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  1. Selling my furnished apartment in Little Seoul, Message me on discord @ Hammy#0821 or on the forums Buyout: 160k. Pinfo:https://gyazo.com/31b9d6003a286accb7b7ea634167e1a8 Pictures:
  2. I'd like to get a look at this IG.
  3. Market price: $110000 Selling price: $100000 https://gyazo.com/6311d52658842911a7026306e845d37f https://gyazo.com/cb2c474e46c4bf960c794a68dfd603fb
  4. 4SALE Western Daemon Custom Daemon Custom ((OOC Stats )) Looking for around 30,000$ for the Western Daemon Custom. However feel free to send me a offer. I am it's forth owner according to the DMV Records.
  5. I'm looking to purchase a apartment in the Little Seoul area, let me know if you have anything at all:
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