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  1. And here's where we draw the line on this thread. Seems like a lot of you completely forgot about our common courtesy rules.
  2. We gladly announce the completion of our renovations! Our hospitality services are now available! Last but not least, we're now accepting membership sign-ups! Send us an e-mail at [email protected] to request the sign-up form! (( @Fenrir or @DanneBRE ))
  3. Renting a cozy apartment in the Palomino Ave complex, La Puerta. - Amazing view and balcony - Renovated one year ago (no leaks, no electrical issues etc.) - Quiet area, low criminal activity - Friendly neighbours - Five minute walk to the beach, shops, restaurants, gym etc. - Large parking lot Weekly rent: $8.000 Bi-weekly: $15.000 Monthly: $28.000 Contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM @Fenrir))
  4. We'd like to thank everyone for attending our opening! We hope you've all enjoyed your time and you'll come again next time! We do apologize for the short notice which may have caused some to miss the opening. Stay tuned for the upcoming events!
  5. Extortion in and of itself is common. However, what I always suggest is to have a valid and realistic escalation. Coming in to say "Hello, please pay us." only to "Well, they didn't pay so we burned their business and killed everyone that came near it." is just a very unrealistic portrayal. Come in, offer people your 'services'. If they refuse, give them reasons to think they actually /need/ your services. Send people to ruin their openings, smash windows etc., have them think that security is necessary. Burning a place down over that is overkill and unrealistic.
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