4. Cara

    https://ucp.gta.world/property-requests/request Interior Change from the link above. Saying that the requested interior is unrealistically sized when compared to the interior you have at the moment so you will need to pick something much smaller for your request to be accepted.
  5. Cara

    Going to have to lock this here. While I appreciate it’s a topic that people feel strongly about, I’m not sure this thread is doing a single thing to improve the situation.
  6. Cara

    ((L&A at sellers request))
  7. Cara

    ((Sale put on hold briefly. Property Management))
  8. Cara

    Totally unimpressed with attitudes displayed here, on top of the continuation of an argument despite requests not to. I’m going to lock this thread purely until an admin is able to look it over and remove the irrelevant posts. At that time it will be unlocked again.
  9. Cara

    This thread was not started to bash other factions. Please therefore be respectful toward the original poster and allow them to search for people interested in this project without the back and forth. If there is interest in combining projects I'd suggest a discord / forum PM. Back on topic.
  10. Attitudes need to change. People need to appreciate the story more, not the ooc chatter about who is going to be the biggest / baddest / most powerful on the block / in the pod / on the streets. Roleplay is cooperative, and I think people forget that a lot on both the illegal and legal side.
  11. Cara

    Quick reminder that this thread will be locked if it isn't kept civil. Arguing back and forth about who did their RP the best isn't constructive at all.
  12. Cara

    I’m locking this here as it is becoming a back and forth argument rather than an actual discussion. If concerned about menyoo use to represent roleplay that is unrealistic, featuring an abundance of NPCs or simply hasn’t happened, report on the forums with the normal process.
  13. Cara

    I can appreciate this is a topic that people feel strongly for and against but please remember to be civil, whether you agree or not.
  14. Cara