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  1. Username: TonyMFFM Comment: shut up faggot, watch your own back you goofy ass red headed homo. Highlanders can stay suckin on my jock. MFFM
  2. No. We need to hide less IC interaction behind OOC walls already.
  3. My Russian boys looking after us. Don’t be a stranger on disc either homie, you got a home in our general chat.
  4. THE HEATHENS MC They ride with the living dead
  5. Tony and Russ bout to let loose at La Faena.
  6. I had this issue, turns out my server asset files were corrupted. Reinstall of rage did the trick for me and another friend in Aus who had the same issue. I suggest downloading the files from #join-us in the gtaw discord as opposed to downloading it in the rage client because it’s SUPER slow.
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