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  1. It’s underway, believe me when I say we want this as much as you but our job as LFM is to ensure it’s done properly and all set in stone for everyone. I do apologise, however for the long wait.
  2. Selena


    nope nope nope nope and nope.
  3. Keep it respectful or I’ll simply restrict your content post, thank you.
  4. I have read this topic and reviewed what has been sent to me - now I'm not going to be siding with anyone this is just my thoughts and how I think PD and SD are responding to what you're bringing up. Driving has always been an issue on this server, especially when it comes to truckers, us admins and testers are trying our absolute hardest to get on the reports / handle those who get caught non-rp driving, however, it's difficult from a PD / SD perspective when we, as a team are trying to crack down on it and considering what you mentioned @Aellerix about being an alcoholic is that how are PD supposed to know that you're legitimately Rping inebriated? Contradicting what i said above, you could argue that IF they pulled you over they would know and that causes RP to commence. Had they known that you were legitmately Rping, the outcome could be different, you know? Furthermore, with the entire stigma with trucks, driving and trolls, it's, as I said before, it's difficult to differentiate between Legit RP and Troll RP. That's what you need to keep in mind. I spoke with PD Traffic Command regarding their POV; "PD tends to ignore those who drive past use at high speeds if its the same person continuously i.e copbaiting, and there are also members that will point blank ignore those who speed past them because they simply cannot be bothered with the traffic stop and the additional paperwork. However, they should've been stopped unless it was blatantly obvious that they were just a troll but in that case I would've reported them beforehand. It's worth keeping an eye out for those people who don't engage in obvious traffic violations because at the end of the day it's their IC duty and it's unfair on those actually Rping it." And I spoke with SD Executive Staff regarding their POV; "From an administrative perspective those who drive all over the roads can be taken for trolls, drunk driving isn't always about driving super fast and swirving all over the road, people have slower reaction times and they tend to be slower which ultimately causes the MVA when they crash." Here's a video of a drunk driver in the US driving in residential areas and another that's in a chase (Now I'm not saying this is what always happens but this is an example of what was said above) Here's a video of a high speed drunk driver: In conclusion: All you can do is report it when you see it to LFM / PD / SD and we can respond.
  5. Locked this and put this in the LFM board - this will be reviewed by the entirety of LFM and I'll post the response in the upcoming week. Thank you for bringing forward these concerns.
  6. Feel free to voice your concerns in my PMs, I'm the Legal FM handler of PD, likewise if you have general concerns about any legal faction. I'm willing to listen.
  7. people put months and sometimes years into development, wiping the character(s) would be a kick in the stomach. when people are done with their development it's up to them whether they put them aside or delete them. i've put a year of my time into Selena's development in no way would I be happy or anyone be happy if that got wiped one day. no.
  8. Adding to that, they have all have an entire procedure to follow and with new P1s coming in and learning this procedure means it'll take time.
  9. Selena


  10. Was sold, Locked and Archived. @18Cowboys - Even if you're not trolling be sure to check the previous posts, this vehicle was sold.
  11. If you keep going OOC on IC threads then I will simply restrict your access to post on topics. Final warning.
  12. I’m aware - hence why I said we had an identical concept. We need more structure to it as I said. A thread, people, designated areas, timetables etc. The whole thing.
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