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  1. Didn't even know there were other Ethiopian characters on the server I play on in the LSSD, it'd be cool to see the more Pan-African roleplay of first, second and third generations mingling.
  2. Don't care. Just give me more people for the Fire Department.
  3. How we so interested in prison diddling and homesex right now?
  4. Give me new types of injuries to treat this is cool.
  5. If it lets people roleplay what they want? Go for it. Can't wait for the prenups to go to court though. That'll be spicy, catch me in the stalls.
  6. This is a great suggestion and I'm not really sure why it hasn't been implemented already. Deniers please give us the benefit of doubt Think less about the abuse and more about the prospects, it's just positives in my opinion. Nobody really cares about why you don't want it, especially not if its something as trivial as abusing, which everything can be to a degree. Abusers will be imprisoned but deniers will be shot. That said if it causes undue stress and instability for the server. Don't bother, don't break it. A faction like the Fire Department could benefit having people from other factions as volunteers. It'd be would be solid as some people simply cannot give up the direction of their character to become what is literally a fulltime volunteer, it doesn't really make sense.
  7. No sure if anyone else has had the issue of the mask changing type permanently from a beard to, well, a mask, making it impossible to update certain combinations of clothes?
  8. i don't know 99% of people i interact with, makes it pretty interesting to make an impression probably continue to just find random people
  9. Hello Sir/Madame For the purpose of this, I'm Mr O and I'm currently looking to receive critical consultation and legal advise, after having put myself into a pretty precarious predicament. I'm looking to get a clear slate in Los Santos but even being naturalised and having attained citizenship, it's ultimately impeded by a non-violent felony conviction. I've since served my sentence however the opportunities which can be discussed further should you feel inclined to assist me. I am able-bodied, thoroughly motivated not to offend again and willing to pay for services,. My contact information are as follows: Email -- ***********@**** (Forum PM) | Phone -- 85731611. Please reach out. Kind Regards ((Ayo bro. I need help to not be a not law abiding citizen.))
  10. Just in, just made an account. Set up my account, password ended up not being what I typed in, reset it, but I might have disabled my account as I keep getting the "Username/Password incorrect or Account Disabled" message. Not sure if there's anything someone point me towards to undookie my mistakes.
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