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  1. Groz

    Stole two jellybeans from a bowl on the doctors desk when I was 7. Still regret it today.
  2. Groz

    Try following both of the methods in this guide, it's helped a lot of people experiencing the same issues.
  3. Groz

    This is an awesomely detailed guide, thank you!
  4. Groz

    Congrats everyone!
  5. In my opinion the current system works just fine. Not having easy access to firearms actually prompts gangs to make connections to those who do, which in turn allows for more roleplay and interactions instead of someone just going to their local Ammunation and doing '/me buys a gun'. You could argue that guns and the people that willingly supply them aren't easy to come by, but that's the point, they aren't meant to be common and everyone isn't meant to have one. If every criminal could just apply for a PF license the illegal arms market wouldn't exist as no one would have a need to buy weapons from said arms dealers.
  6. Groz

    Thread looks good, looking forward to seeing this updated more!
  7. Groz

    You can also download the server files and place them into your GTA World directory if you're having trouble downloading them from RAGE. You can find the files here: https://mega.nz/#!3Q0URKLZ!E41OMgiqRMxu66dxMEPAWLfJOWkvPXBlY256ynRofQA Remove your old files and then copy and paste these ones into the following directory: C:\RAGEMP\client_resources\play.gta.world_22005 (If you connect via IP it'll show up as \client_resources\
  8. Groz

    Actually super useful, thanks for this.
  9. Groz

    Really impressive work!
  10. Groz

    This is great! Best of luck to everyone involved.