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  1. Cara


    ((Hello, after looking at the apartment it is almost three times the size it should be. You will need to correct the mapping before the sale can continue. Thank you.))
  2. Sold subject to purchase later in the day.
  3. I am looking to sell my trailer, exterior paintwork could use a little touch-up but otherwise it's totally rad. Going to leave all my furniture as place I'm moving to has new, so looking to get offers around $130k. Hit me up on #68966614 or email me at [email protected] ((forum PM))
  4. Cara

    Hi, I've looked at your request and unfortunately I will not be able to set your smart TP up. The building you have, mapping included, is already pushing the limits of mapping size, therefore the space you are trying to create just isn't realistic. Beyond that, you are not allowed to create an apartment in the back of a business. Please look into fixing the mapping so that it brings the overall size more in line with the exterior.
  5. Cara

    Handled in game.
  6. Cara

    Set up in game.
  7. Cara

    This has been set up in game. Please do not extend the basement anymore than you have and remove the grey / black door at the end of the room. Thank you.
  8. Cara

    Set up in game!
  9. Cara

    Set up in game.
  10. Cara

    Set up in game.
  11. Cara

    Sincere apologies for the wait. I have set this up in game for you. Please note that I have also put /pfreeze on for you, which means that when you enter the apartment your character is frozen in place for up to 30s and you need to press Y. This is because entering the apartment again via the balcony door was causing a fall through the entire map. This has solved it.
  12. Cara

    I can not tell you how much I appreciate this!
  13. Cara

    ((No problem, and thank you!))
  14. Cara

    ((Please confirm when you bought this property?))