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  1. Fenrir

    Please refrain from faction/player bashing on this thread.
  2. Fenrir

    Best of luck!
  3. Fenrir

    Those were changed in order to fix a bug. They will be back to normal in no time.
  4. I will lock this as it's already about to take a weird turn down a path nobody would want to go.
  5. Legal or illegal, it doesn't matter. The server rules forbid it. Forbidding players to RP under 18 will not happen because, as mentioned before, minors play a major role in a lot of types of factions.
  6. Fenrir

  7. Fenrir

    1) You do /withdraw or /deposit, then navigate through the UI. You can also do money transfers to other players via /banktransfer if you have a smartphone. 2) There are a lot of buildings you can enter that are not marked on the GPS, yes. 3) The vehicle will spawn in front of you after server restarts or if you do /fixvehicle. Normally, it will just spawn where you parked it. 4) Lockpicks are sold by real players, yes.
  8. Fenrir

    It's indeed a grey area. However, for the day to day activities, 1 minute OOC = 1 minute IC. For example when someone calls you and says they'll be over in five minutes, then it will be five minutes. Prison time has an established ratio. The rest of the 'time' like aging up and such, is usually given depending on various events in the character's life. Anyway, you shouldn't really trouble yourself too much with it. You'll find that it will become natural and you'll decide for yourself when a year or a month has passed in regards to the character's situation. Also, most factions tend to keep a logical track of time for characters and only allow them to age up for well argumented reasons.
  9. Fenrir

    Not everyone parks their vehicles before logging. I personally avoid that unless I have a garage owned by my character and I RP parking it inside before doing /vpark. However, there are a lot of cars your character could steal and whether the players are online or not doesn't really matter.
  10. Fenrir

  11. Fenrir

  12. Fenrir

    How to start a Motorcycle Club. Traditionally, there are a few steps a group /must/ follow in order to earn their right to wear their colors in a peaceful manner. This mostly covers for the 99%er clubs, because new 1%er clubs are created either through a separation from another one percenter club or through transformation,a 99%er club deciding to adopt the bylaws of the 1%ers. (Most of the following set of information will also apply for those that wish to start a Prospect Charter for an already existing club. I will also add a separate section for that later on.) Getting known. -For non-affiliated groups of riders. The first step is to be part of a group of 5+ men that are fully committed for this path. (The minimum number can vary from state to state and country to country). What this means is that the group has to show their presence around the community without wearing any patches at first. They will have to attend a lot of parties, introduce themselves to anyone and get in touch with the main figures of each club. Try to get as many friends as possible and interact with all the clubs during this time. Every single club can guide the group, especially if the group that wants to start the MC has no experience in the field whatsoever. They will need all the guidance they can get for all this period and beyond, because in order to /keep/ wearing the patches after they've earned them, they will have to uphold a standard of bylaws and etiquette. This will spare most of the questions that will be asked during the first meeting with the dominant club because they'll already be acquainted to them. First meeting. -For non-affiliated groups of riders. -For Riding Clubs(RC) willing to turn into an MC. Once the group gets some sort of notoriety, they shall approach the territory's dominant club and ask for a sit-down. During this meeting, after the men inform the club that they are willing to start a Motorcycle Club, they will be asked a set of questions. For example, they will be asked to state their intentions and goals as a club, they will have to explain why they don't want to join another club instead and so on. If the club finds their answers to be good, they will ask them to choose a name and a color combination along with a logo. Of course, it has to be unique and different from /any/ other club. If it's the case of a Riding Club willing to turn into an MC, they can keep their name and color combination. Of course, as long as the colors aren't already taken. If the meeting goes well and the main club accepts their request, the patches will then be sanctioned along with the name and colors. However. The club will not be able to wear the logo and the MC patch on the back, yet. They will only use top and bottom rockers, plus the front patches for ranks. Probe club. -May or may not apply in some states and countries for anyone that wants to start a new club. After the group gets their patches and name sanctioned, they will begin a period of probing. The easiest way to explain this is to compare it to a prospect club. Basically, they will have to prove that they are determined to become part of the MC community and persist. This may sound like the main club and the clubs around will try to humiliate the new club. In fact, it's the opposite. Every single club in the area along with the main club will have to teach the new club all the ins and outs of being an MC. Yes, they will be asked to do prospect work. Yes, they will be asked to show their presence at certain events, mandatory. No, they will not be treated as lesser men during this period. Everyone's intention will be to teach and guide them on the right path. Full patch. If the club goes through the probing period of time and earns the respect of all the other clubs along with the dominant club, they will be given the right to wear their full set of colors and will be officially recognized as an independent club. (Unless they voice their desire to become a support club.) Although it may seem that their work is done, it is far from it. Once they earn their patches, they will have to work twice as hard to keep the standards in line with the community's bylaws. Keeping patches is harder than earning them.