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  1. I have stuttering in this game when I really don't think I should. My specs are: i5 9600k RTX 2070 16gb of RAM The game is installed on an SSD. My ping is at a constant 90!
  2. Some things can't be helped.
  3. The server is split pretty evenly. There is nothing wrong with a rotating day/night cycle every 2 weeks. You can't role-play at night for 2 weeks at a time but expect us Americans to have to CONSTANTLY role-play at night. Don't be such a spoiled baby, bro.
  4. No, make it so the Europeans have to play at night and the Americans get the day cycle when it's our peak time. And vice versa every so couple of weeks.
  5. Are they could just alternative day/night cycles and make it fair for everyone...
  6. date; 2/14/2021 Having touched down in Los Santos and touching base with his brother, Alex was starting to get settled into the city. A whole lot different than San Fierro, but the hood is still the hood no matter where you go. Shots ringing out every night and the local gangs trying to check you on the way out the door. Alex grew up around this, he knows the deal. Keep your head down, tell 'em you don't bang, and try to keep walking. He ain't sweet, not by a long shot, but he knows better than to mouth off to the bangers. Alex managed to link up
  7. Extend the daytime for an hour or 2 longer. That way us NA players get SOME day light and the other players don't really have anything to complain about?
  8. Name: Alex Cano Origin: San Fierro Ethnicity: Hispanic Age: 18 Height: 5'10" Weight: 185 Lbs This thread will follow the story of Alex Cano as he moves into Los Santos and begins a new life there.
  9. Username: droptheclutch Comment: dey should rlly hire more competent people....
  10. Sixth

    The O'Neill Mob

    Glad to see this still on-going. Great group of RPers here.
  11. Sixth

    [BUYING] PCJ-600

    Looking to buy a used PCJ-600, hit me up with pics and a price!
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