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  2. What the server needs but doesn't deserve...
  3. One of the biggest things I have encountered in my travels is that admin decisions are very inconsistent. It definitely seems that a large number of the administration team are not singing from the same song sheet. Outcomes to reports & admin situations are radically different depending on what admin takes your case and to be perfectly honest, I think it all boils down having a serious roleplaying background, it appears a lot of these admins come from light roleplay servers & that's okay, but there needs to be some sort of moderation on these guys with little roleplay experience especially when they handle reports. Maybe consider handing the less experienced admins reports in conjunction with a more experienced one - two brains is always better than one. Is there even a prerequisite criteria for joining the staff team? Just outta curiosity. Below is an example of what I'm taking about. I went ahead and blurred their name to avoid the admin from being singled out. This is in regards to a situation that happened a couple of months ago where a member of my faction accidently killed someone because they looked identical to the guy they were after, they went to the same spot where they were called, the guy in question matched the description they were given and the guy was killed. It just so happens it wasn't the actual guy they were after. The whole situation had to voided because the admin was gonna jail everyone involved for something that happened IC when they should have faced the IC consequences. Again, this is something that happens in real life all the time. 'Wrong place, wrong time' is not just a movie trope. It's not like they killed a random guy and chalked it up to mistaken identify, they were clearly looking for someone who matched a particular description. This admin is a high level admin and if she/he believes that mistaken identify is an example of deathmatch, the rules need to be clearly defined. I'm posting from my phone so everything is a little rough. I hope I'm not misunderstood, I'm not trying to single anyone out. I just think the admin team has a real problem at the minute and it makes a lot of interactions tedious. It's not uncommon for me to call off certain situations out of fear of getting ajailed because an admin doesn't understand or appreciate the situation at hand but that being said, it's not all admins. I'm not prepared to write admin report after admin report, it's just not something I'm interested in. But it's a few admins and it shows. This is a topic I have talked over with a lot of other players and we all seem to be under some sort of agreement.
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