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  1. Bidding is closed on Sunday, 6 PM and the current winning bid is ~450,000
  2. While the address is Rockford Drive, this apartment sits just on the bay of Vespucci Canals, overlooking the calm waters. The view is so perfect, that it is inline with the famous Los Santos sunset, making the water have a calm, orange glow at the right time. The apartment has parking space for two cars and plenty of guest parking space but no garages. It is elevated, meaning you need to climb stairs to reach the door and there is no wheelchair accessibility, unfortunately. It is a one bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. A short 30-minute walk to the beach, a stone's throw away from Little Seoul - its location is rather prime and centered to where most activities are within the city. It sits under a small plaza where a barbershop, a tattoo parlor, a clothing store and an electronics stores are lined up. The aforementioned is literally a stairway that's just outside the apartment, too. Facts and features: Type: apartment Parking: 1 owned parking space, 1 communal parking space Year built: 1982 Hating and cooling: air-conditioning, no heating Pricing: Estimated market value: $90,000 ((Furniture worth: $136,229)) Starting price: $250,000 Bid increments: $10,000 Note:* The apartment is to be sold not to the highest bidder, but the most applicable one. No open-house visitations, must e-mail the lister for viewings.
  3. Located in the heart of Bay City, this small room sits in a lovely, centered location within Vespucci. It is a mere one bedroom-one, one-apartment, but has other commodities that make up for it. A garage surrounded by ample parking, its location being over one of the finest Mexican restaurants in that side of Los Santos and proximity to all the vibrant and busy businesses within Vespucci. Comment from the current owner: "While I was a student in ULSA, this room actually served me really well! Even if it was very small in size, and hell, it had no kitchen and I was practically living on pot noodle and junk food (if the restaurant beneath me wasn't open) I still actually loved it. You just have to adapt a little. The balcony sits on a very nice position and if you've got time to put a chair there and kick your legs up, you'll come to meet a lot of folks passing through. Most of the time they're talkative and at other times, you just see people being oddities. If you see yourself living here, you will enjoy sitting outside and peoplewatching." Property Details: Market price: $70,000 Starter bid: $50,000 Buyout price: no buyout price set. Property will go to a suitable owner rather than the highest bidder. (Increments can not be less than $5,000) 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, garage, ample parking, balcony. The room is somewhat of a tight space, fit for young adults and college students. Reasonably busy main avenue just outside the window, expect a medium-to-loud noise level. *This area is prone to fluctuating criminal activity!
  4. Brick Apartment I've been wanting to make this apartment for sooooo long and finally got around to it! It was surprisingly difficult to map out but once I got the layout down, it was fun putting myself in the mind of a 30-year-old-loser that had an edgy taste in decorations (hence the hung props.) My favorite part is the moody lighting that the screenshots don't remotely do it justice 🙂
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  8. I don't remember the paperwork being any less in quantity for PM. But you said it yourself, a single PM is not a lot of work. So, they could inform an admin and be safe.
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