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  1. I don't agree that licensing should be removed. Some businesses out there are making money out of thin air, and there has to be a drawback and what better than an in-character one? The problem lies between the lines, as business are unique it is very hard to distinguish what should pay more, what should pay less. Clubs, for example, are very sporadic. You can have a successful opening that draws in heaps of money, or an opening where you end up spending a lot of money on employees, drinks and so on.
  2. Hi friends, everyone agrees that there are some prices that are steep - luckily we have @Preservist and @Pogis who are currently changing things around to make it fair. I'll admit it was my mistake for not communicating the prices better with FM/GOV as I've been busy for a few weeks, so don't blame or raise your pitchforks at them!
  3. Can you respond to my forum PM boss, ty.

  4. (( Hi, this property was accepted on the condition that it can not be sold. Please contact Effion and Frezemis ))
  5. Forwarding - will modify the current rules and discuss them internally. Thanks 🙂
  6. Hi friends, I am going to be away from GTA:W for a few days. I'm guessing you're seeing this because you A) want to open a forum PM with me, B) are waiting for me to answer your forum PM and I'm going to just refer you to this

    If there's something only I can help you with, they'll 100% forward it to me and I will try to answer. If not, then you'll have to wait until I am back. Feel free to add another appropriate PM admin to our forum PM if need be. Reports can still be sent to me and Frezemis.

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    2. Michael Beck

      Michael Beck

      Thank you for letting us know!  : ) 

    3. KV


      What if it's neither?? I just value your friendship.


    4. Bombie


      now i'm embarrassed


  7. This has actually been on an increase from PM's perspective, even so a mosque was just requested and is being mapped I've always wanted to roleplay a legal in predominately illegal part of LS, or actually have a family! I'm not talking about 4-6 characters with a very similar first name (and last name, obv) with at least two twins and everyone being in a very specific age group - just an actual family! Slice of life.
  8. Will remain closed due to the amount of work PM has been receiving.
  9. "Fully upgraded" is still not allowed and makes no sense if taken in-character. Check rule #17
  10. Hello 🙂 Thanks to devs, we are able to implement payphones (either pre-existing or we can spawn ones in) around the map. If you find a location that either has a payphone which can be scripted, or an area that would be nice to have a payphone in - please post it below. You can also use the format to tell us where a broken payphone is (broken as in, spawned incorrectly, the emote that pops up when someone calls it is off-centered... etc.) Location on map: Coords (/whereami): Comment: Broken/fix it/add it/spawn it/pop it
  11. Overly sexualized emotes or such behavior in public is already not allowed, a rule already exists. If you report something, the player will be dealt with accordingly. If you think something's bad, report it - the handling admin will see review the whole ordeal and come to a conclusion.
  12. All mechanic garage scripts (interaction points) are only given away as leases, and they're never owned properties. Due to the nature of the scripts, and their high income - we'd (property management) would rather keep tabs on all of them to ensure quality control. As Orca mentioned, you'll have to wait until leases are announced available within Property Management's discord before you could apply for one. To answer your initial question, not all points are owned by players. Some scripts are without owner, and are just sitting there.
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