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  1. Hello Los Santos,The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort would like to announce that we have finished the construction in our Wellness Oasis.We will now be offering a whole wellness service, alongside massages, special treatments, mud baths, private sauna and private tubs for our wellness guests and patrons during our public openings.When you are a member at the resort, you do not only get the previous benefits, but also you get 50% off for the wellness treatments.Also, you are able to use the wellness area as a member outside of public openings, as it will be inclusive in your membership.The Pacific
  2. I totally agree with you there. Social media platforms which offer the option to post photos are always filled with sexual hinting content. Whether that is a deep cleavage or whatever position of a body. This doesn't apply to only one gender, but to all, even though the other is simply oversexualized by modern society. I just gotta scroll down my Facebook feed and I can see a bunch of friends posting photos which you some individuals on this server seem to call inappropirate. I don't know, perhaps my German culture is just more accepting of these terms, perhaps it is just me or pe
  3. @Mike @Everett I hate being annoying or to give off an impression like that, but it has been quite some time now. Has this idea been forwarded? Is there anything that is being discussed or done? Currently, we have resulted to the option that I own all the buildings scriptwise, which only allows for me to hand out the keys to individuals. The problem is though, we at the resort have over 30 active memberships, and at least 40+ people who get access to it, alongside 10-20 staff which go through the business page. We have a clear seperation from /tenants to /bmanager to
  4. Recruitment: The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort is still actively looking for personnel. Please refer to the previous posting for more information. We are also hiring Daily Operations and Restaurant Managers!
  5. Finally we have caught up to the present @SuperPia took us long enough! ♥️
  6. I agree, the new design would look much more smoother and easier on the eyes. If not, another HUD adjustment could work as well. 🙂
  7. It has been a month now since I put up this suggestion, and I was wondering if there has anything been done already? I'm just wondering, since due to different activity times of our members at the Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort, and only @Fenrirbeing able to hand out keys since he is owning all the buildings, it appears our business idea is bleeding rather harshly. It cannot be that it takes almost up to a week to get new members sorted with keys, and it is quite the pain until you get to the point, where you can actually hand them out. We have plenty of managers at the resort
  8. We can change that, right @Cascade?
  9. Robby


    This is once again another good suggestion which will enhance roleplay for lots of groups. Sadly, at the moment anything which involves camping, hiking or outdoor activities is all just imagination and the spamming of /do's of what one might see. It is a similar issue like the bike roleplay, and I mean, not only would this be great for camping, but also, how often have you sat down at the beach and would have loved to have a fire alongside a few friends while drinking liquor and partying? I mean the fire will be a beacon for people on dirt bikes to come and rob you, but the
  10. Recruitment: The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort is still actively looking for personnel. Please refer to the previous posting for more information.
  11. The interior is custom made by ourselves with the GTA:W furniture script. There is no pre-set interior which you can take over to another server.
  12. @Oggy come on I needed the choker yesterday! 😪
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