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    A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.

    - Lao Tzu


    Thank you for everything you gave to our community, both in and outside the game. You've left an indelible mark on many, including myself. The legacy you left will be here forever, and in a sense, so will you.


    Rest in peace.

  2. Fuego, take it far!!! No luck needed. We out here.
  3. Takes long when people submit 20000 words despite it being a 250 word limit. Takes longer when everyone and their mother decides to reply under it with another 20000 words that do nothing for the report. Takes even longer when the admin that said they would handle suddenly wakes up to 4 extra pages of back and fourth conversation that resembles Skyrim NPC dialogue.
  4. I second what MrsHamster's already said. Seeing everyone come together and donate such an incredible amount, not for a reward, but to genuinely help someone in need was extremely heart-warming. Thank you to everyone who was able contribute even a small amount, and to those who went out of their way to spread word of this around communities even outside of our own, endless thanks. Because of all of you, we've been able to make an extremely positive impact in an extremely unfortunate situation. We've come together as a community, regardless of any perceived differences, and legitimately helped a little girl get a much better chance at a brighter future. Words cannot do it justice, but just know that what you all did was amazing and you have mine and many others thanks indefinitely. 💖
  5. Topic will remain pinned until the window for donations shuts. MrsHamster gave up so much of her free time to our community as a staff member and was such a happy, positive force in our team. She has most likely helped many of you in her time as an Administrator. If you can spare even a small amount, it would add up immensely. Best of luck and prayers Viktoria, from all of us at GTA World.
  6. LS does not equal LA. LS replaces LA and San Andreas replaces California. San Andreas and by proxy, Los Santos, are their own governing bodies with their own statistics and sociopolitical ideologies. We use Californian lore to give context and deepen the story for factions and characters but we're not strictly following every single statistic and geographical material available. It's not a 1:1 type deal.
  7. Report everyone, even yourself. You better be roleplaying breathing and emoting each step you take.
  8. It's contextual. Most of the time detail and description helps to further create a better roleplay environment, other times paragraphs of text for a simple action can detract from it. Ideally you want to hit a sweet somewhere in the middle.
  9. Farewell @Notbond and thanks for everything! Congratulations to @Shanks and everyone else!
  10. 'Scratchpads' as we call them in the team, are quite literally just notes on a player. They help us gauge whether a player could pose a threat to break a rule or if they have been verbally warned not to break rule before. They are there for the sole purpose of making our jobs easier, they don't act as a physical punishment on your record and in almost every case we're not going to punish off them but rather reference them in a punishment, "You've been verbally warned about this already" ect. We also use them for a number of other admin related purposes like tracking potential ban evaders, hence why they are private. We're not gonna put a public entry on your record saying 'suspected ban evader, watch closely' as thats incredibly dumb and defeats the purpose entirely. We're not going to put things like 'bad rper' or 'weirdo' as that can be attributed to opinion. Scratchpads are only to help us gauge potential problems for the server and to make admins lives easier, they don't need to be public and won't be public as doing so would only be a hinderance to the team, not a positive. Rulebreakers would know they are being watched, banevaders would know admins are onto them and the list goes on. Also... GDPR requesting over a scratchpad entry... really...? You know we spectate players when we have reports about them too right? Or am I breaking new ground?
  11. I'll add a line into the rules to clarify. Report any weirdos you see trying to argue against it.
  12. You can literally already appeal it. We've expunged prior admins punishments before, especially in the case of minor punishments given by retired admins long ago. Punishments serve as a way for admins to gauge improvement, view prior instances of the same behaviour and to make logical punishment assessments based on previous administrative history. Things like warnings, admin jails, temp bans, perm bans should remain on record regardless of any length of time for that reason. If you wish to appeal things like AFK kicks or very minor things that have happened long ago that aren't really of any consequence now, see the information below.
  13. Once again, if you feel a robbery is unrealistic and poorly portrayed, you are free to report and it'll be handled. On the flip side of that argument I've seen many robberies that have been roleplayed properly and successfully day after day. The same premise goes with bad staff decisions, we have staff reports for a reason if you disagree with a decision that's being made. This has been how we've viewed robberies for quite some time because as Bospy said, to do otherwise would be a crux to both illegal and legal roleplayers. This is a continuity questions and answers thread. Your best avenue for questioning regarding your forwarded proposal for lengthened prison sentences relating to violent crimes would be to go through LFM. Continuity has no real bearing in regards to that. I do agree it's important to achieve a balance of realism while remaining fair to both sides. The problem with that is one side will always view it as unfair. If we add systems to balance things out for the legal side, the illegal side will complain about perceived biases (which has happened) and vice-versa. You can never make anyone truly completely happy. We're constantly adjusting things to remain as fair as possible to both sides without sacrificing too much in the way of realism. Serious crimes of course warrant serious offences, but it then becomes a discussion of what is fair and not fair to those on the illegal spectrum of the field who will most likely share distaste and backlash. It's a balancing act, we're consistently working to keep things as fair as possible while sticking to our values of realism. Let's keep it to questions regarding server continuity now, please. Any further questions please reach out.
  14. To answer your original question @orca112, the latter half will need to be discussed by continuty and an official statement given at a later date. But you should refrain from driving through/breaking into Government facilities, even if abandoned. They fall under the safe zone premise so you should assume they are guarded or watched.
  15. Civilian roleplay will subsist just fine. It's never been limited before by this and we've had these rules in place for a very long time, since before you recently joined our server in January. Please dissuade yourself from your obvious bias and try to see the situation from a wider perspective and not just from warped tunnel vision. Crimes happen every single day, the time of day really has no bearing on it. You don't get to pick and choose when a situation like this can happen to you, just as you don't in real life. Robbery at its core is causality, timing and opportunity. You're grasping at straws and stretching things out to extremes to try and make it sound like an apocalyptic scenario that will burn the server down. These rules do nothing but promote and encourage roleplay and realism. If you feel someone is not robbing you in a realistic manner, you can report it. If a rule is broken during a robbery? You can do the same. These are only guidelines, they are in place to promote roleplay, which is what we're all here to do. Our "cops and robbers server 👏👏👏" will be fine with these rules as it always has been. Relax.
  16. If you took the time to read through Bospy's previous clarification on the issue, you'd understand why our stance on this is as it is. Changing these rules would fundamentally lower the roleplay opportunities for the criminal side of the spectrum and in turn, would create less compelling roleplay for both sides. Please re-read through Bospy's response as I feel like at this point I am simply re-iterating what he's already said in great detail. If you feel it is one-sided that criminals are able to rob people in public or in day time using proper discretion, but you cannot go into a military base, I don't know what to tell you.
  17. Your character shouldn't be going into a military base, no. I didn't think we'd need to explain that one, honestly. You can't really equate a robbery on an empty street giving you credence to waltz into what would realistically be an extremely protected government facility. Our aim here is realism. Bospy's post clarified that unless listed as a safezone, crime is generally allowed to take place in any area. If a seperate rule is broken therein, then its up to admin discretion on how the situation is handled. Government buildings are listed under safe zones for a reason. Assume places that would realistically be guarded, watched and protected. Your character shouldn't be going into places like that under any circumstances.
  18. The post is becoming a broken record at this point. The upcoming drug revamp will give more relevancy and roleplay to the drug system than we've ever had, it was developed with opinions from all around the community to create a system that can stimulate the drug economy, gives a reason to even use certain substances, and creates an entirely new roleplay avenue regarding addiction and treatment/recovery. This is nothing but a plus. If you wish to turn the system into 'take everything get stronk' it won't work, the system is designed to prevent that. If you take any of the substances that give positive effects to induce them so that you can gain an advantage in a fight, you will either OD very quickly or be forced to CK due to a lack of value for your characters life. You're meant to be lured in to try them with these effects, that's the entire point of most hard drugs. You try them once, you develop an addiction, you become a junkie over time with use and constant buyer, which creates regular income for the dealers, roleplay for the medics if you seek treatment, and provides positive benefits to the user trying it, albeit in small increments. If you reach the stage where you're taking exuberant amounts of a certain drug, you'll hardly be able to function without it, you won't turn into some superhuman, godly being. You'll be crouched in the corner of the room or in state where you're mentally unstable or as I said earlier, overdosing. Judging by the replies, almost everyone understands the positive changes that this going to bring and the extra layer of illegal and legal roleplay it will add. I want you to re-read all of these replies in more detail. Throw away your bias and seriously read them, will there be situations where we might be forced to change values around? Sure, it could happen. No one ever called it a perfect, flawless overhaul. But it's much better than any system we've previously had and will provide a much more interesting and profitable avenue of roleplay to an area that was lacking in both.
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