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  1. She's going through a rough process of physiotherapy to gain mobility in her feet again. After the surgery the left foot seems to recover, the right one still doesn't. She's actually up for another surgery soon, in Israel again, to correct the achilles tendon that's not working on her right foot. The family started to fundraise again, but with the current state on the war in Russia, the flight tickets alone cost almost as the surgery itself. Luckily, this time the orthopedic surgery isn't as pricy and risky as the neurological one she already have. We hope for the best
  2. Another update posted! The tests came back negative and the surgery took place yesterday. They performed an exploratory surgery to find the cause for her symptoms and found another cyst, that didn't show up on the MRI, that was pressing the spinal cord and was most likely the cause for everything. They removed it and she's slowly recovering now. Thank you all again, it wouldn't have been possible without your generosity. Here's Viktoria prior to the surgery, saying hello and thank you 🙂
  3. I asked for the topic to be unlocked since I believe everyone who donated deserves to know that they didn't donate in vain and it was important for me to keep you in the loop of events. Also a lot of people messaged me privately to ask what's up so I figured it's a good way to keep everyone updated! The donation campaign is over, we managed to collect the entire sum thanks to you, to good people, to a fund in Russia that agreed to help, as well as some local politicians. I posted an edit with an update on the main topic. Again, thank you to everyone! It's heartwarming to know that so many people choose to support us, even though technically I am a complete stranger to you. ♥
  4. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you. All the amazing support, your warm messages, your prayers, your donations, everything. You guys honestly made me tear up to the amazing response. You all helped me collect 5 times more than I was able to scrap from our real life circle in two months. I just have no words to describe my gratitude. You helped me cover for her MRIs and CT scans, which covers a significant amount of the tests she has to do!! I love you all, and Viktoria sends her thanks as well. You made her very happy. ♥♥
  5. Hello everyone, I don't know if some of you remember me, I wasn't gone for that long, but I'm MrsHamster, long standing member of this amazing community, and today I need your help IRL, as a person, not a player. I have a niece in Russia named Viktoria, only 8 years old, and she was recently diagnosed with Syringomyelia, a rare development of a fluid-filled cyst (syrinx) within her spinal cord. Over time, the cyst can enlarge, damaging her spinal cord and causing pain, weakness, and stiffness, among other symptoms. Currently, the cyst prevents her right leg from growing and weakens her right side of the body. She walked on her tip toes short distances until last week, where she couldn't walk anymore and received a wheelchair. Soon, she won't be able to use it at all. Since she is growing now, the risk for further complications is growing too, which means we have to treat her as soon as possible before it's too late. The experts in Russia said the condition is rare (only 9 other cases in Russia) and they do not have the experience to treat it. The only solution is to undergo treatment and surgery in Israel. After a consultation with a pediatric neurosurgeon, Professor Jonathan Roth, it has been recommended to bring Victoria to Israel and treat her here, as soon as possible, in the tourist clinic at Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). The entire treatment, including the surgery, will cost about 40,000$. She will arrive on February 16th and start treatment there, but we can't even dream to afford it. This is such a big and amazing community, I saw how much good we can do together over the years. The charity events, the welcoming spirit, the way we come together as a community when one of us needs help. I'm hopeful that this time we can help the girl as well. If you're skeptical, which I know in our times we all are regarding these things, I'll say that this post was approved by Nervous with all the documents checked. I wouldn't have risked my name here and my and my families' personal information just to pull a scam for a couple of bucks. I'm genuinely just trying to help my already struggling family to save my niece without absolutely crushing. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope that together we can help save a child's life. Edit (09/MAR/2022): The campaign is over. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone! Thanks to your and good people's amazing help we were actually able to collect the entire sum. Only the GTA community donated almost 4k USD which is significant. My sister and niece arrived to Israel on February 17th. It was a huge hassle involving a lot of Covid related bureaucracy, loss of baggage, complication of medical condition and just a long trip. Despite it all, they managed to arrive well and begin the medical examination. So far the doctors are confused and curious. They never seen a case like that where the cyst in the spinal cord doesn't even explain the symptoms, no one knows why it's there and what causes the symptoms. We did a bunch of tests, including a genetic test, and now waiting for the results. If the test comes back negative, they'll perform and exploratory surgery to look inside and search for the cause. What we do know now is that the only way to recover and walk again is by another orthopedic surgery on her legs. Edit (01/APR/2022): The tests came back negative and the surgery took place yesterday. They performed an exploratory surgery to find the cause for her symptoms and found another cyst, that didn't show up on the MRI, that was pressing the spinal cord and was most likely the cause for everything. They removed it and she's slowly recovering now. Thank you all again, it wouldn't have been possible without your generosity. Here's Viktoria prior to the surgery, saying hello and thank you 🙂 Edit (08/07/2023) It's been a year since the second surgery. She had another one here in Israel to fix the ligaments on both her legs to help her walk again. After a long year of therapy and recovery - Viktoria can walk again and no longer uses the wheelchair (unless for long distances)!! She can actually walk again which is amazing. Many many thanks to all of you who helped! We will never forget this 🙂 I'll keep you people updated!
  6. @the real tropDidn't forget about you just yet😇
  7. I highly agree to this suggestion. I think the current faction script is limiting a lot of players of RPing in two places at the same time, even if it makes sense for them to do so ICly. It limits the players to RP only with the same circle of people and not evolve their character outside of it. I encounter this struggle daily as the owner of Hope Health Group. - We have so many volunteers that want to be part of the faction, but can't because they're already in another one (FD, PD, SD, City, illegal factions, and so on...). - As a private clinic we have Doctors and Specialists that want to work both in a public hospital (PHMC) and a private clinic, something that Doctors IRL do all the time. - Members of the OOC Mapping faction that can't join any other faction to RP in. It's a struggle now because they can't do it scriptwise. Even if they RP working at the same time while scriptwisely only in one faction - They have limited access to the script, they can't access properties or it's inventory like the faction members do (something that is essential in our field of RP at least and I am sure we're not the only ones). It requires the need to divide our staff to faction and non faction members, create two vehicle garages, struggle with trying to find other ways to give the non-faction staff members the access they need to RP. For example making volunteers "Supervisors" with the business script because it's the ONLY way to let them access property inventory if they're not faction members, which gives them access to commands that we not necessarily want them to have - but have no other choice. Not to mention that the non-faction staff have no access to /f and stay out of the OOC communications that are essential for a good RP environment and good relationship between the faction members. I know for a fact that my faction is not the only one that would benefit from this change. Like the original suggestion stated - members of legal and illegal organizations want to be part of their group (MC, Mafia, main business) while maintaining a "legal" front or just a second job and they can't do it because of the script. A script issue shouldn't block IC development from happening. Regarding the window for abuse - every new script has a window for abuse. People will always find a way to use the script and bend the rules for their benefit, but this is what we're here for. Every script can be abused and we in the staff team exist to look over it and prevent that from happening. This script addition will be no different than any other script that already exists on the server.
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