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  1. Groz

    I'd rather not trivialize a global pandemic by putting it in a game while it's still ongoing and evolving.
  2. Groz

    Congrats everybody!
  3. Groz

    Archived upon request.
  4. Groz

  5. Groz

    Keep it up. ❤️
  6. Groz

  7. Groz

    @4eno As far as I'm aware the retail version doesn't work well with hardly any mods right now. The Rockstar Launcher will force you to redownload the correct files every time you launch the game. I believe someone figured out a work around, but you'll still need to download the proper files and then replace them with the modded files each time you launch the game. Right now the retail version isn't very mod friendly in the slightest.
  8. Groz

    Congrats everyone!
  9. Groz

    Archived upon request.
  10. Groz

  11. Groz

  12. Groz

    Thank you and congratulations to everyone else! ❤️
  13. Groz

    Super impressive work, finally had some time to go through them all and WOAH.