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  1. Harry is back?! 😳 👉 👈
  2. I have had a vehicle parked outside an apartment without security system for fifteen minutes, only to find it already being chopped with this system message popping up. The same applied to expensive vehicles with security systems installed, but that was a rather rare occurence. From personal experience since playing on the server since the beginning, there has been ups- and downs in the popularity of chopping vehicles, but one thing is for certain: There is a bunch of players who literally have despawned their cars outside open business etc. to avoid getting their car nicked for the one hour they are inside. The later it got within the evening, the worse it got with your vehicles just being gone. Even worse, you couldn't leave your vehicle parked outside your apartment (even in wealthy areas), because the next time you would find them either being chopped (if you were online fast enough to even notice it) or have them parked at some port warehouse or in the middle of nowhere. I mean, I might live in a rather rural area of Germany with barely any crime, and we portray the USA here, but honestly I have never ever feared for my car being stolen IRL. Though in-game for example, I have had to deal with the constant troubling thoughts: "I can't park here, otherwise it's going to be gone within minutes." This changed after the fact I have purchased one of the more expensive vehicles the server has to offer, which resulted it in never happening once, I suppose it isn't on any chopping list. With a Benefactor Schafter V12, a vehicle which I had a year ago or so, this was a frequent occurence. Anyways, I agree with what @DasFroggy is saying here. This is how it should have been done in the first place, but like explained above - people have been so fearful of it happening, as it was a frequent occurence that it was nothing but pretty fucking annoying. I cannot really roleplay my car being stolen and chopped five times a week because I have been playing actively.
  3. Username: LA CHICA Comment: I'm in a relationship with myself for two weeks now and I've only been arguing with myself five times in that HUGE amount of time. Can you make a story about me? I'm sure it is going to be just as interesting. Pwwwwleaseeee.
  4. Username: LA CHICA Comment: wtf this is what you call news ? go back to reporting in the hood, after all thats the weeners you are chasin. still cant believe that J' is such a bitch, i guess thats what she has a degree for.
  5. Hello Los Santos,The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort would like to announce that we have finished the construction in our Wellness Oasis.We will now be offering a whole wellness service, alongside massages, special treatments, mud baths, private sauna and private tubs for our wellness guests and patrons during our public openings.When you are a member at the resort, you do not only get the previous benefits, but also you get 50% off for the wellness treatments.Also, you are able to use the wellness area as a member outside of public openings, as it will be inclusive in your membership.The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort will be opening theirs doors to the public at 8 PM to 10 PM for the following dates:- 10.03.2021 - Wednesday- 12.03.2021 - Friday- 14.03.2021 - SundaySincerely,Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort Management
  6. I totally agree with you there. Social media platforms which offer the option to post photos are always filled with sexual hinting content. Whether that is a deep cleavage or whatever position of a body. This doesn't apply to only one gender, but to all, even though the other is simply oversexualized by modern society. I just gotta scroll down my Facebook feed and I can see a bunch of friends posting photos which you some individuals on this server seem to call inappropirate. I don't know, perhaps my German culture is just more accepting of these terms, perhaps it is just me or perhaps it are just my friends being that way, but I don't want to set examples or claim that's how "X people" are and act. Make Facebrowser 18+ from an OOC standpoint. People who don't want to see it, shouldn't sign up. If it's that horrible, block the users if they bother you, report any rulebreaking. I don't really think a minor is going to be like "OH MY GOD SHE IS SO EXPOSING" when they look down their screen. Their goddamn puberty is gonna kick in full fucking blasting and they perhaps don't even mind it. I for sure didn't mind when I was a minor to see exposing contents. I was graving for it. The game is 18+ for a reason, and I'd be more than happy to make this server 18+, but we are accepting of minors and adults like myself have to pay attention and restrict ourselves and our roleplay heavily due to set server rules. Anyways, just my few cents, but w/e.
  7. We need this so bad, I also have experienced this problem from 2017 onward and the only fix I have known was the /hat on-off thing or the /outfit reselection like you have described. Though if you are immersed into roleplay, you forget about doing it and the only time you find out, when somebody literally has a screenshot with you in it. On a good and long evening of roleplaying I change interiors up to ten times, and I barely to almost never do it. Perhaps until the sync issues are fixed, this could be a command which gets done everything with switching dimensions/interiors? Perhaps it would lag the server to much, but we could also have a /togglerefresh on command for people who have this problem.
  8. Recruitment: The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort is still actively looking for personnel. Please refer to the previous posting for more information. We are also hiring Daily Operations and Restaurant Managers!
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