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  1. Groz

  2. Groz

    Thank you and congratulations to everyone else! ❤️
  3. Groz

    Super impressive work, finally had some time to go through them all and WOAH.
  4. You could try flushing your DNS and disabling your antivirus and any overlays if you have them. You can check your own punishment history/account status on the UCP to confirm if your account/IP is linked to a ban. The server wouldn't reject a connection unless something's making it.
  5. Groz

    This thread will document the life of Gabriela Rosario. Gabriela Rosario was born on July 5th, 1995 in Liberty City at the Cerveza Heights Medical Center in the neighborhood of Dukes. Gabriela's parents were not born into wealth, in fact their scenario was quite the opposite. The family would often struggle to keep a roof over their heads, even in the booming financial climate of Liberty City. Gabriela was no stranger to a life of crime, her neighborhood was notorious for it's frequent Black on Mexican turf wars, violence was a usual occurrence in the young woman's adolescence. The violence reached a tipping point one day, a day Gabby will likely never forget. As her Mother was driving her home from school, a dirt bike pulled alongside them, the men masked and dressed in all black. It happened quickly, quicker than most would think. Gabriela's Mother forced her Daughter's head down, saving Gabby from the oncoming spray of the automatic sub-machine gun, giving her own life away for her Daughter's. Gabriela often blamed herself for the events that occurred that day. Maybe if she had pulled her Mother down with her, maybe they'd both be alive... Gabby's grief turned to sorrow, and her sorrow to anger. She began failing her classes at school, getting into fights with other students, lashing out at anyone who dared to lend a hand. She refused to continue with her schooling after her first suspension, opting to stay home and take care of her Brother instead. Her Father wasn't doing much better, trying to keep a roof over both Gabby and her brother Cesar's heads all while trying to mourn the loss of his wife. The bills were piling up and the debt was increasing. Gabriela's dad knew they couldn't stay in the neighborhood anymore, not after what happened. Gabriela's Dad packed what little the family had and took a job far away, on the opposite coast in fact, in Los Santos. It was a menial job, he'd work as a dock maintenance officer at the port of LS. The hours were long and the pay was awful, but it kept his family fed, and the lights on at night. It was here that Gabby's downward spiral would truly begin. The thread will be updated pretty rapidly. There's a lot of development to catch up on. Feedback's always appreciated. 😊
  6. Groz

    Nice person and a great artist. ❤️
  7. Groz

    I think one of the coolest things about RP, especially in games based in a real-life setting like GTA is that everyone can genuinely be almost anyone they want. From a homeless man to a pompus rich brat, a criminal to a crimefighter, a drug addict to a drug dealer, the opportunity and means of roleplay are only limited by what the server can provide you with and your imagination. Like @Valeriya mentioned above, everyone has a different way of seeing things. I think one of the most important parts of RP is forming your own idea of what you want your character to be. From their backstory, to their current situation, to their goals for the future. On a side note; Some more drug addicts would be nice. 😅
  8. Character name: Gabriela Rosario UCP name: Groz (Discord name?): Groz#9007 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 81 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 2307 Jamestown Street Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): N/A I need this smart TP removed as it leads to an interior no longer used by the property. I tried asking in-game but had my request trashed and was re-directed here. Forgive me if it's the wrong place to request TP removals.
  9. Groz

    @Airforce - Try disabling your anti-virus and updating your graphics drivers if you haven't already. Also, try going through the RAGE:MP troubleshooting guide found here:
  10. Groz

    +1. This or the smartphone weather suggestion, or both!
  11. Groz

    In the future, please post stuff like this in the support section or game suggestion section. Currently, there's no info available to view on the vehicles at dealerships besides pricing and an image. You can find a list of vehicles and where they're available here: Clicking on the vehicles names will redirect you to a third-party site, which will allow you to view the vehicle's stats along with some other info.
  12. As long as you're slowing down/stopping at intersections and giving way to those with right of way, you should be okay. Traffic lights aren't entirely synced up for everyone.