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  1. San Andreas Park Rangers Animal Control - Josie the Stray Husky
  2. Offer accepted. Call on 4986 or send an email ((Private PM on Forums)). Auction closed.
  3. The Crowbar - Vinewood Starting Bid: $650,000 Bid Steps: $5,000 Buyout Price: $775,000 SOLD Bidding will end the 31st of January. Buyout offers has to be higher than last bidding offered. [email protected] or 4986. Viewings are available on request. Location: Vinewood, Eclipse Boulevard Main Interior: Ground Floor: Upstairs
  4. It's with a sad heart that I announce the archive of this faction. We've been through quite a bit together as a group but it's come to an end conclusion where most of the key members no longer has time to RP within the faction or log onto GTA W altogether. It's with that that we decided we'll be archiving the faction. I wish to give special thanks to @Brox, @Cara, @Moe, and @Liv for pushing through at the beginning of this faction in order to get it functional for the time we had with it. Without them the faction wouldn't have started. Thanks to @sage, @Pingu_, @wulf takahashi, @Stephen_Ho
  5. Nagasaki Dinghy for sale. It is registered. ASKING PRICE: $60,000 - Negotiable. Contact Sean @ 4986 or [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  6. Username: Republican57125 Comment: Glad the terrorist didn't win. She needs to be deported back to wherever it is she came from.
  7. Sean "Wrath" Allen - 2000 Twenty years later - Present
  8. Much credits to @Brox with the creation of the main thread contents.
  9. 1068 San Andreas Avenue - Floor 2, Room 10 Market Price: $70,000 Asking Price: $60,000 Contact me on [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or 22902391 ((Property Info)) Interior and Exterior:
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