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  1. Primo. Used to see them everywhere a few years back.
  2. Full on agree with OP. What's next, UPS towing my vehicle over multiple parking violations?
  3. I had that happen to me, too. Was wondering why it was using up 100% of my 3080. Sadly, if I disable desktop capture, I can't take any screenshots or record any video with GeForce Experience. EDIT: Just noticed that even with desktop capture on, it records my other monitor lol, usually defaulting to recording my Discord.
  4. I'll start things off at $45,000.
  5. Could be the laser under the mouse has a build-up of dust/dirt/pet hair/etc. and might need a quick cleaning with a cotton swab, it's pretty hard to say. My wireless mouse does that too sometimes, but not quite as bad as what I see in your Streamable. Each mouse is different and they can be finicky though, so it's hard to say what's exactly causing your camera jitters.
  6. Hey, have you tried changing to a different Mouse Input Method? Super easy to do, just go to your in-game settings, then under the Keyboard / Mouse tab, the very first option is what I'd try adjusting first. I use Raw Input, but DirectInput works too.
  7. I've got the same issue, pretty sure it's something to do with RageMP or the custom server-side mods.
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