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  1. Groz

    Archived upon topic-creator's request.
  2. Groz

    Screenshot Gallery isn't an appropriate place to create a thread for a faction. We have a faction section for a reason, please follow the instructions listed here: Will be locking and archiving this. It's a cool concept, but you need to go through the proper channels in order to create a faction thread and subsequently, a faction.
  3. Groz

    Congratulations everybody!
  4. Groz

    Going to be locking this. What started out as a genuine question regarding the nature and confusion surrounding PK's turned into nothing more than a petty back and fourth argument. All of the unnecessary and needless replies have been hidden. Nobody cares which side have the biggest sticks or who's the most Mexican-y Mexican faction. Sometimes a person just wants to have an open discussion on a topic confusing them, there's no need for the attitudes that were displayed here at all. @Hashdowns said it best, you want things to improve? Communicate with each other in a decent manner, have open-discussions on the issues that are effecting you and work together to make things make sense for both sides. Don't turn a discussion into an argument, turn it into something constructive. Both sides are better then this.
  5. Groz

    As stated previously, feature already exists in-game. L&A.
  6. Groz

    Which is a really good idea in theory, but then it becomes a matter of FM or whomever would be in charge of handling the service having to take the time out and pass along the info of every single person deemed unfit to the police, and them having to follow up on each individual. If it's widely accessible to every single person, it can create an issue of too much work needing to be done from those two sides. That being said, I'm sure there are ways we can make it more efficient while creating less stress and work for the staff team and PD, but my smol brain can't work anything out right now. Would be cool to hear @Brox's input on things.
  7. Groz

    Very true, however, with no computer system in-game currently, there's really no real way to properly regulate just anybody from accessing what's meant to be an illegal market/forum. Accounts could require administrator approval, but that also creates a backlog of character checks and further headaches when multiple characters decide they want to access the dark web. I definitely support the suggestion wholeheartedly, would love to hear ideas on how it could be done.
  8. Groz

    The use of the dark web would definitely be an interesting add. I do have some issues with how people would obtain access to the services (not everyone in the ghetto is a computer whiz). Maybe certain phones given by suppliers could come with access to the services?
  9. Groz

    I'd rather not trivialize a global pandemic by putting it in a game while it's still ongoing and evolving.
  10. Groz

    Congrats everybody!
  11. Groz

    Archived upon request.