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  1. Cara

    Those TP spots are too close together therefore the menus and possibly the TPs will bug.
  2. Cara

    Handled in game.
  3. Cara

    We do not set balconies for multi-interior apartments, sadly. Apologies.
  4. Cara

    Handled in game.
  5. Cara

    Handled in game.
  6. Cara

    We aren't able to create a smart TP that allows vehicles to enter, you'd need to apply for a garage.
  7. Cara

    Handled in game.
  8. Cara

    Handled in game.
  9. Cara

    The person who posted this thread originally has been banned so I will be locking and archiving this thread as it was going no where fast. What I would say though is that this is certainly an interesting topic of conversation and should anyone wish to continue it, a new thread could be created in a more civil tone, giving everyone a chance to offer their opinions, rather than just a select few.
  10. ((Max price allowable is $500,000))
  11. Cara

    If someone is deleting furniture and finds an alien egg under the sofa I would suggest a report to PM, and the FIB.
  12. Cara

    ((Sale can proceed))
  13. Cara

    ((On hold due to reports re. mapping size))