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  1. So I'm sitting there, barbecue sauce on my nuggies

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    2. nateX


      God I wish I could share some nuggies with you

    3. Bombie


      I'm sorry they're long gone


    4. ShadowNG


      I got a pack of nine waiting for you 

  2. Cookies when raisins
  3. oJVkklx.png 

    1. Bombie


      ur after my heart

  4. feel like pure shit just want bombie back

    1. Valkyria


      same, just want boombie back im love boobie

    2. Bombie



  5. I don't remember the paperwork being any less in quantity for PM. But you said it yourself, a single PM is not a lot of work. So, they could inform an admin and be safe.
  6. People should be contacting PM if they're unable to hold their activity. PM already has a plethora of work on their backs and to go through hoops when the rule is straightforward is unnecessary
  7. bombie? more like bombae 

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  8. ammm love




    come back boombie im have cheese for u

    1. Bombie


      But i'm freeee


  9. Sim

    come back to us bombare 

  10. im lllove




  11. what if-... you reinstated haha? 😳👉👈 

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    2. Storm


      because you're still here in spirit!!!

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  12. I don't agree that licensing should be removed. Some businesses out there are making money out of thin air, and there has to be a drawback and what better than an in-character one? The problem lies between the lines, as business are unique it is very hard to distinguish what should pay more, what should pay less. Clubs, for example, are very sporadic. You can have a successful opening that draws in heaps of money, or an opening where you end up spending a lot of money on employees, drinks and so on.
  13. Hi friends, everyone agrees that there are some prices that are steep - luckily we have @Preservist and @Pogis who are currently changing things around to make it fair. I'll admit it was my mistake for not communicating the prices better with FM/GOV as I've been busy for a few weeks, so don't blame or raise your pitchforks at them!
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