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  1. Always a pleasure RPing with you. Keep it up ❤️
  2. Throwback to our blood donation drive.
  3. I will contact you privately to assist you.
  4. Our services have been free from the start, way back in February. The clinic is there to support people who can't afford medical care, and heavily focuses on community work. It's located in a low social economic area (Clinic at Rancho, Community center at Little Seoul). Ever since, it's been run on charity, donations, and volunteers. We never received a budget from FM and worked our way around the community contribution. We intend to keep it that way and RP economic difficulties as any charity organization would. Not all of our services are free by the way. Only the acute medical
  5. Hope Health Group Home About us Services Contact Hope Health Center is a professional and friendly medical clinic located in the heart of the South Central at Rancho. We aim to help the low socioeconomic areas by providing free, high-quality, efficient and accessible healthcare services to patients from all across Los Santos. Our experienced staff offer urgent and primary care, as well as promote health in the community. Medical Care Hope Health Center’s medical depar
  6. Congratulations to everyone and happy new year!
  7. Website updated! It now contains more information regarding our services and employment opportunities.
  8. Hiring Dentists and dental staff again! Apply today.
  9. Hiring again! Apply today - save a life tomorrow.
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